10 Best Oil Heaters in India (2023)

Oil-filled heaters are the most energy-efficient option if you’re looking for a heater for your home because they warm a room with radiant heat. These oil-filled heaters have wheels for mobility and are safe, practical, and feature-rich heaters. Oil heating is basically a convection or radiant heating that is more effective. Additionally, oil-filled room heaters use less energy and reduce your electricity costs.

Now in 2023-24, people are preferring healthy and safe appliances, and these oil heaters are far safer for everyone, especially for the aged and children. so if you are looking for the best radiant heater, you could be got confused due to the various type of room heaters. So for this winter, we’ve put together a list of the top oil heaters you can purchase to stay warm and cuddly. You have come to the right place if you’re looking for the best oil-filled room heater in India. We offer a variety of consumer and home goods in addition to these. Before making a good choice, you must read this buying guide for oil-filled heaters.

If you live in a rapidly climate-changing location like Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Mumbai, or other cold territories. You can buy these oil-filled room heaters. Oil heaters cost more and are safer than other heaters, such as infrared and fan heaters. 

Price of 10 Best Oil Heaters in India

Oil HeatersPowerPrice
Havells OFR – 11Fin2900-Watt₹9,099
Morphy Richards OFR Room Heater2000-Watt₹6,445
Bajaj OFR Room Heater 13 Fin2900-Watt₹9,411
Borosil Volcano 11 Fin Oil-Filled Radiator2900-Watt₹8,738
Singer OFR 11 Fins2900-Watt₹7,999
Kenstar 2400 Watts 9 Fins Oil Filled Radiator with PTC2400-Watt₹6,800
USHA 3609FS PTC2000-Watt₹8,949
Glen 2000 Watt Electric Oil Filled Radiator 9 Fin2000-Watt₹6,597
Crompton Insta Fervor 9 Fins OFR with PTC fan2400-Watt₹8,799
DELONGHI OIL HEATER 9 FIN-DL TRRS0920 Ofr2000-Watt₹6,990
10 Best Oil Heaters in India with Price

How do we pick the best oil-filled heaters in 2023?

The heating element in oil-filled heaters generates heat electrically. Oil is not used as a fuel and is not burned in any way; it is used as a heat reservoir (buffer) rather than as a fuel. So before buying one of them you should keep in mind that it should have a Thermal cut-off feature, Overheat Protection, Thermostat, Timer or Time Setting for the night, preferred size, etc. 

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Best selling oil filled room heater



  • Balanced 11-fin oil-filled room heater.
  • Safety features such as thermostatic heat control, and tilt-over switch for safety.
  • Inbuilt wheels for mobility.
  • You can use it overnight.
  • 3 power settings of 1000w, 1500w, and 2500 watts and an additional 400 watts ( Heater + fan).

Reason to buy this Radiant PTC heater

This Havells OFR 2900-watt balanced oil heater is well-made and beautifully designed. It has four castor wheels for mobility and 11 perfectly balanced fins. It has thermostatic heat control, additional safety features, and a comfort tilt switch. Of course, it is bulky, but it is extremely durable.

If you’re looking for a high-quality oil-filled room heater, this one has three power settings. You can use it however you want because each power setting uses a different wattage. Your room will warm up faster thanks to its thermostatic heat control, keeping you cosy and warm inside. Because there are children in every home, keeping them safe is a top priority. It has a tilt-over switch and an overheat protection feature for safety in the event of an unintentional tip-over.

if your room is small, you can buy this small oil-filled heater in the form of Havells OFR – 9Fin 2400 Watts PTC Room Heater with Fan.

Noiseless Oil-filled Heater

Morphy Richards


  • Low noise while operating.
  • Overheat protection with auto-thermal shutoff.
  • ISI-approved oil heaters in India.
  • This is one of the baby-safe room heaters.
  • Durable and of course bulky design.
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • LED indicator lights.
  • No maintenance is required.

Reason to buy this oil heater

The Morphy Richards OFR 13 has four wheels and an oil-filled radiator heater rated at 2500 watts. It comes with a 4 Watt PTC fan heater and a power switch for adjusting the power level to your liking. The 13-fin design of this powerful oil heater maximizes heat flow into the room while maintaining a low surface temperature, even in large rooms. It is made of high-quality steel and has an oil reservoir that never needs to be refilled.

Because of its castor wheels, the Morphy Richards oil-filled room heater is easy to transport. The oil in this space heater never evaporates or disappears because it is completely sealed. For improved heating efficiency, the OFR 13F includes a 4-watt PTC fan heater. It will astound you with its stunning design and simple controls. I recommend it because of its simplicity, attractive appearance, and overall performance.


