Top-7 Best BLDC Fan Brands in India (2024)

Embrace the era of energy efficiency and eco-conscious living with our exploration of the top BLDC Fan Brands in India for 2023-24. In response to the escalating demand for environmentally friendly appliances, the popularity of BLDC (brushless DC) fans has soared. These cutting-edge fans boast advanced technology, delivering superior energy efficiency, whisper-quiet operation, and an extended lifespan compared to their traditional AC counterparts.

Our comprehensive analysis dives into the brand profiles and unveils the standout features of the leading BLDC fan brands currently dominating the market. Unlike conventional ceiling fans, BLDC fans utilize an electronic commutation system, eliminating brushes and mechanical commutators. The ensuing technological advantages, as elaborated earlier, make BLDC fans the preferred choice for those seeking optimal performance and sustainability.

Discover the top BLDC fan brands in India for 2023–24 with our insightful guide. Cut through the confusion in the market and make informed decisions as we explore the distinctive offerings of leading BLDC motor fans. Elevate your living spaces with unparalleled efficiency and innovation.

Best BLDC Ceiling Fan Brands!

Here are the best bldc fan brands list

Atomberg BLDC Fan:

Atomberg - Best BLDC Fan Brands in India
Atomberg – Best BLDC Fan Brands in India

Atomberg is one of the most trusted and leading BLDC ceiling fan brands in India, known for its cutting-edge technology and reliability.

Atomberg is a consumer electronics brand founded in 2012; it is an Indian brand that makes BLDC technology, the Internet of Things, and smart and energy-efficient products. Their headquarters are in Navi Mumbai, India, and they specifically manufacture energy-efficient ceiling fans.

It is a relatively new Indian brand that has made a name for itself in the BLDC fan market and is the best-selling fan with the best rating on Amazon. The brand’s fans are known for their energy efficiency, low noise levels, and smart features such as voice control and app control, but the design is what makes them the best. Atomberg’s BLDC fans also come with a unique feature called “Boost Mode,” which provides high-speed air circulation for quick cooling. You can check out some of its best-selling ceiling fans below:

  1. The best-selling fan on Amazon: atomberg Renesa 5 Star 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Ratings: 4.2/5 (38,712 ratings)
Customers praise the fan’s remote control for easy speed and mode adjustments, alongside its appealing design. The overall consensus is a strong recommendation based on efficiency and sleek aesthetics.
Price: ₹3,680

2. Most stylish Fan: atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm 5 Star Fans for Home
Ratings: 4.2/5 (14,140 ratings)
Customers applaud the electric fan for its stylish appearance, durable quality, and seamless integration into their premises’ interior. The fan’s powerful performance, coupled with energy-saving features, receives high appreciation, making it a recommended choice for customers.
Price: ₹4,999

3. Budget-friendly BLDC Fan: atomberg Efficio Alpha 1200mm
Ratings: 4.3/5 (14,772 ratings)
Customers express satisfaction with the electric fan, praising its appealing appearance, impressive speed, and user-friendly assembly. They highlight its functionality, especially the remote control, which proves particularly useful for elderly parents. Additionally, the sleek design and beautiful color receive notable appreciation, making it a favored choice among customers.
Price: ₹2,799

4. Premium Class fan with LED lights: atomberg Studio+ Designer Ceiling Fans with Remote
Ratings: 4.0/5 (3,608 ratings)
Customers appreciate the electric fan’s cool and power-saving appearance. The remote control and energy efficiency receive positive feedback as well. However, there are mixed feelings among customers regarding the fan’s flow, noise, quality, speed, and value.
Price: ₹5,270

5. IoT-enabled Smart Ceiling Fan: atomberg Aris Starlight Ceiling Fans with Underlight, IoT and Remote Control
4.2/5 out of 96 ratings
Customers commend the electric fan for its impressive speed, effective air circulation, quality build, and adjustable brightness. They specifically highlight its suitability as a great bedroom fan at a reasonable price, emphasizing its efficient performance and the added feature of an underlight with five levels of brightness.
Price: ₹7,899

Most Energy EfficiencyHigh-cost
Quiet OperationNot an established brand like Havells, Bajaj and Orient
Higher price
Remote-controlled, smart, and IOT-enabled fans
LED lighting for indicator and ambient lighting
Indian brand
Overall brand advantages and disadvantages!

