11 Best OTG Oven in india for Baking (5 Feb 2022)

Hi, the seekers! There is a list of the best OTG Oven in India 2021. In western countries, we rarely find a kitchen without a microwave.

India is now also a larger market for kitchen accessories, Indians are now expanding kitchenware and the microwave oven is one of them.

So, we consider the list to be your need. Indian cuisine is always crisp and crunchy, and we’re always waiting for you to eat with tadka and a larger menu in the kitchen.

So we need an oven that can process different types of food in one click. Here’s a list of why you need a otg oven and why you prefer it. Let’s check it out. 

  • First of all, if we find a bachelor and a small family, we can consider 15 liters or more. 
  • If we need 4 family members and more, we should consider 25 liters of a microwave oven
  • And for a large family, we should buy 28 liters and above the capacity of the microwave. 

In addition, the microwave has specific designs. Always prefer ovens with easy cooking mode, power capacity, and product brand service. 

The first one is OTG and the second one is a CONVECTION microwave for your kitchen. 

Difference Between OTG (Oven Toaster Griller) and Microwave Oven

The primary difference between an OTG oven and a microwave oven is the heating element. An OTG oven uses a heating coil to heat food, which is suitable for baking (cake), on the other hand, Microwave ovens use microwaves to heat food, which is suitable for all types of food such as reheating, baking, and defrosting.

If you’re going to buy an oven for baking (cake), get an Otg oven

If you want an oven for a variety of purposes, choose a microwave oven.

OTG – Oven OTG Oven Toaster Baking and GrillMicrowave Oven Microwave Oven
Use For Professional Bakers (Toaster and Griller)Best for Beginners (Reheat, Bake, Defrost)
Maximum Capacity Upto 32 to 35 litersMaximum Capacity Upto 60 liters
less Power ConsumptionHigh Power Consumption
Manual Control (Difficult)Easy To Use With Configure LCD Display
LightWeightVery Heavy
Cook Food with Heated CoilMicrowave use for Heating Food
Budget Friendly (Less Expensive)Expensive Than OTG
Only Single ModePre-Defined Modes Are Available
Difference Between OTG Oven and Microwave Oven

They‘re both really good for you to make your kitchen smarter and faster. 

The convection oven can bake, grill, cook, heat, and defrost your food with a taste of love. 

There are so many veg and non-veg recipes in the kitchen, and the list below is for your kitchen. You can bake, roast, cook, grill, heat, and defrost your food efficiently. 

We listed the most recommended and best-selling otg microwave ovens from buyers. Let’s crack it down.

Best OTG Oven for Baking in india 2021 List

Product NameSeller
American Micronic AMI-OTG-36LDxAmazon
Morphy Richards 52 RCSS 52-Litre Oven Toaster GrilAmazon
Borosil – Prima 30 L OTG, With Motorised Rotisserie And ConvectionAmazon
Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 1200-WattAmazon
Philips HD6975/00 25Amazon
Black + Decker 19 Ltr Oven Toaster GrillAmazon
Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave OvenAmazon
LG 32 L Convection Microwave OvenAmazon
Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave OvenAmazon
IFB 25 L Convection Microwave OvenAmazon
Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave OvenAmazon
11 Best OTG Oven in india 2021


Best OTG Oven in India 2021

American Micronic AMI-OTG

American Micronic AMI-OTG-36LDx

This is one of the best and most affordable microwaves for a family. This microwave oven is a fully functional and versatile OTG (Oven Toaster Griller) multipurpose otg oven.
8.5Expert Score
Best OTG Oven in India for Baking

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • A versatile food baking feature makes it smart.
  • 36L capacity is enough for your big size family
  • 6 heating elements are enough for different types of baking food.
  • Safe and A-one quality performance.
  • Sometimes it takes much time to back some recipes.
  • it has no inner side light to see the food.

Products overview

This is the perfect microwave oven for couples and bachelors because it’s an imported OTG microwave for daily kitchen work. You can bake toast and grill along with the roast.

It’s affordable for a middle-class family plus a multi-purpose oven that makes it a perfect microwave oven.

Kitchen usage

Make delicious menus with the convenience of your home. You can bake your bread, oil Papad, cakes, and chapati. This oven has features that make vegetables and meat perfectly baked. 

