Best Baby Bath Tub India 2022 (July)

Babies enjoy playing in the water, splashing around, and giving us their adorable little looks. A baby bathtub is the most precious gift for your child or any toddler. Young infants enjoy baths; you can make this a particular time to spend with your child. Here, we’ve selected the best baby bathtubs in India and reviewed each one.

You may engage in many activities with your child to spend quality time together, but for many mothers, having a bath presents a challenge. When you take a kid to a bath, they cry because they don’t feel comfortable, but when they have fun in the bathtub, they genuinely enjoy it. Babies love to take baths in these baby bathtubs since they are more curious about new things and find it to be an incredible experience. It also makes for a fantastic moment to take a bath with your adorable child.

It makes it simple for people who are just starting as parents to give their children a relaxing and undisturbed shower. Babies’ tiny, fragile bodies are difficult to handle, especially for first-time parents. Most bathtubs incorporate a backrest, headrest, and footstool to support a child’s body. You may put these bathing chairs in your bathtub or sink and let your baby enjoy the water sprinkles. Let’s find the list of the best baby bathing tubs in India in 2022.

Buying Guide

Before looking at the list, here are a few safety tips to follow while using a bathtub for your baby.

Safety Tips

Babies love playing with toys, bubbles, and splashing water in the bathtub. Baby bathtubs offer convenience, fun, and safety. A baby bathtub is a comfortable and pleasant location to bathe your child. You should seek high-quality materials, an ergonomic design, the right size, and a bathtub that will support your baby’s head, arms, and back when selecting the right bathtub for your child. We’ve put up a list of the top baby bathtubs. Your infant can enjoy sitting in the tub once they are a toddler. A baby bather is, therefore, for you if you are a new parent and have an energetic toddler.

  • Never leave the baby unsupervised in the bathtub.
  • Always check the water temperature as child skin.
  • You have to clean and keep it dry for hygiene and safety.
  • Don’t ever fill the water above the level.

Key Points

You should consider some key points before buying a baby bathing tub

  • Right Size

Always choose a bathing tub with adequate size and water storage capacity because a tiny tub will be inconvenient for your child. Large bathing may pose a problem, so always choose the suitable height and size that matches your child’s height. Before purchasing a bathtub, always reduce the risk factors.

  • Head and Shoulder support

When looking for the best bathtub for a baby, look for one with head and shoulder supports. This ensures your child’s safety and prevents any unexpected incidents. Before bathing your baby, ensure the slider is properly attached to the bathtub and that they are safely seated in it.

  • Material used

Check the build and material quality of the bathtub before buying it for your child. It should be strong, but it’s also crucial to look for non-toxic materials. When offering a baby shower with warm water, you may assure their safety from chemicals by using high-quality BPA-free plastic, fabric, or even a cushion.

  • Anti-skid material

The bathtub is already a slick product that is prone to slipping. A nonslip bathtub provides safety, which is a critical consideration. The bathtub surface becomes slick as we add baby soap or baby wash. Choose one that has an anti-skid design. It is an added advantage if the bathtub has features to support the arms and head.

  • Water level marker

Spills should be avoided, and limits should be exceeded to avoid undesirable incidents. So, before purchasing a bathtub, look for a water level indication or marker on the bathing tub wall.

  • Temperature indicator

The temperature indicator on bathtubs changes color when the maximum level is reached. This makes sure the temperature in the unit is never surpassed.

  • Foldable bathtub

If you don’t have much space in your home, you should select a foldable bathing tub because after you fill the air, you can’t pack it again without causing it to tear. So, if your home is small, pick a folding bathing tub.

  • Easy to wash and dry

Always read the reviews online before purchasing something. Check to see if consumers stated it was washable or quickly dry friendly because, after a bath, it should be dry and clean to prevent fungal and infectious growth.

Here is the list of the best baby bathers in India.


Cho-Cho Inflatable Bath Tubs European Standard Inflatable Baby Bath Tub with Pump



  • 45 Degree Backrest Design.
  • Foldable bathtub, which saves storage and is easy to carry.
  • Comes with an air pump.