Havells BLDC Fan:

Havells - Best BLDC Fan Brands in India
Havells – Best BLDC Fan Brands in India

Havells offers a vast range of BLDCs, including innovative ones with over 10 years of experience and great performance.

Havells is an Indian Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) company that manufactures electrical equipment. With an extremely strong global presence, it has an extensive distribution network and world-class quality. 

With its decades of experience, this is one of the top brands that manufactures ceiling fans. It is a leading Indian brand known for its high-quality electrical appliances, including BLDC fans. Havells offers a range of BLDC fans with advanced features that make a ceiling fan smart, such as silent operation, a mute feature, an LED bulb light, timer settings, and so on. Though the fans are not IoT-enabled as Atomberg has, the company is on the way to making them soon. We have added below some of its best BLDC fans:

  1. Havells most popular BLDC fan: Havells Ambrose 5-star Decorative BLDC Energy Saving with Remote
    3.9/5 out of 1,534 ratings
    Customers appreciate the value, appearance, and quality of the electric fan, noting its smooth operation at an affordable price. They highlight its premium look and significant power savings compared to normal ceiling fans. Additionally, customers praise the overall quality and efficiency. However, some have reported issues with the remote control.
    Price: ₹3,299

2. Best-buying and most energy-efficient BLDC fan: Havells Efficiencia Neo 26 Watt
4.0/5 out of 1,999 ratings
Customers appreciate the power and appearance of the electric fan, emphasizing its energy efficiency and stylish cooling solution. However, there are mixed opinions among customers regarding the fan’s quality, performance, speed, air delivery, value, and noise.
Price: ₹3,149

3. Premium Look and Finish and the most silent BLDC fan: Havells Stealth Neo
3.9/5 (1,209 ratings)
Customers appreciate the quality and airflow of the fan, describing it as a high-quality product with efficient air circulation. They also express satisfaction with the noise level and appearance. Nevertheless, a few customers have reported issues with the speed of the product.
Price: ₹7,099

4. An Affordable BLDC Fan: Havells Glaze 5-Star Ceiling Fan
3.8/5 out of 667 ratings
Customers appreciate the value and ease of installation of the electric fan, describing it as a good product for the price that is easy to install and use. They also speak positively about its quality. However, there are mixed opinions among customers regarding the fan’s airflow, speed, service, noise, and remote control.
Price: ₹2,699

5. Premium-class silent ceiling fan: Havells Inox BLDC
5/5 out of 1 rating
Customers liked this model and appreciated its low power consumption and silent operation. It looks premium and elegant on the ceiling.
Price: ₹7,399

An established brandLow ratings by most users
Great design and buildLow ratings by mostly users
Ease of installationA few model come with LED competitor light
Made in IndiaUsers complain about speed in large rooms
Offers warranty
Overall brand advantages and disadvantages!

Crompton BLDC Fan:

Crompton - Best BLDC Fan Brands in India
Crompton – Best BLDC Fan Brands in India

Crompton offers a diverse range of affordable and energy-efficient BLDC fans, gaining popularity in India for its value-for-money products.

With over a century of experience, Crompton is a well-established Indian brand known for manufacturing not only fans but also kitchen appliances, lighting, and home appliances, including ceiling fans. The brand’s BLDC fan collection stands out for its premium quality and attractive designs. Crompton’s BLDC fans are recognized for their sleek and modern design, combining aesthetics with functionality. Renowned for being highly energy-efficient and feature-rich, Crompton has positioned itself as a reliable choice for discerning consumers.

