Best 24-inch Monitor in India

Do you want to find the best 24-inch monitors in India? Let’s look at some bigger monitors in India. These monitors are larger than any laptop. If you want to install a computer for trading, your studio, or gaming, in addition to other business purposes, you will require a large-size monitor.

You will find our top picks for the best 24-inch monitors that will meet all of your requirements. But first, you should understand why you require a large monitor. A 24-inch monitor is typically purchased by persons who own small businesses and shops for personal purposes such as gaming, trading, or work that needs a larger screen, such as presentations.

Also, remember that most people nowadays prefer a larger screen monitor to a standard size. These large 24- to 32-inch monitors are becoming popular nowadays because most people work from home, some people need a larger screen for trading and use it for the stock market, some people present their products on display, and because you can show most of the information on a single screen, people are interested in monitors.

Best 24-inch Monitor in India 2023

24-inch MonitorResolutionPrice
Samsung 60.9cm (24″) Business MonitorFHD IPS₹10,599
LG Ultra-Gear Native 1msFHD LCD (144Hz)₹15,998
BenQ GW2480TFHD IPS ₹13,248
Dell 24″ 75 H (Dell-S2421HN)FHD IPS₹12,599
HP M24f 23.8-InchFHD IPS (75Hz)₹12,190
MSI Optix G241FHD IPS (144Hz)₹14,299
ASUS – Vg258QrFHD LCD (165Hz)₹17,499
Best 24-inch Monitor in India

People become perplexed because so many models and brands are available, even with their expertise in the best 24-inch monitors. They can read this buying guide on how to buy the best monitor. So let’s charge up and give you the best 24-inch monitors for 2023.

24-Inch Monitors For Your Work Needs (2023)!


Samsung (24″ inch) Bezel-Less Design

(Business Monitor)


  • Ideal for use in business, the office, trading, and presentations.
  • Futuristic bezel-less design.
  • It has Smooth gameplay with AMD Freesync and Game mode.

Reason to buy

This 24-inch Samsung monitor is best under 15000 rupees in India if you’re looking for a futuristic, bezel-less monitor that is ideal for business use, office use, or regular entertainment like gaming and movies. Due to the quality of its display, overall stand, and adjustability, it is Samsung’s newest and best-selling monitor for 2022. AMD Radeon FreeSync minimizes image tears and stutter by keeping the refresh rates of your monitor and graphics card in sync.

Game Mode adjusts any game to fill your screen with every detail in view, using the best color settings and image contrast to make scenes more vivid and help you spot enemies hiding in the dark. You can work continuously, but it is also ideal to do so while enjoying a video or movie, a TV drama, or a game. These activities will run without lag or ghosting effects.

  1. Samsung 27-inch Smart Monitor
  2. Samsung 27-inch Curved Monitor
  3. Samsung 24-inch Curved Gaming Monitor
  • Simplistic design with sophistication.
  • The Y-shaped stand brings a minimalist look.
  • The 75Hz refresh rate delivers a more fluid picture.
  • Even at 0 brightness, the image quality is super clean and sharp.
  • This is under 10k, so I can’t complain.
You may be a buyer who needs a smart monitor or a type of user who is looking for a 27-inch monitor for other purposes and someone wants to buy an affordable curved monitor. Then you can pick the best from them;

LG Ultra-Gear 24 inches LCD TN Panel

(Best latest gaming monitor )


  • Newest, top-selling Full-HD television.
  • Adjustable height stands for a secure grip.
  • You can choose from various sizes and panel options to fit your budget.

Reason to buy

This 24-inch monitor, included in the list of the best 24-inch monitors for gaming, is one of the newest and best-selling models. It would make for a smooth gaming experience. It has a 144Hz refresh rate, a 1ms native response time, and AMD Freesync, which makes it even smoother when playing demanding games.

