Difference Between Air Fryer and Microwave

Let’s clarify what a microwave is and what a microwave oven does.

What is a Microwave Oven

The food can be heated and reheated in a microwave oven. The microwave oven has a tubular heating element called a magnetron that emits microwave radio waves to deliver heat. In essence, the microwave heats food particles using electromagnetic radiation.

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What is an Air Fryer

What is an air fryer, and what does an air fryer do?

Instead of using heat for cooking food, an air fryer uses heated, hot air to circulate around it. It has an internal coil that produces heat and an internal fan that moves air. It can cook food thoroughly without using any oil while still making it crispy and nutritious. Convection is a technique used in air frying. Food becomes fried from the hot air sucking out the moisture.

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Difference Between Air Fryer and Microwave

See the nuances between an air fryer and a microwave oven now.

Let’s see how to decide between an air fryer and a microwave here.

Food can be heated and reheated in a microwave, but it can be cooked differently in an air fryer. If you want to cook and purchase food suitable for a fryer, an air fryer can be your best option. A microwave is more significant than an air fryer. Therefore both have some fundamental characteristics that we will go over in more detail for a better understanding.

  • Capacity and size

While microwaves and OTG ovens are more significant than air fryers in size, air fryers are a very tiny form of cooking. Instead of using an air fryer, use a microwave for cooking larger quantities of food. Therefore, in both of these kitchen appliances, size and capacity matter. A microwave is better in size, but an air fryer produces more nutritious and crispy meals.

  • Cooking Technique

Both kitchen appliances prepare meals in various ways. The magnetron, the heating component used in the microwave, generates heat using radio waves with high frequencies but brief wavelengths. The air fryer simultaneously produces heat using an internal coil. It circulates the heated air around the food with a fan, enabling your food to cook and become crispy.

  • Health factor

When cooking a large quantity of food in the microwave, we occasionally need to brush oil on the tray for the food to bake and cook correctly. Microwave electromagnetic radiation can occasionally endanger your food and health. On the other hand, the air fryer keeps your food healthy by using only warm air and no oil.

  • Power consumption

Different types and situations use power in different ways. Microwaves still consume less electricity than air fryers, notwithstanding some variants of the latter. There isn’t much difference, and it varies depending on the model and the food. Therefore, this point is unimportant.

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Jul 17 2022

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Which is better: a microwave oven or an air fryer?

Naturally, an air fryer is superior if we consider the health aspect. If we compare the microwave to an air fryer over time, we will see that it is superior since it cooks more food at once and consumes less time. Your needs and finances are the deciding factors, after all. They are both different in terms of timing, food preparation, and other aspects. Both have particular benefits and drawbacks.

Can an air fryer replace a microwave oven?

Of course, I say! Because it can cook in the same and healthy way, an air fryer can take the role of a microwave. Microwaves are more expensive than air fryers, which perform the same tasks.

Which is better: convection microwave or air fryer?

Again, the decision is entirely up to you. The food is cooked the same way in a convection microwave as in an air fryer, although an air fryer is a smaller appliance. However, I think a microwave or convection microwave is superior to an air fryer because it uses less time while cooking a larger quantity of food. In contrast, an air fryer uses more time, a more significant and crucial feature.

Is an air fryer worth buying in India?

An air fryer is deep-frying equipment that cooks food using warm air. The answer is that an air fryer is worthwhile investing in if you enjoy fried food cooked using healthy methods. However, there are a few things to consider when purchasing an air fryer and a microwave that we have already covered. Cost, preparation time, health impact, etc.

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