8 Best Ceiling Exhaust Fan (2023)

If you are searching for the best ceiling exhaust fan (roof mounting exhaust fan) for your modern house that matches your home ceiling design. This is the perfect and complete article because we will show the all online market available exhaust ceiling fan with its guide.

This ceiling exhaust fan can be used in your bathroom kitchen and also in your home bedroom, and hall office To maintain better ventilation and remove odor.

We already reviewed more than 20 exhaust fans for the bathroom and kitchen, and in this post, we review the best ceiling exhaust fan. And recover all the types of exhaust fans and also dedicated posts for buying guides.

8 Best Ceiling Exhaust Fan in India

Ceiling Exhaust FanSizePrice
Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan260 MM₹1,749
Havells Ventil Air DXC130mm₹4,109
Astberg Ceiling Mounted Cassette Fan APT10-21100mm₹5,600
Caryaire ABS Plastic Ceiling Exhaust Fan200mm₹5,699
Kaff Exhaust Fan LYRA LR6150 mm₹3,990
Astberg AHT15-34 (Inline Fan)150mm₹8,200
Oswim Ceiling Ventilation/Exhaust Fan200mm₹1,749
Hewa Exhaust Fan204MM₹1,499
Best Ceiling Exhaust Fan in India 2022

Buying Guide

If you are buying a ceiling exhaust fan you need an additional cost for the pipe because it needs five for transferring air from one place to another end.

or need a long-distance exhaust fan choose an inline exhaust fan because it can run up to 60 – 80 feet distance.

also checks buying guides for Exhaust Fans.

also, check the best exhaust fan for kitchen

also, check best exhaust fan for the bathroom


Best Pick



  • Elegant design
  • Affordable price
  • 100% copper motor

Usha Crisp Air Premia CV Exhaust Fan has a 19w motor that is made with 100% copper and it is available in white color the shutter of this exhaust fan is automatic so it prevents foreign objects. Because of its white color and design, it matches your home ceiling design and it requires only an 8×8 hole in your ceiling and the pipe required for ventilation is 4 inches. And it can be used with any type of ceiling.

Reason to buy

This is the best pick from our side because this ceiling exhaust fan comes at an affordable price and is from a respected brand.

  • The cheapest option for a ceiling exhaust fan
  • Silent exhaust fan
  • The performance is average


  • Speed: 1050 rpm
  • Power: 19w
  • Size: 7.3 x 7.3 x 5cm
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Controller Type: Button Control
  • Mounting Type: Window Mount
  • Color: White

Strong Quality


  • Compact Size Ceiling Exhaust Fan

This Havells Ventil Air DXC exhaust fan is made of strong and robust material that will not change its color after a long time. With its powerful 23w motor it is capable of removing the pooja room air with its centrifugal fan. It provides a 150 CMH air flow rate with its 1250 RPM motor speed which is good for a bathroom. One more capability of this feeling as per exhaust fan is you can use this exhaust fan with a central air conditioning system. And it ensures security with an automatic shutter that prevents the forging of objects like birds.

Reason to buy

As it comes with the cheapest price and a powerful motor it is good but the weight of this time is heavy.

  • Positive
  • Note for pop ceiling because of its weight
  • Not for kitchen
  • Need an extra support


  • Weight: 7kg

Lightweight Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Reason to buy

This is the most powerful and lightweight ceiling fan on our list and the working operation is very silent. So it can be used for your medium size office studio. and it is available in three sizes you can choose wisely according to your requirement. because it’s lightweight you can use this exhaust fan with any type of feeling that can be pop grill and etc and do need additional support for this.


Large Area


Caryaire ABS Plastic Ceiling Exhaust Fan good fit for your office and for a large area because of its 40-watt motor that makes airflow 200 CMH so it can be used with more than 20 feet of duct pipe. With its AVS material, it can last long.

Reason to buy

This brand is making custom ventilation solutions according to your requirement so you can contact them for more information and directly buy this product on Amazon.

  • Powerful ceiling exhaust fan
  • Good for kitchen
  • Very noisy ceiling exhaust fan

Glass Material



  • For Dark Theme Room
  • Glossy finish with glass material
  • Very lightweight

Its 150 mm size and lightweight glass material make this exhaust fan suitable for a small size room and it is not possible in the human eye because of its design. This exam fan is loaded with a 25w motor that is sufficient ventilation in a small size area.

Reason to buy

This kaff exhaust fan is good for dark theme rooms and it’s a glossy design so it can match your room design that is in Black or any other dark color that matches the black color with it.

  • Good looking ceiling exhaust fan
  • Glossy finish because of the glass material from the front side
  • Very lightweight ceiling fan in the market
  • The build quality of this ceiling exhaust fan is average.

Heavy Kitchen Exhaust


  • Fireproof fan
  • High airflow
  • Powerful motor

This Astberg AHT15-34 ceiling exhaust fan has a metallic fan that gives 450 CHM air flow with its 55-watt motor in a duct size of 150 mm that’s means in less size it sucks (cleans) more air and makes good ventilation. And has also an automatic safety wall inside the duct pipe connection so far if objects are not inter in this ceiling exhaust fan. By the way, this exhaust fan works on the centrifugal principle. That means it continues to suck the air from the environment (smoke high moisturize). And you can use duct for more than 15 feet with this ceiling exhaust fan because of

Reason to buy

This exhaust fan is a heavy-duty ceiling exhaust fan so it can be best suitable for hotel kitchens because of its metal rain that is flame Proof.

  • You can use this ceiling exhaust phone for industrial use like in a kitchen or restaurant.
  • and it is available in three sizes hundred 150 200 mm so you can choose wisely according to your requirement.
  • high build quality because of metal material
  • It is heavyweight so you cannot use it with an ordinary ceiling unit properly fitting for this.
  • During working it produces a high 48 dB noise level.
  • Quite a high price.




  • 3 Blade Exhaust Fan
  • Lightweight
  • Power Full Motor

Oswim Ceiling Ventilation Exhaust Fan comes with 3 blade fan with a speed of 1350 RPM that delivered an airflow level of is maximum of 120 CFM with its powerful 40w motor. which is sufficient for small or medium rooms and is lightweight making it easy to fit in your room ceiling structure. and it is connected with a 4-inch duct pipe.

Reason to buy

if you need an affordable ceiling exhaust fan with ₹1,749 prices, this is a good choice because it is a powerful and lightweight ventilation fan.

  • Lightweight for any type of ceiling design
  • it is not dual-sided or reversible

Waterproof Exhaust Fan


  • Power Saving Motor
  • Waterproof
  • Low Noise

Hewa Exhaust Fan is made with a plastic body which makes this ceiling exhaust fan waterproof and it’s 40w motor comes with 100% copper winding that saves electricity every hour and provides good air suction.

Reason to buy

Looking for a proper bathroom ceiling exhaust fan that is waterproof and can be mounted on both wall and Ceiling.

  • 100% Copper Motor
  • Water-resistant body and fan
  • more lightweight fans are available
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