Air Conditioner Power Consumption Calculator

Check out this post for Air Conditioner Power Consumption Calculator if you are looking for the air conditioner energy power consumption according to your ac specification for calculating the hourly, daily, monthly, and annual electricity unit and bill price.

AC Power Consumption Calculator

ISEER rating logo by Takemetechnically
ISEER rating logo by Takemetechnically

Inverter Ac

Inverter AC uses less electricity because its compressor cannot run at 100% efficiency every time. It adjusts the compressor capacity according to ambient temperature, so it’s useless electricity compared to non-inverter AC.

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Non-inverter AC

Non-inverter AC uses high electricity compared to inverter AC because its compressor runs 100% efficiently every time. Hence, it uses more electricity but gives consistent cooling.

Inverter AC is more energy efficient than non-inverter AC because its compressor cannot work 100% efficiently.

How to Calculate AC Unit Consumption Calculator

Inverter AC

To calculate the inverter AC electricity consumption, we first need some inverter AC values, such as cooling capacity (C.C), which is a four-digit number, and the ISEER(EER — Energy Efficiency Ratio) value of AC, so we can get the AC watt power per hours by dividing C.C/ISEER and multiplying by the number of hours. We get the unit to consume by the AC in a matter of hours.

Due to the compressor, we assume the inverter AC consumes only 70 to 75% of the electricity of its calculation. 

And this is why the electricity consumption of inverter and non-inverter ac differs from our calculation.

What is ISEER Rating
What is ISEER Rating

Non-inverter AC

For non-inverter AC, you can follow the same process but cannot assume 70 to 75% in the calculation.

There is a difference between inverter AC and non-inverter AC electricity bills.

Because inverter AC cannot run at 100% efficiency, we consider only 70% to 75% of its calculation. Still, non-inverter AC uses 100% efficiency.

There is a difference between inverter AC and non-inverter AC electricity bills because inverter AC running time is approximately 70%, whereas non-inverter AC running time is always 100%.

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