6 Best Gas Geyser in India 2022 (Sep)

Do you want to find the best gas geyser in India? Are you concerned about which gas water heater to buy? Not to worry! We will assist you.

A gas geyser is essentially a gas water heater. Electric heaters are popular in India, and you can discover the best electrical geyser in India right here. Gas geysers are more expensive than traditional geysers. Still, they are a one-time investment that will last for an extended time without maintenance. Gas geysers are one type of high-quality geyser required in every home. With the arrival of winter and the monsoon, people like to bathe or clean with warm water. Gas geysers, like electric ones, heat the water that comes from the tap. Gas geysers heat cold water quickly and efficiently.

Gas geysers are a second option to save money because they dramatically cut your electricity bill after installation. Also, do you frequently wait outside your bathroom like an eagle for the water to warm up sufficiently to take a proper bath before turning off the geyser? You can sigh with relief because various gas-powered water geysers run on LPG or PNG. Gas geysers are manufactured by some of the greatest brands, including Bajaj, Havells, V-Guard, Hindware, Racold, and others.

These autonomous gas geysers include rust-resistant, fire retardant cable, fusible valve, water and gas intensity controlling knob, oxygen depletion, and other features. Our specialists have compiled a list of the top gas geysers in India.

Difference between Gas geysers and Electric geysers

In a nutshell, gas geysers are more efficient and faster than electric geysers. These geysers have an unlimited capacity to heat water. Gas geysers provide a constant flow of heated water and instant heating. Gas geysers are less energy efficient than electric geysers but recover quickly.

In other words, these geysers are not storage geysers because they do not store water and instead release it as it is needed. Although electric geysers come in various sizes and capacities, they cannot heat water as quickly or simultaneously as a gas water heater.

How to choose the best Gas Geyser in India? | Gas Geyser buying guide

There are some specific key points that you should keep in mind while buying a gas geyser. You should look up before buying the best gas geyser in India.

Heating: The water heating process impacts the geyser’s operational costs and maintenance. A stable connection is required. LPG is used to raise the temperature of gas-powered water geysers. A thermostat regulates the amount of gas that flows through the hot water heater burner, thereby maintaining the pre-set water temperature. When you turn on a hot water faucet, a sensor detects the flow and activates the tankless gas water heater. The heat exchanger warms the flowing water while the gas burner burns.

Water Flow: The gas geyser has no storage and only a per-minute water flow capacity. The 6L and 7L gas geysers that Indian consumers typically purchase have a flow rate of 6L per minute, which is an adequate amount of water. Consider a 10L gas geyser if you need a larger capacity gas geyser. Instant heaters with a capacity of 4–5 liters are helpful when the cold weather causes the water pipes to freeze.

Pressure: These gas geysers must be higher because the flow rate is per minute, and the flow requires a better and higher pressure. The standard pressure in gas geysers is between 6.5 and 8 kg.

Thermostat: In simple terms, the thermostat is a sensor regulating heating. There are two types of thermostats for gas geysers. Water is dealt with first, followed by flames. Therefore, pay attention to these gas geysers’ thermostats and safety majors. Most geysers have a cut-off mode that lets you know when the hot water tank is full. Keep in mind that the temperature of the water determines how quickly it warms up. As a result, depending on the season, a heater’s performance may change.

Above 80 degrees of water temperature, the thermostat should cut off the heating.

And above 180 degrees of gas, flames should cut off the fire.

Energy Consumption: Gas geysers typically have a large storage capacity. Those with a high supply flow rate will consume more power than those with a lower supply rate. You should think about this before purchasing the appliance. Energy consumption, or power usage, means “gas consumption.”

Safety Majors: The high-grade certified materials in your gas geyser should be used. It ought to have two solenoids to control the flow of gas. You should examine the protection and burner quality.

Service Quality: When evaluating a product, we consider how well the company treats its customers. We make sure that the company’s customer support periodically extends the services.

These are some best Gas geysers in India in 2022!


Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 Ltr Vertical Water Heater ( LPG)



  • Comes with safety features such as anti-freeze technology.
  • 2 Solenoid Valves are used for enhanced safety.
  • Multiple safety options.


Bajaj is a brand in home and kitchen appliances. This Bajaj Majesty Duetto is a 6L version, which is standard in these gas geysers. It can heat the water up to 85 degrees Celsius and comes with thermostat technology that can cut off after reaching a high-level temperature.