To further assist in choosing the best BLDC fan, we’ve included the following comparisons for your consideration:

  1. Best-selling BLDC Fan: Crompton Energion HS 5-star Fan with remote
    3.8/5 8,387 ratings
    Customers appreciate the electric fan for its energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings on electricity bills, and its appealing appearance. However, concerns arise as some customers report noise issues, describing an annoying chopper sound upon activation. Dissatisfaction extends to the remote control. Opinions vary on value, speed, airflow, and quality.
    Price: ₹2,999

2. Crompton IOT-Enabled BLDC Fan: Crompton Silent Pro Blossom Premium design
3.7/5 out of 54 rating
Crompton provides a wide range of BLDC fans. Overall, they are praised for their design, build quality, and performance. However, some buyers have raised concerns about the service in certain cases. In terms of design and appearance, it is highly regarded.
Price: ₹11,795

3. Elegant and decoratively designed BLDC fan: Crompton Silent Pro Enso ActivBLDC Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan
3.3/5 out of 806 ratings
Customers appreciate the fan’s appearance for its decor value but express dissatisfaction due to excessive noise, low speed, and the inability to regulate speed, deeming it a waste of money.
Price: ₹7,849

4. Most energy-efficient BLDC fan: Crompton Energion Cromair 28W Energy Efficient With Remote
3.7/5 out of 1,941 ratings
Customers praise the fan for its appearance and value, noting it as good-looking and worth the price. They express satisfaction with the speed. However, some customers report issues with noise during startup and problems with the remote control, citing it as a drawback despite its appealing features.

5. Smart BLDC Fan with Underlight LED lighting: Crompton Energion Roverr Smart BLDC Ceiling Fan
3.8/5 out of 8 ratings
It is a smart ceiling fan with LED underlight and dimming features, appreciated by users. People like the look and overall build, but some complain about the high cost, mentioning that its remote control is of low quality. Customers praise its smart features and IoT-enabled convenience.
Price: ₹10,259

Energy efficientSome users complain about remote pairing
Some users complain about remote pairingExpensive
Good service and warrantyLow on ratings
Good performance with silent operation and airflow
Overall brand advantages and disadvantages!

Orient BLDC Fan:

Orient - Best BLDC Fan Brands in India
Orient – Best BLDC Fan Brands in India

Orient Electric is a leading ceiling fan brand in India, dedicated to delivering top-notch fan performance through advanced technologies.

Orient Electric is a well-known Indian brand with a robust reputation for manufacturing high-quality fans, along with a range of products such as home appliances, lighting switchgear, coolers, and premium-class kitchen and home-enabled fans. Orient’s BLDC fans are available in various sizes and designs, catering to diverse room or space requirements. Explore some of the popular fan options:

  1. Energy-efficient BLD fan: Orient Electric I-Tome
    3.7/5 out of 5,455 ratings
    Customers appreciate the fan’s futuristic design and efficiency, along with the convenience of the remote control. However, noise issues have been reported. Opinions vary on quality, speed, airflow, and value.
    Price: ₹3,640

2. IOT-enabled Premium class BLDC fan: Orient Electric Aeroslim
3.9/5 out of 1,985 ratings
Customers praise the fan’s appearance, highlighting its amazing and lexicon-style look. The design is commended as extremely good. However, some customers report installation difficulties. Opinions diverge on speed, remote control, airflow, noise, value, and quality.
Price: ₹10,399

3. An Affordable BLDC Fan from Orient: Orient Electric Newly Launched Zeno with Remote
3.9/5 out of 37 ratings
Customers appreciate the electric fan for its value, appearance, and quality. It’s regarded as the best in price, looks very nice, and is considered a quality product. However, there are mixed opinions among customers regarding the fan’s speed.
Price: ₹2,805

4. BLDC with LED indicator lighting: Orient Electric I Tome Plus
3.6/5 out of 753 ratings
Customers appreciate the appearance of the electric fan, but note that it makes too much noise and is not completely silent. Opinions vary among customers on value, speed, quality, remote control, and airflow.
Price: ₹3,605

Lower in RatingsHigher in cost
Good with remote controlLower in Ratings
Good with design and build
Silent operation
Wide range of fans
Overall brand advantages and disadvantages!

