6 Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India (2023)

If you are searching for the best Alkaline water purifier that fulfills your needs and provides you with The Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India in 2022, we will help you to pick the best alkaline water purifier in India based on the budget, and other filtration options, portability and the size. These points are essential while buying. We have already written about the Best RO purifiers and Best Air purifiers in India.

As you know, Alkaline water is ionized and with a higher pH value than normal water. The pH value ranges from 0 to 14, and a pH of 1 indicates acidic water. In contrast, a pH between 8-9 indicates the water is alkaline, and plain or neutral water has a pH of 7.

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Let’s check these some of the Top Alkaline Water purifiers!


Blue Star Opulus (RO+UV+UF+IBT) Alkaline Water Purifier with 8 L storage


  • It is an advanced feature of alkaline water with triple-layer purification.
  • 8 L of storage, which is best for a medium-sized family too.
  • Comes with a full tank and an on/off indicator.

Usage and Features

The leasing company Blue Star offers an excellent brand of water purifiers. The Opulus is a specialized alkaline water purifier from Blue Star that defines the cleanliness of the water and then provides mineral-rich alkaline water for those who desire the best alkaline water purifier in India. It contains three layers of purification filters.

Due to its comprehensive alert and indication features, I’ve placed it at the top of the list. You’ll also get a good lined-up filtration process, which is best if you have hard water, normal water, or alkaline antioxidant water, provided by Blue Star’s Immuno Boost Technology, which improves the health and effectiveness of the body. 

This could be best for people who want an affordable RO water purifier with an alkaline enhancer or an RO alkaline water purifier. OseasAqua Platinum Water Purifier Filter RO + UF + TDS Adjuster Active Copper Alkaline Water Purifier
  • It comes with 8 liters of adequate water for a large family.
  • It is quiet and easy to use.
  • This is a holy, alkaline, antioxidant water with added Minerals.
  • Triple RO+UV+UF Protection.
  • Total 7 stages of purification.
  • Tank Full Indicator along with Purification On Indicator.
  • It wastes water.

Where to buy


V-Guard Rejive Alkaline Water Purifier with RO + UF + Mineral and Alkaline Health Chargers


  • V-Guard offers 1 free installation and 2 pre-emptive services.
  • 8 Stage Purification 
  • Suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm with Alkaline Health Charger features.

Usage and Features

The RO filter, pre-filter, and 8 Stage Purification of filtration can remove big particles of pollutants, chlorine, color, odor, and fine particles to get pure water clean of heavy metals. After filtering, it provides balanced, alkaline water fortified with calcium and magnesium and the proper pH balance. This V Guard alkaline water purifier provides two free pre-filter replacements, two free preventive maintenance services, and one free re-installation service, all of which are fantastic.

This alkaline water purifier has a long operating life, requires little maintenance, and runs for a standard amount of time. The V-Guard water purifier is made specifically for conditions in India, increasing vital minerals with the alkalinity of the water.

if you like the low-cost alkaline water purifier with Active Copper + RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller, you may find this Proven® Alkaline + ORP best, but the build quality is a little bit average.
  • Purifies water with TDS up to 2000ppm
  • LED indicators
  • A most effective alkaline water purifier that helps to get rid of bacteria, germs, and hard metals.
  • There is no indicator to change a cartridge.

Where to buy


Faber Galaxy Fresh Alkaline (RO+UV+MAT), 7 L storage


  • It can work with high TDS water up to 2500ppm.
  • Best alkane enhancer with RO+UV purification stage.
  • 7 L tank storage for a big family.

Usage and Features

Although Faber is a lesser-known company, it consistently produces the best products, which is why customers prefer it the most. This is the best water purifier for alkaline water because it has a traditional 8-stage water purifier and is suited for up to 2500 TDS.

This is one of the best purifiers for alkaline water if you want to drink it daily or if you are an athlete.

The RO+UV+MAT combination of the Faber Galaxy Fresh Alkaline protects against bacteria and heavy metals in the water. Its 7-liter storage tank makes it a favorite among big families. It can be mounted on the wall or kept on a table.

Buy this trusted brand if you want. This Kent purifier is another best model if you want, with RO+UV Water filters and an Alkaline pH8+ enhancer. 
  • Faber is cheaper than others.
  • It provides a good combination of purification with UV+UF and an alkaline filter.
  • Good design.
  • Best for home use.
  • After-sales service is average.
  • Sometimes the taste of the water could be better in some regions (by online reviews).