Multiple Heat Settings



  • Easy to use and a portable room heater.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • It features of safety tilt and an auto thermal shutoff.
  • PTC ceramic fan heater for better heating efficiency.
  • ISI-approved trusted heater’
  • Heating settings as per the required temperature.

Reason to buy this PTC fan heater

A 2500-watt motor powers the Bajaj Majesty 13F oil heater. It has a 400-watt PTC ceramic fan heater that efficiently distributes heat. This is the heaviest and most bulky radiant heater on the market. After Morphy Richards and Havells, consider the Bajaj. This oil heater is a dependable heater with numerous features and high quality. This 13-fin oil-filled radiator operates completely silently.

It has the most commonly used heating settings of 1 W, 15 W, and 25 W. The safety tilt and an auto thermal shutoff to prevent overheating are the second-best features for safety. It is pricey, but if you have a large room, you should get this 13-fan model. If you have a small space, you can get the 9- or 11-fan models as well.

If your budget is low, you can consider this Amazon Brand – Solimo OFR Room Heater. 

Compact Oil Filled Heater



  • It has good aesthetics.
  • It is a 9 fins medium size room heater.
  • Tilt switch for extra safety.
  • 360-degree rotating wheels.
  • One of the safest heaters.
  • Built-in handles in front and back.
  • You can install it in your bedroom, office, or living room.

Reason to buy this oil-filled radiator

The Borosil Volcano has 11 fins and weighs 10 kg, making it the most compact and lightweight OFR radiator on the list. This is powered by 2400 watts and has safety features to prevent accidental tilting and overheating. With three heat settings and a movable thermostat, you can customize the temperature to your liking.

The Borosil heater has 9 fins and a 2400 W power output. Its tilt switch feature makes it immediately safe and usable. As the room heater heats up, the built-in fan helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the space. Because of its quiet operation, it is ideal for any room. The Borosil OFR has an automatic shut-off feature in the event that it is knocked, and the fan distributes heat throughout the room. Each side of the room heater has a built-in handle for easy mobility.


Powerful Affordable Oil Heater



  • Cheap oil-filled heaters. (low-cost OFR radiator)
  • Instant heating for the whole area.
  • Isi approved the room heater.
  • Overheating safety, along with tilt safety features.
  • 360-degree mobility.
  • Most affordable oil heaters.

Reason to buy oil filled radiator

This Singer OFR 11 fins 2900-watt heater is the most reasonably priced, dependable, and long-lasting appliance on the list. A radiator with 11 fins that provides excellent heating for your bedroom and living room. It also has four castor wheels to help with mobility. This is available in a stunning white color that goes well with white and light-colored walls.

This radiator does not reduce humidity or oxygen, making it completely safe. The thermostat on this oil-filled space heater allows you to control the temperature. It is less than 8000 rs. 

if your budget is tight, and you want to buy its smaller version, you can consider this, Singer OFR 9 Fins 2400 Watts Oil Field Room Heater.

Cheapest Oil-Filled Radiator Heater



  • Cheapest Radiator room heater.
  • 2-year warranty with home service.
  • 2400 watts with thermostat controls.
  • Adjustable Thermostat.
  • High-Grade Oil for Long-Lasting and Better Heating Efficiency.
  • Large surface wave fin for faster heating.
  • Silent Operation, Cord Winder, and Tip Over Cut-Off Switch.

Reason to buy this Oil-Filled Room Heater

The Kenstar Gold 2400 Watt oil-filled room heater includes 9 fans and a PTC Fan Heater. This works well in small to medium-sized rooms. It is the second most compact and lightweight oil heater on the list, weighing only 12kg. The castor wheels on the Kenstar OFR are of high quality. It has a convection heating system that ensures even and consistent heat distribution. The heater also has a thermal setting of 400 W and three heat settings (1000, 1500, and 2500 W). Its body is also made of metal.

Kenstar is a brand that is synonymous with high-quality home appliances. No matter how cold it is outside, this oil-filled radiator with a PTC fan heater will keep you warm. Because it does not destroy the oxygen and humidity already present in the space, there is no more suffocation.

If you want a more interactive and exciting oil heater for home use, buy this Russell Hobbs ROR11F. This is the costliest and most premium oil heater for a home under 15k.