Kuhl BLDC Fan:

Kuhl - Best BLDC Fan Brands in India
Kuhl – Best BLDC Fan Brands in India

We have a brand new BLDC fan called Kuhl, which is a subsidiary brand of Kent. Kent is a popular Indian brand known for its RO water purifiers. Kuhl has now entered the market with its range of BLDC ceiling fans.

Kuhl offers 5-star-rated BLDC ceiling fans in both regular and decorative premium classes. They provide a variety of options, including 4, 5, 6, and 8-blade ceiling fans with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, remote control, LED lights, reverse mode, and even Alexa voice control. Kuhl focuses solely on BLDC motors, which are more energy-efficient compared to induction motors. This makes Kuhl one of the most power-efficient ceiling fan brands in India.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best BLDC ceiling fans offered by Kuhl.

  1. An affordable BLDC fan from Kuhl: KUHL Prima A3 900mm Decorative Power Saving BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote
    3.6/5 out of 52 ratings
    It is an affordable ceiling fan with a BLDC motor from Kuhl. This 24-watt BLDC fan is one of the most power-efficient ceiling fans, making it a good choice if you are planning to install it in your new house.
    Price: ₹3,249

2. Four-Blades stylish fan: KUHL Platin D4 Stylish BLDC Fan
3.0/5 out of 60 ratings
It looks sleek and premium. You can’t even feel the noise in a normal environment. The airflow is great.
Price: ₹14,500

3. An IOT-enabled 8-blade stylish fan: KUHL Platin D8 Stylish BLDC Fan
Ratings: 3.0/5 out of 60 ratings
Customers praise the electric fan for its sleek, premium appearance and commendable design and functions. However, some report issues with the light, airflow, and value. Problems include underlight malfunctions and unsatisfactory airflow. Opinions differ on noise levels.
Price: ₹15,691

Indian brandOver-expensive
Variety in sweepsLowest ratings
Good on performance and effective features
Good on performance nd effective features
Super silent operation
Overall brand advantages and disadvantages!

Bajaj BLDC Fan:

Bajaj - Best BLDC Fan Brands in India
Bajaj – Best BLDC Fan Brands in India

Bajaj Electricals Limited, a prominent Indian consumer appliances and lighting solutions company, is part of the Bajaj group. With a turnover of INR 5,429 crores (FY 22-23), it operates in consumer products (appliances, fans, cookware) and lighting solutions. Established in 1938, it upholds consumer trust with brands like BAJAJ, Nirlep, Morphy Richards, and Nex. Boasting 18 branch offices, 660+ distributors, and 2 lakh retail outlets, Bajaj remains a leader in the industry, offering innovative LED lamps, fixtures, and diverse lighting solutions nationwide.

Bajaj is the most well-known Indian brand, and Bajaj Electricals is one of its subsidiaries. Bajaj manufactures a wide range of consumer appliances for the home and kitchen, including fans, heaters, coolers, irons, various types of lighting, toasters, mixers, coffee makers, microwaves, and numerous other electronic consumer products.

There’s a good chance that you have at least one Bajaj product in your home, be it a kitchen appliance or another electronic device. Bajaj is recognized for being user-friendly, affordable, and a reliable brand, offering great products with good performance and service.

  1. An affordable Bajaj BLDC fan: Bajaj Energos 12DC5R

4/ out of 100 ratings
Customers appreciate the sleek design and high-speed air delivery of the fan, describing it as an efficient and energy-saving option with exceptional performance. The fan’s temperature control is praised for quickly cooling while conserving energy. Users also commend its quiet operation, and the remote control functions seamlessly from any angle.
Price: ₹2,419

2. Most Energy-Efficient BLDC Fan: Bajaj Energos 12DC5R 1200 mm Silent BLDC Ceiling Fan 26 W

3.7/5 out of 255 ratings
Customers appreciate the electric fan for its remote control, quality, and value. The remote is praised for being easy to use and effective. However, opinions vary on speed and sound.
Price: ₹2,699

3. Stylish BLDC fan with Five-Year Warranty: Bajaj Energon Prime 1200mm Silent BLDC Ceiling Fan

3.1/5 out of 10 ratings
It is rated below 4 stars from 10 ratings, but overall, it has received mixed comments. Although it is a decent BLDC fan, some find the price range to be overpriced. With a five-year warranty, it is considered a good BLDC ceiling fan from Bajaj.
Price: ₹4,490

An established brandLess variety
Good at after-sales serviceLow on ratings
Good build quality
Good price range
Overall brand advantages and disadvantages!