Where to buy


Konvio Neer Amrit RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier with Copper and alkaline enhancers


  • Alkaline and copper enhancer technology.
  • One of the best and most affordable RO alkaline water purifiers.
  • 12 L of the large storage tank is more suitable than a house.

Usage and Features

A reliable alkaline water purifier, the Konvio Neer Amrit is equipped with high-quality parts and is priced affordable. ABS plastic is a sturdy building material, which is appropriate for this price range.

With the help of this Wall Mount Konvio Neer Amrit water purifier, dissolved pollutants are eliminated, and balanced alkaline water is produced. This Konvio neer alkaline water purifier, which has an active Copper cartridge and ensures numerous health benefits, is included in my list of the top alkaline purifiers. The whole pack is available at a reasonable price. You may like this other best model of P-Link Black Edition RO + UV + ALKALINE.

  • Large capacity with good design.
  • 8 stages of purification, including copper and alkaline process.
  • Best if you want an RO alkaline water purifier.
  • Paid installation.
  • No water level indicator.

Where to buy


Havells Digiplus Alkaline (RO + UV)Water Purifier


  • The branded and trusted alkaline water purifier.
  • RO + UV purified alkaline water delivery.
  • Patented alkaline water technology

Usage and Features

If a customer has a modular and smart kitchen, Havells is the most attractive alkaline water purifier on the list of top alkaline water purifiers. The Havells Max Pro is ideal for a small family because of its distinctive and modest design.

Its 8 filtration processes provide you with the cleanest water possible, and its 7L storage capacity is adequate for a typical family. It is ideal for usage because of its amazing features, including double UV protection, iProtect purification monitoring, and special alarms for filter change and tank fullness. Overall, the performance and overall design and build quality draw you in.

Havells has another great option that is very popular with customers: the Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier.
  • A perfect machine for someone who doesn’t have a budget issue.
  • It has an electrical protection system.
  • Total hygienic, no splashes. 
  • All the alerts and indications.
  • Multiple purification stages alter the system for cartridge life and a full tank. Full.
  • Jog dial for the water dispenser.
  • pricey.

Where to buy


Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura Alkaline RO water purifier


  • A combination of RO+UV+Alkaline and Active Carbon.
  • The beautiful design.
  • This is best for fitness enthusiasts due to its copper and alkaline feature.

Usage and Features

This Aquaguard Aura alkaline water purifier is the finest option for residents of Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 cities because it is suited for municipal, borewell, and tanker water supplies.

If you have water scarcity, it filters more efficiently than other options while saving more water. It has a 7 L tank capacity and a 7-stage purification process that blocks hard metals and undesirable particles from the water while killing the remaining bacteria with UV light and an alkaline booster to balance the PH level and offer delicious, healthy water.

This Aquaguard Aura RO+AUTO UV+Alkaline+Mineral Guard+Active Carbon Water Purifier is the ideal option for you if you plan to get an alkaline water purifier with an RO filter (you may have a hard water supply).

if you are looking for a proper alkaline water purifier and your budget is tight, go with this Ozean 12 ltr Alkaline water purifier. Its body is not so strong, but the price is also low, and overall features and performance-wise, it is a good option. 
  • An RO is best for alkaline water purifiers.
  • Best-selling water purifier.
  • The attractive design and the features.
  • Inbuilt patented mineral guard.
  • This is superior in RO and best in alkaline water purifiers.
  • Water is wasted due to the RO filtration process.

Where to buy

Buying guide – Alkaline water:-

It would help if you didn’t assume that a product is good because it has many sales and solely positive reviews. Because most brands encourage customers to provide favorable comments, some customers purchase them. Here, we review the statistics, the features, the user requirements, and of course, the comments and reviews, but we also consult specialists to get their opinions on a specific brand.

How to choose the Best Alkaline Water Purifier?

You should read this before purchasing an alkaline water purifier for your home if you want a new one with an alkaline enhancer. We’ve highlighted some important buying tips that will assist you. It would help if you thought about these important factors before purchasing The Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India.

  • Design and size
  • Filters, along with alkalinity
  • Service
  • Positive reviews
  • Maintenance

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