Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen and Bathroom in india (9th May 2021)

Is your kitchen or bathroom full of suffocation? Do you want to be free from the humidity and the bad air-born? Here is the best solution we brought for you because most of the customers are so confused about buying the best exhaust fan for their kitchen and for their bathroom. 

We made a dedicated list for your house’s kitchen and the bathroom as needed. You can select for the big or small size ventilation. We listed below the best exhaust fan for Indian users. 

An exhaust fan decreases the humidity from the air and the odour from the indoors and maintains the fresh air in the kitchen and the washroom, also you can use some of these exhaust fans for your office and the different types of zones.

An Exhaust Fan for the Kitchen?

When you process the food, your kitchen’s atmosphere becomes so suffocated and warm, to reduce that hot air and the odour, you need to push out that hot air from the kitchen and this procedure can only do an exhaust fan. The hot air keeps up-side and exhaust fans always install on top of the wall so this way the humidity also can go outside from the room or kitchen.

An Exhaust Fan for Bathroom or Room? 

The same procedure that works in the kitchen works for the bathroom and room.  The bad air and the odour easily could go outside from the bathroom.

Types of Exhaust Fan!

• Wall Mounted exhaust fans. 

• Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fans.

• Inline Exhaust fans.

• Kitchen exhausts fans.

• Exterior exhaust fans.

• Bathroom Exhaust Fans.

Exhaust Fans Buying Guide!

• Installation type

• Size

• Speed

• Number of Blades 

• Noise

• Easy to clean

• Dimensions

• Winding

• Blade

• Power Consumption/Energy efficient

• Airflow

• Pricing

• Warranty

1 Luminous Vento Deluxe

Luminous Vento Deluxe

Luminous is an inverter company, but in 2011, French giant Schneider Electric acquired Luminous, and with this joint venture, Luminous produces a variety of electric devices (Now in 2021 Luminous Company is Sub-Brand of French Company)
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2 Havells Ventil Air DSP

Havells Ventil Air DSP

Havells India Limited is an Indian brand that produces Home & Kitchen Appliances and has been in operation since 1958.
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3 Usha Crisp Air

Usha Crisp Air

Usha International Limited is an indian company since 1934 and manufacture consumer electronics like fan, water heater, water cooler, sewing machine, room cooler, room heater, electric water pumps
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4 BAJAJ Bahar


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Product NameSeller
1. Luminous Vento DeluxeAmazon
2. Havells Ventil Air DSPAmazon
4. Bajaj Bahar 300mm Blade Exhaust FanFlipkart
Best Exhaust Fan for Kitchen in india 2021





  • Power Efficient
  • Rust Proof Material
  • Included Dust Protection Shutters.
Expert Score
Small Kitchen & Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Best selling Exhaust fan.
  • Strong build quality.
  • Cool design.
  • Comes with dust protectors.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Less noise.
  • Just for small rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.


The Luminous Vento Deluxe Exhaust Fan is crafted for Bathroom, Kitchen and for the Cabin. The material used is really sturdy that’s why the result is strong.

Its 200 MM blades ensure to keep out the airborne and smoke from the kitchen. Luminous Vento comes with 5 stroger blades that are almost 10 Inches that are able to cover the wide area of the Room and the Kitchen.

The color of this Exhaust fan is outstanding. It makes your kitchen calm and dust-free. Vento Deluxe is a power efficient exhaust fan so you can decrease your electricity bill.

This is an affordable exhaust fan and able to cover a wide area of the room and the kitchen. Its air delivery rate is really good in terms of area.

We are placing this Exhaust fan on top in the list because of the design, the quality check phenomena and the multi-installation key points.

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Best Exhaust Fan FOR KITCHENS

Best Exhaust Fan


  • Metallic Body.
  • Steel Bird Guard.
  • Best Air-Flow.
Expert Score
Low Noise Exhaust fan india

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Steel body.
  • Less noise.
  • Powder coated.
  • Double ball bearing (As size needed)
  • Making noise after a couple of months.
  • Not for a big size area.


Havells Ventil DSP Exhaust fan help to inhale fresh air in the kitchen and in the washroom. Its 3 steel blades are more efficient to deliver a great amount of air and it covers a good area of the room.

Havells DSP is a sturdy fan that lasts for long, its aerodynamically design covers the max area of the kitchen and the room and it cleans the air from the odour and the bad airborn that comes into the rooms and kitchens.

This is so convenient in use. Anyone can install it easily and this is secure to use. Its safety guard ensures that if you come closer with the fan its steel guard will keep your fingers or hand.

This is a whole made of Steel so it comes with powder coating that saves it from the rust and run for for a long long time.

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Best Exhaust Fan from USHA

Branded Exhaust Fan in india 2021


  • Rust proof body and blades.
  • Automatic shutter.
Expert Score

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Nice design.
  • Colors available.
  • Familiar noise.
  • Good suction capacity.
  • For Just a small space.


Usha Crisp Air exhaust fan is designed beautifully with high suction capacity. It looks so trendy and light in weight but this is a safe and strong exhaust fan. It comes with a powder coating layer that makes a rust-proof exhaust fan.

It saves your space from the unwanted things. It has automatic bach shutters that provide protection against the foreign objects.

Usha Crisp Air exhaust fan is an affordable and low noisy fan that lets you sleep, cook when it’s working. Its airflow ensures the air quality is good and odor free from the kitchen and bathrooms.

Usha Crisp Air fan comes in 3 different sizes as per your need. You can install it easily where you want and how you want. It has colors available as your walls match.

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Exhaust Fan 300 mm 3 Blade

Expert Score
BEST FOR Bathrooms, Kitchens, Stores

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Good air delivery.
  • Best for kitchen and bathroom.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Regular design.
  • Not comes with a dedicated shutter.


  • Most selling exhaust fan.
  • High Air Delivery.


Bajaj is the most trusted brand all over India, in terms of electronics and home appliances. Bajaj Bahar is a 300 MM metallic body exhaust fan that is a best kitchen appliance for pushing out the odour from inside. 

Bajaj Bahar exhaust fan built with strong steel material and the grills that provides safety to your hands and fingers, also it saves the pets and birds from accidents.

Bahar exhaust fan comes with rust proof coating, when you install it at the window it will not get rusty because of the corrosion resistance metallic finish.

Bajaj Bahar exhaust fan is ideal for your small size bathrooms and the kitchens also you can use it in your store rooms.

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150 mm Exhaust Fan


  • Most Affordable exhaust fan for kitchen.
  • Light Weight.
Expert Score

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Nicest design.
  • Less noise, Light weight.
  • Small fan


Harman Euro 6 is the most affordable exhaust fan. This is so light in weight and you can install it as your need. The design is so sophisticated and comes with plastic built that looks so clean.

Harman exhaust fan is in the list because of its selling, this is the best selling fan at this price point. 

It runs silently and cleans the airborne from inside and pushes out the odour from the kitchen. 

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