Cho-Cho branded bathe tub comes in a European Standard inflatable baby bath Tub style with a Pump that is useful for airing it yourself. This ergonomically built bathtub promotes the baby’s comfort and safety. Its nonslip grip, nonslip surface, and increased side support keep the infant safe in the bathtub. This is a folding bathtub that is not only easy to transport but also easy to store. The high-quality, BPA-free material makes it long-lasting and safe.

If you want another best option baby bathtub anti-slip with a drain plug for your infant and baby, we have this YFXOHAR Baby Bath Tub for 0 to 5 Years

  • Foldable bathtub.
  • Backrest Design is beneficial while taking bathe.
  • Compatible with warm water also.
  • Just pump it and use it. Easy to use.
  • Prevent Slip design and.
  • Big drain hole.
  • Comes with a manual airing pump and some balls.
  • Best gift for kids and babies.
  • Pricing is also over.
  • The air pump is not good.

Intex Inflatable Rectangular Pool



  • Rectangular big size bathe tub.
  • Good build quality.
  • It is best for 10-year-old kids like a pool.


Intex makes top-quality products in this category. This is not just a bathing tub; this rectangular designed pool is best for 8 to 10-year-old children. This 128-liter storage bathing tub is the most selling bath pool for children. If you want to buy a gift for a child, you can gift this to the girl, the boy, and some younger kids.

Intex Inflatable Rectangular bathtub comes in under 1000. The best part is that such a pool can be used anytime and anywhere because its portability allows you to carry it easily in your car or bike. You can place it in your backyard, and your 2 and 3 children can enjoy it and spend quality time with you. Your child, dog, and cat can play in the water because it is a big tub. 

This is one of India’s best bathtubs for kids under Rs. 1,000. You can see the best-selling numbers on Amazon. Suppose you want only an infant bathtub that is soft and safe. In that case, you can see this amazing design. INTIME Inflatable Baby Bathtub Portable Air Bathing Dish Thick Shower Basin for Toddler

  • Excellent design and good quality.
  • Easy to inflate.
  • Mini pool 
  • It can be enjoyed with your dog, cat, and 2-3 kids.
  • Most selling bathtubs 
  • It can bear up to 40 C of hot water.
  • Value for money bathtub.
  • No pump with this tub.

FWQPRA Bathroom Plastic Baby Tub and Bath Sling, ABS Plastic Material-Baby Shower



  • ABS plastic build bathe tub.
  • Best for infants and babies to give them baths.
  • Anti slippery surface.


The FWQPRA baby bathtub is a bathroom tub constructed of high-quality ABS plastic that is ideal for infants and babies aged one to two years. This baby shower item is one of the best options for the baby shower occasion and kid’s birthday if you want to gift it to any child, infant, youngster, or baby. The FWQPRA bathtub is meant to support and comfort your infant. It includes a moveable slider that aids in positioning your baby in the lean position. The bathtub boasts an anti-slip floor and armrests for improved seating and comfort.

It has a simple-to-use built-in stopper for quick and easy water drainage after bathing. It has no sharp edges for your comfort and protection. This ground-breaking non-slip tub features a padded backrest and an inbuilt support bump. This baby bathtub is well under 1500 and is one of the most remarkable and safe baby bathtubs for bathrooms. You can also move it anyplace because it is lightweight and robust.

  • Durable and lightweight construction.
  • Features with a drainer.
  • This is an anti-slip bathtub.
  • Lightweight.
  • Anti-slip suction base.
  • It can be used for newborns and toddlers.
  • Water-level indicator.
  • The slider supports the legs and head.
  • Anti-slip armrests.
  • Built-in soapboxes.
  • Pricey

Sunbaby Baby Anti Slip Big Plastic Bathtub with Seat Sling Non-Slip Suction for Bathing



  • Universal fit bather slider.
  • Best baby bathtub for up to 2 years, baby.
  • Best build quality.