It comes with a capacity of 36 liters and a powerful heater of 2,000 watts, making it a smart and powerful microwave. 

The baking timer is 120minutes, which automatically turns off at the set time, and has a double door, which is why you can see the food being baked. These smart features make your kitchen durable and compact. 

This microwave oven has a double thermostat and dual temperature knobs to control the temperature, making it smart. 

Indian food is versatile so this oven can make versatile food. You can process different types of Roti with a smart timer. 

Indian food, such as Paneer and Chicken, needs 360 ° heat to cook, and this American Microwave provides convection heat and can also process the barbecue recipe. 

This American Microwave oven is the perfect companion to your kitchen to make your kitchen smart. You can cook a meal of your choice. Its smart features allow you to make Indian food perfect and versatile. 

The oven is designed to allow you to make delicious food and to grill your home with smart features. 

The oven has a baking tray, a toaster grill, a rotisserie rod set, and a crumb tray. The components included are made of stainless steel for a non-stick cooking experience. 

This is a multifunctional microwave for food processing. It’s durable for the Indian kitchen. Easy to bake and easier to clean the inside of the oven.


Well, overall this is the best microwave oven at an affordable price. The design is good and the performance is still good. It takes a little bit longer in some recipes but that’s okay.

You can bake versatile Indian food, along with pizza, bread, roti, potato, and other stuff.


Best Large Capacity OTG Oven

Morphy Richards 52 RCSS

Morphy Richards 52 RCSS 52-Litre Oven Toaster Gril

Morphy Richards The Microwave Oven is fully automatic and comes with a capacity of 52 liters, which makes it bigger. It’s easy to bake for a larger family. It’s building is really good, and it comes with all the rods, grills, and other functions.
8.5Expert Score
Best Oven Toaster Grill in india

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Its capacity is its pros (52L)
  • Energy-efficient oven.
  • Proper OTG oven makes you chef.
  • Heating uptime is really good.
  • Size is enough for larger pizza.
  • It's lighting and the convection fan makes cooking a lot easier.
  • Build quality is really good.
  • Its door can be a problem sometimes (by the user's review)
  • A manual guide is not available.

Products overview

Bake, grill, roast, and toast. Bake like a chef with perfection. You can bake Indian food along with a kabab. This Morphy microwave is best suited to a larger family. Veg+Nonveg food can be easily baked. 

Roast potatoes and have crisp food with this perfect microwave oven.

Kitchen usage

This Morphy Richards 52 RCSS {52-Litr} microwave has features that require a CHEF. The heat of this oven is the best part of it. Its heat is reflected in 360 ° by its convection feature.

The food is processed instantly and homogeneously. Place a chicken or a meat joint on a motorized grill without thinking about the lack of moisture or the fall of the marinade.

A timer of 120 minutes and a stay function keep everything warm and fresh until it’s served. It also makes oil-free cooking with its non-stick bakery. 

This OTG transforms your kitchens into a global kitchen, whether they’re Indian, Italian, Mexican, or any other dish you‘re hungry for. Go ahead and give your chef’s toque and apron. 

  • This Morphy kitchen oven allows you to save energy. This advanced feature enables better, faster, and even more energy-saving browning of food. 
  • The inner chamber is fully galvanized to make it rust-proof, and this feature makes it an energy-efficient microwave oven that keeps the heat longer and reduces heat. 
  • The best part of the oven is ITS Motorized Rotisserie. You can bake KABAB and PANIR TIKKA easily and quickly, as well as roast chicken with a motorized rotisserie fork for grilling food. 
  • Keeps the food warm for up to 2 hours after cooking while maintaining the freshness and flavor of the food. 

The microwave oven features make it the perfect oven for your Indian family. Its inner chamber has a light, and the door is transparent, which is why you can see the cooking food.

The illuminated chamber makes it possible to clearly see food through the window during operation. You don’t need to worry about the food because you don’t need to monitor it.


If you’re cooking, Italian, Indian, and other food, this is a good OTG oven for your kitchen. You can bake a large pizza and other delicious food. It’s got grills and forks to make it easy to bake the food.

This OTG oven can be afforded by a large family. It helps save energy while cooking. The design is good for its quality.