If we add to its body build material, it comes with Powder Coated, Anti-corrosive Steel, which is built to last. The internal piping for gas flow is made up of aluminum die-casting. It features 2 Solenoid Valves used for enhanced safety, which is excellent in this gas geyser because solenoid valves provide extra safety for a gas leak.

It comes with all the safety majors like child lock, anti-freeze device, and flame failure, and these features make it an intelligent gas geyser. Its advanced combustion technology has the best thermal efficiency of > 84%. After that, it will cut off and enhance the safety under 5000 rs. This Bajaj gas geyser is the best.

Longway Decora Glass 7 ltr Automatic 5 Star Rated Gas Instant Water Heater

  • Compact design.
  • It can provide 85-degree warm water.
  • 6 L of water every minute.
  • The Advanced Combustion Technology ensures greater thermal efficiency.
  • Comes with dry heat protection.
  • The copper heat exchanger in this Bajaj gas geyser.
  • Comes with an inlet water low sensor along with 20 min timer.
  • It uses two dry cells and two solenoid valves to ensure additional safety.
  • No major cons.

Orient Electric Techno-DX 5.5 litres Gas Water Heater



  • Well-designed gas geyser.
  • Most affordable gas geysers from a reputable brand.
  • Different knobs for gas water temp. Control.


Are you trying to find a company that sells the best gas geysers at a reasonable cost? With a capacity of 5.5L, this Orient Techno gas geyser is the most affordable model. It is compact and made of sturdy materials, making it a long-lasting gas geyser. The geyser’s metal body has an anti-rust powder coating, and its stainless-steel burner quickly heats the water.

You get manual knobs to control this LPG-powered appliance’s gas flow and water temperature. Notable safety features on the geyser include anti-freezing technology and frame failure integration. Additionally, it has a 20-minute heating timer and a water heater indicator.

Suppose you are staying in a city or hilly area with cold winters or generally cold temperatures. In that case, it is perfect for kitchen use. You can wash dishes, daily-use appliances, produce, essential foods, etc. Quick auto ignition, a water level indicator that informs you of the amount of water present, and automatic heating when the temperature drops are all included.

Orient Electric Vento Neo 5-Litre Gas Water Heater

  • A durable design.
  • Best for kitchen use also.
  • Rapid Water heating, the output of 5.5 Litres per minute.
  • It is Powered by LPG Gas.
  • Anti-Rust Powder-Coated Metal Body with Stainless steel burner for longer life.
  • Summer & Winter Operation Mode.
  • Thermal cut out.
  • Paid installation.

V-Guard Safeflo Prime 6Lit LPG Gas Geyser



  • Durable outer body.
  • Knob controls water temperature and gas flow.
  • Comes with safety majors.


You can have the best bathing experience with the Safeflo Plus from the V-Guard company; you won’t have to wait for a warm shower or bath; simply turn it on, and you can take a warm shower immediately. The temperature of this gas geyser can be adjusted using a knob in accordance with India’s two main seasons.

The 6-liter V-Guard Safeflo Prime LPG gas geyser is practical because it offers a high-quality instant geyser at a very reasonable cost. This geyser is exceptionally well suited for ultra low-pressure applications among all the water heaters on this list. This means that if you have a geyser in your bathroom and live in an apartment building, the issue of low water pressure on the lower floors won’t be a problem.

The copper heat exchange system provides a secure setting for water heating. It includes a few unique features. The double solenoid valve is the gas geyser’s highest level of safety. The V Guard Gas Geyser is one of the best water heaters in its performance. You can definitely avail yourself of it.

if you want another option for this geyser, you can buy this most affordable gas geyser. Check it and compare it with this Jones Euro 7 ltr Automatic 5 Star Rated Gas Instant Water Geyser
  • The durable design.
  • Use With LPG Fuel.
  • Comes with overall safety majors.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Not mentioned about the anode rod quality.

Hindware Eveto 6L ISI Gas Water Heater



  • A professional design.
  • Regulates the temperature according to the season.
  • Anti-Dry Burning Protection.


Hindware is one of the most reputed electrical appliance manufacturers. If we talk about these kitchen and bathroom products, the Hindware Eveto is the best gas geyser due to its performance. The Hindware Eveto gas geyser is made of stainless steel. The body and copper-plated heat exchange material support quick heating. Prominent safety features like the child lock system make it suitable throughout the year.

This Hindware is best because it has a copper-plated heat exchange material that facilitates water heating, allowing you to take a bath instantly without getting late. The Anti-Dry Burning protection feature helps the gas geyser stay in perfect condition.