Custom Setting Oil Heater



  • Beautiful aesthetics.
  • Wave-style fins for better heating efficiency.
  • 3 heating positions: 2W, 12W, and 8W.
  • ISI-certified oil heater.
  • Powder-coated fins for rust protection.
  • Cord winder for easy storage.
  • Recess handle and castor wheels for portability.

Reason to buy

The USHA 3609FS PTC oil heater has a power output of 2000 watts and three heating positions (2 watts, 12 watts, and 8 watts), making it extremely convenient. It has a 4w PTC fan that can evenly distribute the heated air throughout a large room. Usha’s oil-filled radiators for the home are built to be energy efficient. It has wave-style fins that provide safe, faster, and longer-lasting heating. It has a thermostat that can be set to three different settings: 2W, 12W, and 8W making it very convenient and comfortable for a variety of climate conditions. It has powder-coated fins for rust resistance, which keeps it clean and long-lasting. It also has a cord winder for easy cord storage.


Affordable Oil Heater



  • Environment safe green conducting oil.
  • Thermostat for temperature control.
  • 3 sizes are available 13 fins (2500 watts), 11 fins (2500 watts), and 9 fins (2000 watts).
  • It does not burn oxygen, preventing suffocation and dryness.
  • Noiseless operations.
  • Turbo Boost Fan.
  • Best for both home and office.

Reason to buy this ergonomic oil heater

The Glen 2000 Watt Electric Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater has 9 fins. The Glen Electric Room Heater has a tilt-over switch safety feature that prevents it from turning on if it is accidentally knocked over. For your home, the GLEN 2000-watt electric oil-filled radiator room heater is ideal. It has an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the device when it reaches the maximum temperature or detects that no heating is required.

It runs quietly and heats your entire room quickly and efficiently. It is allergen-free and child-safe, so you can bring it into your home with confidence. This radiator heater is ideal for residents of Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.


Fast Heating



  • Good looking oil-filled heater.
  • No oxygen depletion.
  • Wave fins large surface for fast heating
  • Ambient temperature for a long time.
  • Tilt over protection switch.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Quick Heating.

Reason to buy

The Crompton Insta Fervor has nine fins and a 2400-watt motor. It has a metal body and a black and gold color design that complements the color of your walls perfectly. The Crompton oil-filled room heater is a high-quality item that will warm and cozy up your large and medium-sized rooms. Its wave fins are elegant and provide large surfaces for quick heating.

It is stylishly black and gold and comes with a convenient remote control for easy operation. Crompton Insta Fervor 9 is constructed of high-quality metal. It has a 2400-watt heating element and is simple to operate with the included remote control. If you want an appliance that can quickly and efficiently heat any room in your house, this is a good option.

If budget is not an issue for you, this DELONGHI 12 Fin Oil Filled Radiator Room Heater with Fan is one of the best room heaters.

Attractive Design



  • Most stylish and ergonomic OFR heater.
  • 2000 watt energy efficient OFR heater.
  • Overheat protection and tilt-over switch for safety
  • Compact designed and portable structure.
  • Best selling, best rating and most liked oil-filled heater.

Reason to buy this heater

This DELONGHI 2000-watt oil heater is a good-looking OFR heater. It has a nice design and is a heater with a lot of features. Despite the fact that it lacks fans, it is the most effective oil-filled heater. It has a coverage range of M3 – 60. It has to overheat protection and a safety tilt over the switch.

DELONGHI manufactures coffee machines, oil heaters, and other appliances, and it is the most popular in terms of quality and performance. This DELONGHI Oil filled heater is a 9-fin heater with a beautiful and well-managed design that costs less than Rs 9000. This version of the OFR heater appealed to me.


We have listed the best oil-filled heater brands and models that are the most popular and trusted heaters among buyers, and our experts have also reviewed them. If you are undecided about which heater to buy, choose one that is well-balanced in terms of both performance and price.

FAQ – Top 10 Oil Heaters in India (2023)

What is the top heater brand in India?

Morphy Richards

Which type of heater is safe for anyone?

The OFR or oil heaters are the safest ones. They are safe in terms of child safety, and you can use them overnight without any issues.

Does heaters burn oxygen?

No, they do not burn the oxygen; it is simply a reaction. Because your atmosphere becomes warm and you feel suffocated, it is better to keep some water in a utensil or in a pot openly; the atmosphere will be good if you use it for an extended period of time.

Is it safe to sleep while turning on the heaters?

Oil heaters are the only safe ones. You can use a heater overnight, but only oil-filled heaters and an air conditioner with a heater can also be used.

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