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Best Baking Ovens in india 2021

Borosil – Prima 30 L OTG

Borosil – Prima 30 L OTG, With Motorised Rotisserie And Convection

Borosil is the Indian brand that manufactures a variety of kitchen items in India. Borosil has a number of items like glass products, bottles, dinner sets along with the microwave oven. Borosil has various types of microwave for different users and different food.
8.5Expert Score
Amazon'sChoice OTG Oven in india

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Motorised Rotisserie with Convection.
  • Comes with a removable crumb tray.
  • 6 different heating options.
  • Comes with all the cooking stuff.
  • Over Expensive

Product Overview:

The Borosil Prima comes in 42L that is enough for a family. You can bake, toast and grill your food easily in this 42 L Microwave Oven.

It comes with all the food processing accessories and mechanisms like Oven Toaster Grill, Rotisserie rod set, Cooking Tray, Grill Rack, Removable Crumb Tray, Rotisserie Handle and Handle.

Kitchen Usage:

Borosil Prima is a 42 L Oven that is able to adjust the temp upto 90 to 230 degrees. You can set a maximum 90 min of timer that is enough for a medium size family and for all indian, chinese and italian food.

  • The design of the Borosil Prima makes it perfect for your kitchen and these words are not us, the users are saying after using this oven. This microwave has light that makes it simpler because you can see your processing food from outside 
  • The Borosil Prima OTG is a best option for baking croissants, cookies cakes, bread, pizzas, muffins, shashliks, also it can even roast a whole chicken using the rotisserie feature.

Its adjustable temperature control and 6 stages of food makes it your priority to buy also it has even good space with the strong built quality.

I would say Borosil is designed for the Indian kitchen and indian customers. Make bake and taste your food simpler.


Borosil Prima comes in different sizes. You can buy as you need. In short i want to say that you can make all the indian food Veg or Non-veg with perfection.

Borosil Prima is an energy efficient Microwave so you can save your electricity while cooking to use this microwave oven. Anyone can use it because the design is so good and transparent.


Best Small Capacity OTG Oven

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 1200-Watt Oven Toaster Grill

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 1200-Watt

It’s a toaster grill providing 250 ° of heat. The special heating element in the oven warms the OTG to the correct temperature and the thermostat controls the temperature from 0 to 250 degrees to ensure that the crispest toasts are possible. Its 16L capacity makes it compact and easy to use for any bachelor or elderly family member.
8.4Expert Score
Small Capacity OTG Oven

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Best OTG for bachelors and the family.
  • Affordable and better build.
  • Ease to clean inside.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It could be placed in a very small area.
  • Veg and non-veg both dishes can bake easily.
  • Very easy to use for old member also
  • No light inside.
  • The user manual is not so good for

Products overview

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS comes with a capacity of 16L and is suitable for any bachelor or small family. It’s an OTG microwave that’s an extra benefit at affordable prices. 

Clean design with a single door that feels good when you’re cooking with it. Its body is made of stainless steel, making it harder.

Kitchen usage

Bake your delicious food with the convenience of a mom. And this really helps you when you get hungry because it’s an OTG feature that gives you toast and grills that’s really good. 

Bajaj majesty is equipped with 5 accessories: Grill tray, Baking tray, Crumb tray, Skewer rods, and Tongs for baking/grill tray. And it covers a 1-year warranty to take care of this OTG microwave. 

  • It’s a 60 minutes timer to help you bake and feel free to set the time. Just set the time and don’t hurry up with your other job. 
  • The different heat source in the oven heats the OTG to the appropriate consistency, and the thermostat controls the temperature between 0 and 250 degrees to ensure that you get far more crunchy toasts. 

● Great for cooking delicious food, heating pizza, baking biscuits, toasting bread, reheating food, and this OTG capable of making something crunchy and crispy like Idli, dhokla, egg omelet, chicken or paneer tikka, etc.

This Indian food can be easily baked and toasted in this affordable OTG microwave.


This is fantastic for those who are making cakes and grilling small , non-veg items with this microwave as well as an affordable product for your smart kitchen.

Design and looks are clever. I ‘m sure I’ll recommend this OTG microwave.