The ergonomically designed bathtub from Sunbaby is a lightweight and durable bathtub with safety and comfort measures for the baby. It is an anti-skid tub with a non-slippery grip. Baby safety is a key point, so keep in mind it comes with back and foot support. The bathtub measures 79 x 48 x 22cm, and the sling measures 61 x 31.5 x 18 cm.

You can easily wash this bathtub, which is easy to carry due to its lightweight construction. It is the most selling bathtub online, and almost a good number of people said it is the best baby bathtub under Rs. 1500. But if you need a standard or low-cost bathtub, you can go with this My Giraffe Baby Bath Tub. this is the cheapest bathtub for up to 2 years of the baby. If you have a tight budget go with this.

  • Durable body
  • Slip-resistant armrests.
  • Anti-slip grip with suction for the bather slide.
  • Ergonomically big size than average.
  • Non-slip base.
  • Built-in soap case.
  • Water-level indicator.
  • Best gift for infants and kids.
  • un-even base.

LuvLap Baby Bathtub with drain plug, and spacious, Ergonomic Durable Non Toxic material



  • Made of durable materials for zero toxicity.
  • Comfortable for babies.
  • Light and easy to clean.


When it comes to one of the bestselling baby bathtubs online with the highest ratings, nothing can beat Luvlap Baby Bathtub. The reasons for attracting so many people are apparent; it’s large, lightweight, and durable. It has a plug-in base that can easily remove the water outside. It can be used for a 0 to 24 months baby with a weight of 12 kg. This is the best baby bathtub online in India for newborns and toddlers. 

This luvlap bathtub is a baby-safe bathtub due to its design, build quality and softness. It is safe, comfortable, and durable. LuvLap Baby Bathtub is the best tub under Rs. 800. If you are searching for an inflatable and airy bathtub to make fun with taking a bath with your pets, you can buy this Premsons Inflatable Baby Pool.

  • Durable and safe.
  • Made of non-toxic PP material
  • Stable and sturdy base
  • The contoured shape supports the back and arms and prevents slipping
  • Drainage hole
  • Most selling bathtubs under 1k Rs.
  • Ergonomic and spacious with Soft Curved.
  • No cons at this price.

R for Rabbit Bubble Double Elite Bathtub for Baby

R for Rabbit


  • Foldable bathtub.
  • Double Elite Temperature Sensitive Indicator.
  • Temperature Sensitive Indicator.


The R for Rabbit baby bathtub is a complete design for convenience and durability. This is the ideal bathtub for up to 3 years of kids. This is the most substantial tub on this list; its strong legs come with rubber feet and a foldable bathtub, making it compact and easy to carry. Its different design allows two positions to be folded and unfolded. 

This is one of the most premium bathtubs and has a fantastic design. It features a temperature-sensitive plug that changes the color as the water temperature rises and ensures safety. It is one of the best bathtubs in India because of its design, features, and durability.

if you need just a bath chair that comes at a very affordable price, you can buy this LL Baby Bathchair, which is not only just affordable but durable and, yes, a best-selling bath chair.
  • A premium bathtub 
  • Folding bathtub.
  • The temperature-sensitive feature tells you about water temp.
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • An ideal bathtub for a 2-year-old baby and a child aged 3 to 5. non-slippery Strong supporting legs This adjustable tub grows with your Baby.
  • Some temporary issues when you extend it.
  • It is not great stable when inclined.

Intex Aadoo Square Kids Bath Tub, 3Ft



  • Square Shaped bathtub and pool.
  • Anti slippery design.
  • Best for up to 3 years child along with your pets.


Due to the affordability and durability of its products, Intex is one of the most popular bathtub brands. Unquestionably, the Intex Aadoo Square Kids Bath Tub will make your toddler’s summers a lot of fun. This pool is ideal for children ages 2–3 who want to relax and enjoy a bubble and toy bath.

The inside of the Intext tub is non-slip, so your child will not slip and feel comfortable while bathing. It has an air-filled capacity of 9 gallons or 34 liters. It is created with an inflatable bubble beam floor for comfort and cushioning, making it ideal for your infant and children, who will undoubtedly like this portable and folding bathtub. This is a fantastic gift item for any child.