Under Rs. 5000, this durable and compact gas water heater is one of the top options. It has some safety features because this is the most crucial point while buying it: it is equipped with a child safety lock.

When it comes to the link inlets and pipes, they should be built with high-grade material. In this Hindware Eveto, The inlet and outlet connections are made of brass, and the product is ISI certified. It has a great thing which is the valve. The solenoid valve provides extra protection from the excessive heat accumulation in the geyser. 

Note: what do you want in your geyser? Whatever you want, you will get in this at a very affordable price. Compare this instant gas geyser and buy it. Jyoti Star LP Instant Gas Geyser | Fully Automatic Low-Pressure Gas Water Heater. It is automatic, uses less gas, and gives you faster hot water.

Racold 6L ODS ECO+ LPG Gas Water Heater

GREET 7 Litre Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser 

  • Compact and sleek designed water heaters.
  • ISI Certified gas geyser.
  • Solenoid valve for extra protection.
  • Anti-Dry Burning Protection.
  • 20 Minutes In-Built Timer.
  • Brass Inlet-Outlet Connections.
  • Child Lock Safety Device.
  • No cons.

Surya Instant LPG Gas Geyser -10L



  • A big capacity gas geyser.
  • Best Quality Solenoid valve.
  • Comes with all the safety majors.


The Surya brand and its kitchen and home appliances are a fantastic option. The sizes and capacities of this Surya Instant LPG Gas Geyser are 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 10L, and 16L. It is among the best and most cost-effective gas geysers for less than Rs. 5,000. The model is unique because it runs on a dry cell battery and uses very little power.

This heavy-duty gas geyser can hold 6 liters of water at a time and heat it to its maximum capacity. It has the best safety features and can heat the water to 85 degrees Celsius. The body is made of anti-corrosive material to withstand all external temperature conditions.

It uses generation-7 technology and has all the necessary features and significant safety measures. A switch between cold and hot water is a good choice. One of the best and safest features is the IC-ION induction flame-out protective setting, which is included for any mishap protection.


  • Durable body.
  • 10L size, which is vast per minute.
  • For safety, it has a 20-min timer.
  • High-Quality Copper for better Efficiency.
  • Best Quality Solenoid.
  • Anti-corrosive.
  • A value for money product.
  • Low water flow than mentioned.

ACTIVA Instant Aqua Gold Pure Copper LPG Gas Water Heater



  • Anti-Rust Coating ISI certified Metallic body.
  • Extra heavy pure copper burner for extra durability.
  • Flame failure protection.


Activa is a recent entry into this market. Japanese technology is used in this fully automatic Activa water heater. The Activa Gas Water Heater is 75% cheaper than electric geysers, works instantly, has flame failure protection, and has an overheating safety system to ensure your safety. It Can Save More Gas By Using The Best Heat Exchanger.

Its Elegant, Stunning, and Unique Body Design with Top Class Quality and Features guarantees better performance. An extra-large burner for quick water heating with summer and winter settings with a Flame Failure Safety Device and Gas and Water Flow Adjustment. Pure copper is used in the container to increase durability and efficiency. It must be suitable for installations under both low and high pressure.

Note: if you want to buy a known brand at this price, you can buy its option, which is quite good. See and compare this Candes 7 Litre. Instant 100% Copper Tank with Anti Rust Coating Body.

Longway Superb 10 ltr gas geyser

Longway Xolo DLX 7 LTR Automatic 5 Star Rated Gas Instant Water Heater

  • A satisfactorily designed gas geyser.
  • Comes with With Flame Failure Protection.
  • Over Heating Safety System To Ensure Your Safety.
  • Pure Copper Container For More Durability And Efficiency.
  • Suitable For Both Low And High-Pressure Installations.
  • Service could be an issue sometimes.


How different is a gas geyser from an electric geyser?

These types of geysers can heat water indefinitely. The constant flow of heated water and on-demand heating is provided by gas geysers. Gas geysers have a quick recovery rate but are less energy efficient than electric geysers.

Which is better, an Electric Geyser or a Gas Geyser? | Is a gas geyser better than an electric geyser?

Each geyser has advantages of its own. In contrast, a gas geyser can instantly heat water and provide an endless hot water supply. They use less electricity. They are safe to use in vast settings because they call for spacious restrooms with adequate ventilation. On the other hand, both large and small locations can safely use electric geysers.

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