A larger version of the rotisserie will benefit those who are looking forward to grilling large amounts of non-veg.


Best for Bake, Toast, Roast and Grill food

Philips HD6975/00 25-Litre Digital Oven Toaster Grill

Philips HD6975/00 25

Philips made this OTG-enabled microwave perfect for food. This microwave has a digital panel where you can choose the menus you want to bake. This is optical temperature technology that helps with home-made cooking. Bake some delicious, crispy food. And this microwave has 10 different kinds of food for less starvation.
8.4Expert Score
Microwave Oven for Bake, Toast, Roast and Grill food

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Digital touch displays provide you an easy prototype that helps old people also.
  • Perfect compact 25L microwave.
  • OTG microwave which helps you to bake, toast, and grill the food easily.
  • The Pre-set menu helps to calm your hunger faster.
  • It could be placed in a very small area.
  • Veg and non-veg both dishes can bake easily.
  • Very easy to use for old member also
  • Single door microwave.
  • It has no convection mode

Products overview

Phillips has developed a medium-level use of a 25-liter microwave that is OTG-enabled and easy to use for a regular family. 

This microwave has an automatic timing system that makes it smarter for 90 minutes. Another smart feature is the one-touch present menu, which is pre-made features to make your chosen food delicious.

Kitchen usage

This is a portable and affordable chef in your kitchen. This is the Oven Toaster Grill {OTG}, including the Baking Tray, Grill Rack, Tong, Crumb Tray, and Skewer Rods, 

which are enough accessories to make different types of food. Just bake the tikka panir or toast the potatoes, and they’re both delicious and crisp.

Bake what you want with ease and great taste with pizza, cake, panir, or cookies with Indian food. 

  • Preheat modes designed specifically to deliver the best results for a wide variety of Indian recipes. It’s a one-touch preset menu that gives you a premium feel when you’re cooking. 
  • Opti-Temp technology Helps ensure the smooth baking of vegetables with the benefit of maximum frying, increased chewiness. 
  • Indian food is already so oily that this microwave helps to bake the Indian menu with less oil. 
  • It’s the perfect OTG microwave for your kitchen. This Uses little or no oil while making delicious homemade food. 

This is a 25-liter Otg microwave, and it’s perfect for a Bachelor’s family event. This can easily process Indian food and other food. Chicken tikka, pizza, or vegetable roasting is an easy task for your kitchen.


Well, this is the perfect microwave for the Indian family to bake, toast, roast, and grill food. It has a touch display that makes it easy to bake food even for elderly members.

So I would highly recommend this microwave under 8000.


Good OTG Convection Oven

Black + Decker 19 Ltr Oven Toaster Grill

Black + Decker 19 Ltr Oven Toaster Grill

Affordable + Compact design and best features. The door comes with Dual Heat Resistant Tempered Glass that provides top-notch heat protection. This is a 19L OTG microwave that can process Indian TIKKA and Western, Italian and Mexican food along with other country food.
8.4Expert Score
Best OTG Convection Oven

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Affordable
  • Oven with extra benefits at a reasonable price.
  • OTG and convection features make it smarter.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • The build is average.
  • Size can be an issue when you want to bake a large size pizza

Products overview

The Microwave Oven is not just an OTG enabled, but this is a convection oven that helps to process delicious menus. 

Grilling and baking will now be easier with our perfectly feasible Grilling & Baking Rotisserie & Convection Feature. This oven can be used to bake all the oil-free snacks, potatoes, and even roti meats.

Kitchen usage

Having a great menu, this microwave helps you to calm your hunger with high-quality food. 

  • For non-veg food, this microwave oven is equipped with a barbecue tray with 4 skewer rods that help you to be smarter in your kitchen. 
  • Broil: make chickens or meat steaks, patties of Cottage Cheese or sauté any delicious vegetables. You can bake Any special day includes dessert that you can prepare in the comfort of your home.
  • The Rotisserie is carrying the panir grilling for tikka, meat and you can broil and roast any kind of food in this microwave oven.


This is affordable and also has some basic good features like this is an OTG convection oven that is a good sign of any microwave,

but the construction is not as good as it should be. Overall, if you’re stealing a deal, you can buy it.


