Best Monitor Under 15000 in India

Why is a monitor necessary? Are you looking for a monitor? You might want a good picture quality display monitor if you work from home or just want one for PC browsing. We have some of the best recommendations for you if you’re looking for the best monitor under 15,000 and want to upgrade or set up a new workspace or gaming area.

We’ve put together a list of the top monitors in India under Rs. 15000 that can be used for various tasks, including working, playing games, basic editing software, and other personal uses. Generally, a gaming monitor has slightly improved specs, such as a faster response time, higher refresh rate, adaptive sync technology, RGB lighting, and support for HDR. If you want to explore, you can go to check out the best gaming monitor under Rs. 15,000. 

Most users in India construct custom computers for their residences or occasionally for personal use. For this purpose, they require a dedicated monitor, particularly for gamers. You conduct research but become perplexed as to which monitor is the best fit for your setup. We, therefore, compiled a list of the best monitors under Rs. 15000 after our experts conducted research and analysis on the best monitors in India that are the most popular and have the highest ratings. Let’s explore.


LG Ultragear Gaming (24 inches) IPS Full HD – 144Hz Monitor



  • 144Hz Full HD display.
  • Best for multi-tasking.
  • Best for gaming along with other uses.


Everyone always favors LG when looking for better picture quality. The Ultragear series is the most well-liked among users. This 24-inch Full HD 1920x1080p IPS display, which has a matte anti-glare finish, is the best in its class. The Ultragear monitor has a 300 nit maximum brightness and HDR10 for quality enhancement. You will get precise, bright, vibrant colors with excellent viewing angles when using an IPS panel with a 99.9 percent sRGB color gamut.

This multipurpose monitor can be used for medium-level work, browsing, coding, and gaming. The 144 Hz refresh rate of this device gives you a smooth experience. With a 1 ms response time, you get blur-free video when you play games, watch videos, or watch movies. This monitor also has AMD FreeSync Premium Adaptive Sync technology related to stuttering. Playing games with fast-paced action scenes won’t cause any screen tearing, thanks to AMD FreeSync.

Borderless Slim designed a multipurpose monitor.

This Samsung Ultragear monitor is one of India’s best monitors for Rs 15000. This is the latest monitor, which is a multipurpose monitor.

LG 25UM58 25-inch UltraWide Multitasking Monitor with Full HD IPS Panel

LG Ultra-Gear 24 inches Dedicated monitor

LG 25-inch UltraWide monitor

Most affordable LG monitor

  • A good-looking monitor.
  • 144 Hz 144 Hz display.
  • Best for multipurpose use.
  • Adjustable stand.
  • 1ms Response Time, AMD Freesync Premium display.
  • Clearer, Smoother and Faster.
  • No major cons.

Samsung 24-inch (LS24R356FHWXXL) IPS, 3 Side Bezel-Less Flat LED Monitor



  • An Affordable monitor.
  • 3 Side Bezel-Less Flat Designed LED Monitor.
  • Smooth gameplay with AMD Freesync and Game mode.


Samsung is a brand in terms of display. Samsung makes top-notch screens for any use, gaming, editing, coding, streaming and many more. You will get each detail on the screen as smooth as possible. This Samsung 24-inch IPS monitor is the latest Monitor for home, office and PC computer use. It comes with a 75hz refresh rate that gives you great picture quality in this Samsung branded monitor.

The Samsung LS24R356FHWXXL 24-inch monitor is incredibly slim and sleek. It looks stunning when you install it on your desk, and you can experience Smooth gameplay with AMD Freesync and Game mode. This Vietnam-made Monitor is for multi-use, you can play normal games without lags, and it is one of India’s best picture quality monitors under Rs 15000.

If you want a Samsung Curve Display monitor, you can buy this Samsung LC24F390 23.5-inch monitor.

Samsung Full HD IPS Panel Bezel-Less Flat and Flicker Free display monitor

Samsung super slim Monitor

Samsung Multipurpose display

  • Better picture quality.
  • Sleek and perfect design.
  • So vibrant colors.
  • Eye Protection mode.
  • Flicker-free.
  • Both HDMI and VGA ports are available.
  • Seamless Connectivity options.
  • Its 3-sided bezel-less design makes dual display connection better.
  • dedicated Gaming mode.
  • Full HD IPS monitor.
  • Not the built-in speakers.
  • The stand is not adjustable.

Lenovo Q-Series (24 inch) FHD IPS Ultraslim Monitor



  • 75 Hz FHD IPS Ultraslim Monitor.
  • Built-in 2x3W Speakers.
  • Most selling vibrant color monitor.


Lenovo is aware of better viewing and screen quality. The best IPS Panel display under 15000 rupees is found in this Lenovo Q-Series Q24i-1L. It is a 23.8-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) and 16:9 widescreen IPS display monitor with a nearly bezel-less design that combines aesthetics and usability to create an incredible viewing experience.

With a higher refresh rate of 75Hz, a faster response time of 4ms, and AMD free sync technology, this gorgeously aesthetic monitor is designed to eliminate screen tearing and stuttering in games and videos so that users can enjoy fluid and smooth movements. This is ideal for work from home, leisurely gaming, education, and entertainment. You can still use this accessory for content creation and video editing tasks.

This gorgeous screen monitor includes all the features you could possibly need. A few features are included with this anti-glare display designed to protect your eyes. Even in low light environments, it emits natural low blue light that is soothing to the eyes and doesn’t cause any stress. It is among the best monitors in India because of these features.

  • The design is sleek and flat, bezel-less design.
  • Stunning Viewing Experience.
  • Sharp and vibrant color and contrast.
  • Blue light filter for your eyes’ safety.
  • in-built 2x3W Speakers.
  • Lenovo Artery Control.
  • 3-Years Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Cant adjust the height.

