Amazon LG AC Quiz Answer: Win Rs 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance

A new quiz in the Air-Conditioner category called LG AC Quiz will be introduced during the Amazon Great Summer Sale. You have the opportunity to win up to Rs. 20,000 worth of Amazon Pay Balance by completing this quiz. This post is intended to assist you in selecting the correct responses to the questions and winning amazing prizes.

Please keep in mind that there are other quizzes available, such as the Samsung Refrigerator Quiz, with prizes worth Rs. 20,000 in the Amazon pay balance.  Other similar quizzes include a Godrej Refrigereot quiz and a LEGO Seinfeld collectors quiz. To learn more about the games and quizzes, visit the Funzone section of the Amazon app.


Quick Answers:

  • Answer 1: LG
  • Answer 2: Dual Rotary
  • Answer 3: All of the Above
  • Answer 4: All of the above
  • Answer 5: All of the Above

Amazon LG AC Quiz
Here are the 5 questions and answers to the AMAZON LG AC QUIZ.
Which of these brands Introduces 1st Air conditioner with AI+ Dual Cool Inverter?

Amazon LG AC Quiz Answer 1
Which type of compressor is used in LG AC?
Dual Rotary

Amazon LG AC Quiz Answer 2
Why is LG AI+ Dual Inverter Air Conditioner a good choice?
All of the above.

Amazon LG AC Quiz Answer 3
What are the sizes of LG air conditioners that are Available?
All of the above.

Amazon LG AC Quiz Answer 4
What are the External benefits you can avail when you buy an Air Conditioner on Amazon?
All of the above.

Amazon LG AC Quiz Answer 5

FAQ – LG AC Quiz

How to find the Amazon LG AC week Quiz?

Open your Amazon App, then go to Menu, then to the 9th category, then to FunZone, and scroll down to find the Amazon LG AC Quiz. Or directly click this Amazon LG AC Quiz and open the quiz on a smartphone.

What is the Amazon LG AC week Quiz Date?

The Amazon LG AC Quiz starts from May 5 th, 2023, to May 25th, 2023.

Amazon LG AC week Quiz Winner?

At the end of the Amazon LG AC Quiz, amazon will announce the winner on 26th May 2023.

Amazon LG AC week Quiz Winning Price?

Amazon LG AC Quiz Winning Price is Amazon Pay Balance worth Rs. 20,000.
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