Best for Tandoor , Roti And Grills

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven

It’s Deodorization setting instantly removes any bad odors so that your food tastes as healthy as expected. And this microwave designed in a cool look with extra benefits like it’s customized for Indian recipes, just planned a menu and faster food processing. Samsung has designed this 28L CONVECTION microwave to make your kitchen smart and affordable.
8.4Expert Score
OTG Oven for Tandoor, Roti And Grills

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Affordable
  • Oven with extra benefits at a reasonable price.
  • OTG and convection features make it smarter.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • The build is average.
  • Size can be an issue when you want to bake a large size pizza

Products overview

Samsung offers you the best deal because this microwave is a convection oven and comes in 28L capacity, which is a large oven and can easily carry the load of a large family. 

The microwave oven has an Ice Blue LED that shows a clean display. It’s a child mode to protect children.

Kitchen usage

Thanks to a range of pre-programmed regional recipes, this Samsung microwave lets you save time in the kitchen. It’s a smart display to give you clean and cool information about the time.

It has a feature that banishes the smell from your food, it’s a deodorizing setting that can eliminate bad odors, and your food tastes fresh.

  • This Samsung convection microwave can cook snacks and slender fry foods with less oil. 
  • Its majestic tandoor technology can cleanly toast Rotis and Indian food. 
  • The Large Size Microwave is capable of cooking large dishes. The larger pizza size can be easily baked in this oven. 
  • Chicken, curd, panir, and snacks that can be used to bake toast, roast, and defrost your delicious menus. 
  • Roti / Naan, along with the different types of features such as curd, power defrost, grill and convection, are some of the best features in this microwave.


This is convection and a microwave grill combo. Its option is like tandoor for Roti, Grills, microwave, curd these options make it easier and smarter.

The design of the building is so good. It can be easily suited for a small family and a bachelor’s. In my opinion, if you’re going to get a steal deal, just buy this Samsung microwave.

This is the value of the money oven with the extra features. 


Best OTG Oven for Medium Family

LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven

LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM)

In this best LG convection microwave oven, you’ll get the best Indian food features that make your kitchen very handy. It has 12 Indian varieties, including Roti, Naans, Tandoori Roti, and Lachcha paratha. These 12 Indian exotic foods are available with a single click in this 360 convection microwave oven. You can make Gujiya, Samosa, and fewer oil snacks for Morning Nasta breakfast. 
8.3Expert Score
Best OTG Oven 2021

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Great design with the nice build quality.
  • Digital display provides a clean number.
  • Good quality door to heat keel inside during processing the food.
  • You can process the western-like sandwich pizza and Italian along with the Indian food.
  • Best for a Normal family 5 to 6 members in the modern kitchen.
  • Guide booklet available.
  • Comes with the using stuff while processing the food.
  • Sometimes the option makes you noisy, especially an aged person dealing with it.

Products overview

It’s the perfect convection oven for your kitchen. It carries the capacity of 32L Basket to process the large size of the food. This oven can be processed by a larger pizza size.

Kitchen usage

Add your favorite chicken tikka at home with 360 degrees mechanized Rotisserie that offers you fresh and delicious bar-be-que meals by pressing a button with no human input for even and then roasting. 

  • This is a pro microwave oven in your 0 Contamination kitchen that prevents contamination. 
  • The smart microwave oven prevents nutrition when you are using Pasteurized Milk in this Convection microwave. 
  • It can be used for baking, reheating, defrosting, and cooking. It has a variety of high-quality food processing products. 
  • The food of the Indians is varied in vegetation and non-veg so that it has the convection power to process both types of food along with Ghee pasteurizing milk, dosage, paneer, curd.


It’s going to make your kitchen smart. It’s a chef’s option that will make you call when you get hungry. Obviously, it comes in a costly way, but it’s a gold product.

This is, in my opinion, an overpriced oven. The food list can be processed, but the cost is a little higher. If you get a deal, just buy it.


