4 Best Explainer Video Toolkit in USA 2021

Toolkits for character animation are essential to the creation of advertising and product videos for any specific product or service. These animation toolkit provide you with quick and easy ideas for creating a necessary video. It has lip synchronization, emotions, movement, and various factors to make a true film.

These five best character animation tool kits listed below provide you with any character like a student, a teacher, a professional or any type of character 80 to 100. Character animation in a single character offers you various content. The shape, color, eyes, sizes and many more can be used.

Why do you need a character animation toolkit?

A video and an image can be explained to a product better than plain text and audio promotion. You can explore your product or idea in a short video made by the animation tools listed below.

Promotional videos to professionally show your product that bring you customers, as you know that an animated video shows a wide range of aspects to your ideas.

If you have a product or idea and you want to reach an end customer then you need a vidualized promotion that comes in a video or animation face and this character animation works for that. For better reach and promotion you should use animation explainer toolkits that are able to bring out your idea in the market.

Most of the customer are online today, you don’t need to go at their doorsteps and a report says (by Animoto) that 73% of customers prefer to buy products or services after watching videos, 96%of all end users find online buying videos beneficial, and 71% of customers prefer that they are going to watch content online produced by companies.

In this digital era, whether you are in Asia, the United States, or anywhere else, you prefer video animation, and at this time, Finance, Medical, Strategies, and even the government are defining their products through the use of these animation characters. These are less expensive and more effective for product promotion, and in the United States, it is too inexpensive to demonstrate their concept through character animation.

Why do you make your Product video from a character animation toolkit?

Any Gig or seller will charge a hike amount for a single character. If you want a high-quality animation or 3D video, your costs can range from $500 to $800, so the character animation toolkit will be your studio because these packages include hundreds of factors, as previously mentioned.

Check out the list below to find the best character animation toolkit. We compiled this list after analyzing personally or online feedback and reviews.

Best Character Animation & Explainer Video Toolkit


Explainer Video Toolkit

Explainer Video Toolkit 4

This is one of the best explainer animations toolkits for AFTER EFFECTS. I’m listing this software here because it provides maximum components and necessary things for your business and startup videos.

Best Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

You can add emotions and different types of movement in the characters with this single pack.

You can save your time and money. With this explainer software that is literally easy for beginners you can customize male and female characters also it has different types of skins and expressions that provide the best output.

This Explainer Video Toolkit 4 has so many features let’s have a look:

  • 30 backgrounds,
  • 60+ character styles,
  • 80+ character animation,
  • 550+ icons, and much more in this single bundle.

This is a simple and adaptable animation explainer tool that is available to anyone who wants to create videos that are both excellent and dynamic.

For the beginners it has 10+ tutorials videos where you can learn from start to end, which means installation to make the project everything you will get inside.

Main keys of this software: 

  • 1000+ Elements.
  • The most flexible character rig.
  • Low latency character rig.
  • 100% After Effects.
  • 100% Vector graphics (1080p or any higher resolution is possible).
  • Tested After Effects CC, CC 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 compatibility.

Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

Character Animation Explainer Toolkit

Character animation explainer toolkit has dynamic emotions and expressions to show everything in its character. Character animation explainer toolkits can add different types of facial expressions and chest, eye, mouth legs and foot each body part are changeable, with the help of this animation explainer software.

Its 180-degree character rotation feature provides dynamic range of the character. Its real time language syncing feature gives the best expression by the lips and makes your character more exciting. As your voice expresses the emotion with the whole face.

It has video tutorials and a user guide to understand the whole software easily. I would suggest 16gb of RAM and a minimum i5 or i7 machine to run it easily.

Main keys:

  • Modify character length and all body proportions.
  • Change torso shape, modify thickness & roundness.
  • With the ability to add muscles such as the chest, shoulders, biceps, hip muscles, and calves.
  • Easily add a round belly & re-position it over the character.
  • Modify waist height, with auto belt re-positioning. Choose from different belts & pick any color.
  • Change sleeve length, color & thickness. Control top & bottom sleeves independently.
  • Modify hand size and blend between 50 hand poses using the included hand rig.
  • Add watches, tattoos, bands & more. Choose from 38 hand accessories.
  • Choose any leg shape. Modify size, thickness, height, roundness & position.
  • Change pants length, color & thickness. Control top & bottom pants independently.
  • Change feet size & color. Pick from 15 shoes styles & customise with the included shoe laces & accessories.

to Run Heavy Software You Need High Configuration Laptop So We Suggest Best Laptops for Video Editing & Gaming


Character Animation Toolkit Videohive

Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit

Create your unique story with the high-quality animation software that carries different types of facial expressions, head posture, chest, and belly sizes along with face accessories and much more.

Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit is a Creative multifunctional animations software that  Perfect for demonstrating videos, business videos, infographics, cartoons, animation storytelling, advertisements, short films etc

Comes with Over 100 animations and 10 fully rigged characters.The kit contains a number of different body types, sections and accessories to keep your work peculiar.

Don’t worry, it has styles and variations. You can customize the expressions and accessories as your need.

It does not include the music, you have to purchase the music.

Main Keys:

  • Compatible with After Effects CS6 and above.
  • 10 Pre-Made Characters.
  • 100+ Loopable Animations
  • 150+ Professionally Designed Images
  • Including: 10 head shape , 38 head accessories, 8 body shape , 14 clothes & accessories, 76 scene design Background elements and more!
  • Adjust arm, leg, and neck thickness, sleeve length, pants length, skin tones, garments, and more using simple tools that give you complete control!
  • No plugins needed.
  • Final output in up to 4K UHD Resolution!
  • Comps in Full HD (1080p) and Low output are also available.
  • Use any duration with any scene.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Colour coded elements.

Explainer Character Animation Toolkit with Built In UI

FrameStory I Explainer Character Animation Toolkit

FrameStory™ Explainer Video Toolkit comes with 5000 components. Users could also create their own stories to build videos, presentations, or animations that can be fully adapted to the Adobe After Effects, combining an array of animated characters and movie graphics.

With this software Level up your animation process and make your own story with greatness. It carries 250+ characters, 255 poses with a flexible rigging, and 110 beautifully designed scenes.

It comes with integrated Lip-Sync with 29 English phonemes and a functional mapping structure.

Main Keys:

  • 5000+ Total Elements
  • 255 Characters
  • 950 Different clothes, shoes, hats, and accessories
  • 255 Poses
  • 180 Facial Expressions
  • 110 Animated Scenes
  • 600 Animated Props
  • 500 Animated Elements
  • Lip-Sync with functional mapping structure
  • 8 Narratives (Pre-made stories)
  • 20x Free Original Soundtracks
  • High-quality analytical video tutorials


How to make character animation

You may use Adobe After Effects to create a character animation film with the help of readymade templates that include a variety of prepared characters that you can edit and utilise based on your needs.

How to create 2d character animation

To create 2d animation, you can use videohive’s predefined character animation templates.
There are 4 excellent 2D character animation templates.
1. Explainer Video Toolkit 4
2. Character Animation Explainer Toolkit
3. Ultimate Character Animation Toolkit
4. FrameStory I Explainer Character Animation Toolkit

what is an explainer video

Brands are looking for ways to deliver their stories to customers and engage them in a short period of time. In today’s digital environment, you may have as little as a minute to capture attention, stick in memory, and become linked with your brand. There is nothing better for audience engagement than a explainer video.

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