After Chinese Applications, India will ban Chinese Smartphones Under Rs. 12,000.

After Chinese Applications, India will ban Chinese Smartphones Says US Resources.

To the report, the Indian Government will ban certain criteria of smartphones that come Under 12000 Rs. The Bloomberg report initially said that India would stop Chinese Mobile from selling under Rs 12000 after the Apps. China was annoyed by India after this step because china lost at least 200 million dollars per year after banning the application. Now, if it goes to Mobile and smartphones, it will be a huge loss for China. India has lots of Chinese brands in India like Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo, Vivo, One plus, Poco, etc. Chinese smartphone brands captured a big percentage in India, which will give a bigger heart attack to chine of it.

Why can India ban Chinese smartphones from the sale?

Well, it is not about privacy or data breaching. Still, the Indian Government can stop these Chinese brands from selling Mobile under 12000 because Indian brands like Micromax, Lava, etc., never dent these Chinese brands due to aggressive price range. Still, when they stop in a certain market, these Indian Mobile brands capture a market and can grow easily. Indian mobile phone market is hardly captured 1 to 2 % of the market, so govt want to give a boost with this step.

At this Sensitive time, China is so aggressive and on a different front showing aggression so the Indian Government can pull them back at this front of the economy. China will talk to India at a high level if India takes this step. This is not confirmed now, but US media recourse said about this. Let’s see what India will do this time against China.

Surendra Verma

Surendra Verma

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