Acer Nitro QG241YS 23.8 inch VA Panel 165Hz FHD Stereo Speaker Gaming Monitor



  • 165hz vibrant color monitor.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • 178 degree wide viewing angles.


A popular gaming monitor line, Acer Nitro, is bright and colorful. You can enjoy flawless image quality with 178-degree wide viewing angles and 1920×1080 resolution. You can use it for what you want to see on the screen thanks to its 6 Axis color adjustments and 250 Nits of brightness, which give you sharp and clear visuals.

With its astounding 165 Hz refresh rate, the Nitro QG241YS offers smooth picture quality, sharpness, precise contrast, and color optimization. The 1 MS Visual Response Boost, which offers clear, blur-free visuals, will make your gameplay fluid and lag-free. It is equipped with AMD FreeSync Premium technology, which reduces lag and latency while eliminating screen tearing and produces incredibly fluid, responsive gaming experiences.

This LCD screen comes with a VA panel that is best for your personal monitor, but if you play heavy games, it gets lags, which could be a drawback for many users. So if you want another monitor with an IPS panel, you can go with that Acer Nitro VG240YS 23.8-inch IPS monitor, which is another great option under Rs. 15,000 in India.

Acer slimmest monitor with great picture quality.

Acer’s most affordable monitor.

  • 165 Hz refresh rate monitor.
  • VA panel, which is vibrant.
  • 178-degree viewing angle.
  • 1 MS Visual Response Boost for clear Blur Free Visuals.
  • Integrated AMD FreeSync Premium technology eliminates screen tearing.
  • Integrated 2W X 2 Stereo Speakers.
  • Thick bezels.
  • Not a built-in speaker.

BenQ GW2780 27-inch 1080p FHD IPS Ultra-Slim Bezel Monitor



  • An ultraslim bezel 27-inch bigger screen monitor.
  • 1080p FHD IPS monitor.
  • Most selling monitors under 15000 Rs.


Our favorite for the list of the best monitors under Rs. 15000 in India is the BenQ 27-Inch 1080p FHD IPS Monitor. It has a beautiful display and design. The Full HD 1920x1080p IPS display on it offers the best picture quality available in this price range. With its 60 Hz refresh rate and 5 ms response time, you can easily complete almost all tasks—aside from playing video games—on your personal computer.

The only low blue light and flicker-free technology built into this IPS panel monitor eliminate dangerous lights, preventing eye strain, irritation, and vision damage. Furthermore, the 16.7 million color palette and 72% NTSC color gamut offer excellent color optimization. Additionally, it has a sculpted base, which is the best for cable management. If you want, it’s a 24-inch model.

  • Best in design and build quality.
  • Impressive Viewing Experience.
  • Multiple connectivity options.
  • Adaptive Eye Care with Proprietary Brightness Intelligence.
  • Auto brightness technology.
  • Most selling monitor.
  • Long 39 Months Standard Warranty.
  • Not a Macbook-friendly monitor.

HP M24f 23.8-Inch Full HD IPS LED Monitor



  • Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Anti Glare Display.
  • A Bezel-less premium-looking design.
  • Best color accuracy and wide viewing angle.


HP is an old computer brand that makes a CPU, a whole PC system, a laptop, and its accessories. This HP M24f is a popular user monitor for better picture quality and design. This monitor looks premium while installed on your desk. This 23.8-inch IPS panel monitor provides smooth video quality with a great viewing angle of 178 degrees.

It is made with an ocean-bound plastic enclosure with 85% recycled materials because it was designed with sustainability in mind. It has a strong build quality and premium looks. 

This 3-Sided Micro-Edge LED Monitor comes with a 75Hz refresh rate and a 5ms response time. This package provides the best user experience on this monitor while working or doing other work. It has good color optimization, and its brightness of 300 nits gives you stunning picture quality.

  • The premium design.
  • Bezel-less screen.
  • Vibrant color and smooth picture quality.
  • Normal gaming is decent.
  • Made with ocean-bound plastics.
  • Various features.
  • A built-in speaker is not sufficient.
  • No major cons.

Dell 24 Inch (S2421HN) IPS Panel, Fhd 1920 X 1080 at 75 Hz with AMD Free Sync



  • Best selling monitor.
  • A premium Ultrathin Bezel less monitor.
  • Full HD IPS panel display.


Dell is a well-known computer and accessories brand in the Indian market. This Dell S2421HN 24-inch monitor is a great choice for those who want to choose a brand and its quality. It has great picture quality and is so smooth while working on it. Its 3-sided ultra-thin bezel looks stunning, and when you install an alternate display, it looks great. 

It has a 75hz refresh rate display and a 4 ms response time, which is decent in numbers, but this dell is accurate in quality. It has various features that make your experience better than a normal display. 

Multipurpose use of the monitor (Dell E Series E2421HN)

Dell’s affordable monitor 

Monitor for dedicated work from home

  • Premium-designed monitor.
  • Great aesthetic looks.
  • Vibrant IPS panel.
  • 75 Hz with AMD Free Sync.
  • 3-Sided Ultrathin Bezel.
  • Brighten display.
  • Perfect for office usage, movies, and occasional gaming.
  • Inbuilt display customization.
  • No breaking screen.
  • can’t play heavy games.
  • No built-in speakers.


What is the meaning of sRGB? | What does sRGB mean on the monitor?

Standard Red, Green, and Blue are referred to as sRGB. When looking for the best gaming monitor, TV, or other electronic that claims to cover a specific portion of the sRGB color space, you might come across a product.

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