Superfan BLDC Fan:

Superfan - Best BLDC Fan Brands in India
Superfan – Best BLDC Fan Brands in India

Superfan is a leading Indian brand known for introducing the BLDC fan in India.

Superfan is a Chennai-based brand that offers a range of BLDC fans designed for homes and offices. It was officially founded in 2012 to manufacture energy-efficient ceiling fans with beautiful designs. Their fans are equipped with advanced technologies such as remote control, timer function, and breeze mode. Superfan is a flagship brand that claims to be the first BLDC maker in India with its patented innovation. It also received numerous awards for its energy efficiency and silent operation. The company offers a 5-year warranty on its fans.

  1. The BLDC fan from Superfan: Superfan Super X1 Blue 1200 mm Aluminium Ceiling Fan

4.2/5 out of 841 ratings
Customers appreciate the appearance, energy efficiency, and airflow of small home appliances. They note its smart look, cost-saving benefits on electric bills, and commendable airflow.
Price: ₹3,670

2. LED bulb ceiling fan: Superfan S A1 5-Star Rated Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

4.1/5 out of 579 ratings
Customers appreciate the heat efficiency, speed, appearance, and airflow of the electric fan. They consider it the best energy-efficient fan, highlighting its cool operation with an RPM of 350. The constant and infinitely variable speed options are well-received, and overall satisfaction is expressed with the airflow.
Price: ₹4,250

3. Stylish look and premium-class fan: Superfan Super Q 5 star rated high flow energy efficient

3.2/5 out of 4 ratings
Price: ₹6,950

4. Best BLDC Fan with the Best-Seller: Superfan V1

Ratings: 4.0/5 (279 ratings)
Customers appreciate the quality, flow, and delivery of the fan. They note that it looks and works great, describing it as an energy-efficient fan with super air delivery.
Price: ₹4,760

Quality fans with durabilityThere is no dedicated store on Amazon
Fully functional
Low noise
Overall, good performance
Overall brand advantages and disadvantages!
Atomberg is considered the No. 1 BLDC brand in India as of now. It was the first brand in India to introduce BLDC ceiling fans. A BLDC fan is three times more power-efficient than an induction ceiling fan. Atomberg fans come with features such as remote control and LED lighting, and some models are even IoT-enabled.


Which is India’s No 1 BLDC fan brand?

Atomberg is indeed a popular brand for BLDC fans in India and has gained significant market share due to its energy-efficient technology and innovative features.

Which are the top competitors of Atomberg?

Havelles, Cromton, Kuhl, Superfan are the top competitors of Atomberg.

Is Atomberg a Chinese company?

No, Atomberg is a complete Indian brand. It makes best quality BLDC ceiling fans in India.

Who is Atomberg owned by?

Manoj Meena and Sibabrata Das are the owners of Atomberg fan company.

Are BLDC fans successful?

Yes, BLDC fans haven’t been around for long as conventional ceiling fans, but they represent an innovation, providing a longer lifespan with minimal servicing and maintenance.

Which brand of BLDC ceiling fan is best?

Atomberg and Havells are the top two BLDC ceiling fan brands in India.


BLDC fans are more energy-efficient than regular ceiling fans. They come with low noise levels and advanced features. When choosing a BLDC fan brand, it is essential to consider factors such as energy efficiency, design, features, and, of course, the brand’s service and reputation. The brands discussed in this article offer some of the best BLDC fans on the market. If you are confused about which fan to pick, you can buy an Atomberg BLDC ceiling fan.

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