If you want a tub that comes with a bathing chair that helps you give a bath to an infant, you can buy this LUHI SkyBlue European Standard Baby Bathtub. This is a plastic freestanding non-slip safety security shower bathtub for newborn babies. 
  • Square shape design.
  • Bigger size than usual.
  • Good material quality.
  • No pump.
  • Definitely over-priced.

Baybee Amdia Baby Bathtub for Toddlers



  • Durable baby bathtub available in 11 colors.
  • An ideal bathtub for infants up to 2 years of a child.
  • Best gift for kids, children, and infants.


The Baybee Amdia baby bathtub makes bath time safe, enjoyable, and convenient for both baby and mother. It’s like giving Mom an extra pair of hands! Because of its unique anatomical design, it is the first “smart” bath that retains the infant in the correct bathing position and prevents the baby from sinking under the water. Its unique anatomical design protects the baby’s back, wrists, and legs from slipping.

It includes a drain plug for simple drainage and cleaning. It is safe for the infant because it is BPA-free and non-toxic. It gives the body proper support. Baybee’s extra-large size and double position make it ideal from the baby’s first day to the baby’s second birthday. It is a bit pricey, but this is durable and safe with the baby’s skin. We have another best and most premium bathtub. If you want this premium-priced tub, you can go with this Munchkin Sit and Soak Baby Bath Hard Tub.

  • Two bathing positions.
  • Made of non-toxic PP material.
  • Stable and sturdy base.
  • The contoured shape supports the back and arms and prevents slipping.
  • Proper Drainage hole.
  • The tub might not be very stable on smooth floors
  • Over-priced.

Summer Bath Tub Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool, Bubbling Spa & Shower



  • Luxuries bathtub.
  • The double-insulated wall makes it more robust and luxurious.
  • Motorized jets for bubbles & vibrations.


The Summer Bath Tub’s curved tub shape gives your child a wonderful spa experience. It has motorized jets that provide vibrations and water bubbles to keep your baby happy. It has three modes: vibrations, bubbles, and whirlpool, so your little one may have a relaxing spa experience.

It is a luxury and premium brand, including a jet and a large hand shower. The ergonomic shower handle has an on/off button that is easily accessible. Along with taking a bath, you can use it to go potty and have fun.

Note: Unknown Summer Bath Tub Lil’ Luxuries Whirlpool is a luxury and high-priced bathtub. It is also the most selling bathtub at under 12,000. But if you want a luxury bathtub for under 5000 rs. Above the tub, you can see this Skip Hop Moby Bathtub with Sling. This is one of the most popular tubs with a slan and seat, growing with age.

  • Luxury and comfortable bathtub.
  • 3in1 Bath Tub.
  • Anti Skid Bath Sling 
  • Ergonomic Handle 
  • Freestanding bathtub 
  • Shower handle 
  • Three unique features are the whirlpool, bubbling spa, and shower. 
  • An ideal bathtub for infants and for up to 24-month-old babies.
  • Damn big big price!

Intex Snap Set Paddling Water Pool For Kids (5ft)



  • Big size pool and bathtub for kids and adults.
  • Most affordable and most selling bathtub for kids up to 5 feet.
  • Round shaped.


In this bathtub category, Intex is the most popular brand. This Intex snap set paddling pool is a water pool for children up to 5 feet tall. This tub has a robust spherical design that can be folded if desired. This bathtub is simple to clean and manufactured of high-quality materials that are both user-friendly and non-toxic.

The Intex bathtub costs less than Rs.800. It is suitable for babies (with parental supervision). Still, it is best suited for children 6 to 5 feet tall.

  • Round shaped.
  • Best for kids.
  • Big size.
  • Can bath 3 to 4 kids together.
  • Easy to fold and carry.
  • Best for pets also along with the kids.
  • You can use it indoors also.
  • If young children use this, they could be injured due to falling.
  • Average build quality.

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