In this FHD display, the TN panel, which is also good and has a brightness of 300 nits, contributes to the sharpness of the image. It has a tilt pivot VESA wall mount stand that can be adjusted and is multipurpose. Additionally, it has various connectivity options, including two HDMI ports, display ports, and a headphone jack. If you are a true gamer, invest in this 24-inch gaming monitor, which is the best.

  1. Cheapest monitor from LG
  2. Best LCD monitor from LG
  3. Best LED monitor with IPS display
  4. LG 25-inch UltraWide FHD Multitasking Monitor
  • With a clear, bright display and excellent picture quality.
  • A faster 144Hz Full HD LCD gaming display with a 1ms response time is available.
  • Other gaming modes include On Screen Control, Dynamic Action Sync, Cross Hair, and Black Stabilizer.
  • Screen with anti-glare.
  • Not an IPS display.
LG is the best brand in electronic products. LG is quite popular in India in computer monitors. If you want to buy a monitor for different purposes like, for business, for work from home, and for your studio, see the below list;

BenQ GW2480T 24″-Inch IPS LCD Full Hd


  • Multipurpose monitor with no bezel for office use, web browsing, and student study.
  • With its built-in BenQ blue light technology, eye fatigue and vision damage-causing flicker are completely eliminated.
  • Ergonomic design that can be adjusted in height, tilt, swivel, and pivot to better accommodate different growth stages.

Reason to buy

Only modern students, programmers, and gamers will find this monitor ideal. The BenQ is a player that has gained a lot of popularity due to its top performance. This 24-inch FHD IPS panel monitor is well-built and performs all features and functions. 

Its impressive height-adjustable stand makes it one of the most portable displays by allowing for height adjustment, pivot adjustment, swivel adjustment, wall mounting, and tilt adjustment. Other screen features include anti-glare, flicker-free, built-in speakers, a blue light filter, and more. Due to its eye-friendly features, this monitor will only harm your eyes if you work for a short time. It has incredibly good built-in speakers.

  1. The best photography 24-inch monitor
  2. The best monitor for WFH and for programmers
  3. BenQ monitor for design and arts
BenQ is so popular in India nowadays. It has various monitors for different purposes;
  • Best for students and office purposes.
  • Sharp and clear picture quality.
  • It provides three connection ports—HDMI, DisplayPort, and D-sub—so students can view content more comfortably while studying or programming.
  • Long 1.5-meter power cable.
  • Low speaker sound.

Dell 24″ FHD IPS Monitor 1080 Pixel 75 H (Dell-S2421HN)


  • Adaptive-Sync Technology – flicker-free monitor.
  • Eye strain-free features like Low Blue Light technology and Dell ComfortView Plus.
  • Adjustable stand.

Reason to buy

The gorgeous display of this Dell monitor is another important factor in why most people purchase it. Besides that, it has an amazing 75Hz refresh rate for a smoother experience. The display has nice features like Dell Easy Arrange, Low Blue Light Technology, and Dell ComfortView Plus that make this monitor the best on the list despite the response time, which could be better than its 8 milliseconds. A company like Dell also offers brand dependability. Two HDMI ports are available, allowing you to connect two devices simultaneously and switch between them as needed.

16.7 million colors and 250 lumens are displayed on this 24-inch monitor. This IPS display is suitable for use in stores, studios, and studying.

  • Elegant, contemporary style with a light textured pattern.
  • sRGB color gamut at 99%.
  • Utilize Dell EasyArrange to keep everything organized on one screen, including applications, emails, and windows.
  • The ultrathin, three-sided bezel style.
  • Experience with AMD FreeSync technology is seamless and without tears.
  • 8ms response time which is slower.
  • No display port.
Because Dell has variations, and a variety of monitors, see this Dell best gaming monitor, the Dell Alienware 25-inch gaming monitor. It is a supreme monitor for ultra-pro gamers.

HP M24f 23.8-Inch Eye Safe Certified


  • Beautiful design monitor.
  • 3-Sided Micro-Edge LED Monitor.
  • Eye Safe Certified Full HD IPS monitor.

Reason to buy

The HP M24f is one of the most attractive monitors on the list of the best ones available in India for under Rs 15,000. (24 inches). It has a stunning three-sided bezel-less design. The bezel will only be present if you want to combine it with another monitor.

The smooth 75Hz refresh rate of this Eye Safe-certified Full HD 1080-pixel IPS monitor results in clear and crisp image quality. It produces excellent picture quality thanks to its 300 nits of brightness and AMD Free Sync with 1xVGA and 1xHDMI 1.4 ports. It has a sturdy stand with an integrated cable management system that keeps your desk neat, even without cables.

  • LED Micro-Edge Monitor
  • This model comes in 3 sizes: 21, 23, and 27 inches.
  • Best for long hours of work and remote work.
  • It is one of the best monitors for the eyes and for reducing eye fatigue.
  • Response time could be stronger while rendering sometimes.
  • No inbuilt speaker at this price.
  • No tilt, swivel, or height adjustment.

MSI Optix G241, 24 Inch 1080 FHd Pixels IPS LED Gaming Monitor


  • Best 24-inch gaming monitor.
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate and 1Ms Response Time.
  • The best monitor for Esports.

Reason to buy

This MSI Optix IPS panel monitor will satisfy your need for a 144 Hz refresh rate monitor. This monitor is equipped for high-end work, such as video rendering and gaming. This MSI Optix G241 24-inch FHD IPS monitor is suitable for gaming because it has a 1 ms response time, which is extremely fast, and AMD Freesync for better audio and video sync that enhances the overall experience.

  • It comes with Wide Color Gamut.
  • FHD Resolution makes your gaming more realistic.
  • MSI Anti-Flicker technology provides a very comfortable viewing experience.
  • You can take it off the desk and hang it on the wall.
  • If you are looking for a monitor for both work & play, go for this.
  • Can’t adjust the height.

ASUS (Vg258Qr) 24.5-Inch FHd 1080 Pixels, Nvidia G-Sync Compatible Esports Gaming LCD Monitor


  • Nvidia G-Sync Compatible Esports Gaming LCD Monitor.
  • Best for gaming and is suitable for programming, video editing, etc., and other heavy works.
  • It comes with 0.5Ms response time and Up to 165 Hz for refresh rate.

Reason to buy


This is a multipurpose, intense gaming monitor supported by many great features, including Nvidia G-Sync certification, which is fantastic and incredibly smooth during intense gaming. It has ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur (ELMB) Technology to further lessen motion blur and ghosting. This gaming monitor is unparalleled in its ability to deliver a fluid, tear-free gaming experience by default enabling VRR (variable refresh rate). GameFast Input Technology reduces input lag and speeds up motion delivery from end devices to the monitor.

  • It comes with 3 Years warranty.
  • UV-Low Blue Light.
  • It comes with an astonishing 165Hz refresh rate.
  • No cons except overpriced.

FAQ – 

Why do you buy the 24-inch monitor

The 24-inch monitor is considered one of the best screens to purchase because it is neither too big nor too small. You save a lot of space on your office or home desk because the monitor can easily adjust anywhere.

Why buy a 24″ monitor?

For general-purpose computing, 24-inch desktop monitors are a good option because they provide a good balance of screen corporates, businesses, and desktop space. A 24-inch monitor is perfect for your desk at home or work because it’s not too big to move around but offers a good viewing experience.

  1. why do you buy the 24-inch monitor

The 24-inch monitor is considered one of the best screens to purchase because it is neither too big nor too small. You save a lot of space on your office or home desk because the monitor can easily adjust anywhere.

  1. Why buy a 24″ monitor?

For general-purpose computing, 24-inch desktop monitors are a good option because they provide a good balance of screen corporates, businesses, and desktop space. A 24-inch monitor is perfect for your desk at home or work because it’s not too big to move around but offers a good viewing experience.

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