Best Cheapest and for Small Family OTG Oven

Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven

Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven(NN-GT221WFDG)

The Japanese brand offers a compact microwave oven to serve the Indian kitchen. It’s a 20L Grill oven that’s perfect for a bachelor’s and a small family. The biscuits can’t be baked, but Roti can easily process them in this oven. It’s reheating features provide you with the best time-saving quality time when you heat up your food again. And the touch panel gives you a premium feel when you’re processing the food.
This oven offers you the opportunity to have homemade curd and paneer with its greatness.
8.3Expert Score
Cheapest and for Small Family OTG Oven

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • Affordable oven.
  • Best for Bachelor's
  • The Indian food list is enough for processing the food.
  • Easy to use foraged members also.
  • Touch display
  • Made in China can be an issue

Products overview

This is a Japanese brand, and this Panasonic grilling oven will always serve you better food like a pro kitchen. Its capacity is 20L, 

which is fine for a small family and has many features that give you a larger list of menus.

This oven saves your kitchen space because it’s a compact oven that has many features to keep your hunger calm faster so that food can be processed more quickly.

Kitchen usage

This Panasonic oven has some specific features, such as auto-cooking and auto-reheating, and provides 3 power levels and 3 grills with one-touch access. 

  • The Indian menu is superior to the others. So there’s some best separate way to process Indian food. HALUA, KHEER, and CAKE can be processed. 
  • can be used to process western food along with Indian food. Steamed rice, Biryani, Alau Matar, Bhindi, and even curry in vegetables could be processed. 
  • Less oil snacks are easier to process, such as Sprouted Moong Salad, Tomato Soup, Idly, Chilli Cheese Toast


This is a low-cost oven with good Indian features. Best of all for a bachelor’s and a small family. Touch displays are easier than other displays.

It can grill, reheat the food, and some other basic features are good enough for this price.


Best Convection Oven (+Grill)

IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (25BCSDD1)

The IFB has produced a very good quality convection microwave oven. It has a disinfectant feature that provides complete germ-cleaning from the inside of the oven. Auto heat mode protection from overheat and child lock protection is really good for your children’s safety and 71 delicious menus list are some of the best USPs of this IFB branded oven.
8.3Expert Score
Convection Microwave Oven (+Grill)

The Pros And Cons are from the reviews of Amazon & Flipkart Verified User And Personal Experience

  • The IFB oven comes with 71 delicious menus and Indian menu
  • Touch display makes it user friendly.
  • No Rotisserie available

Products overview

This is the brand-new IFB convection oven that looks premium, and its touch panel makes it a chef in your kitchen.

It’s a 25L capacity oven that can process a large pizza size and grill a different kind of food for you.

It’s ideal for a standard family and a bachelor. This convection type Microwave oven ensures cooking, baking, roasting, reheating, defrosting, and grilling.

Kitchen usage

Defrosting is a genuine feature that only a few brands carry in their oven and has 71 delicious food menus. Just choose your weight and defrost your food. 

You can bake a cake, a biscuit, and even roasting is easier in this smart microwave oven. It’s reheating and defrosting features that are very genuine to a prime kitchen.

You can process snacks easily, and Roti is easy to process as well. 

  • Its child lock feature saves your children from any accident and this microwave gives you a disinfection feature that is good for baby milk bottles and other things. 
  • The pasteurization function of this oven makes it superb to make your dough, butter, pan, and curds.


This is the best IFB product. It has some of the best features available, but it doesn’t have a rotisserie and the price is a little overpriced. Overall, this is the best product under 15k, but if you get a steal deal, you can buy it.


Best Indian Brand Convection Microwave Oven (OTG)

Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave Oven

Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave Oven (GMX 519 CP1)

The 19L Godrej convection microwave is very compact and designed for the Indian kitchen. Many dishes are considered to be complete under Indian food only when they get some tadka. That’s why, when we’re making a fully Indian Microwave, we’ve incorporated a balanced Indian Tadka. The child lock feature makes it secure.
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Indian Brand Convection Microwave Oven

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Products overview

The 19L Liter convection microwave is good for a standard Indian family.

Its convection can be cooked together with baking, grilling, reheating, and defrosting. Its touch button is good for setting the temperature and timer.

Kitchen usage

Multi-distribution heat ensures that 360 ° heat is evenly processed faster. 

The Godrej microwave is perfect for a Western but pure Indian meal. Nasta, breakfast, lunch, and dinner every time the food is processed. 

You can bake a cake and have breakfast like idli, poha, and samosa. 

  • may process non-veg along with the vegetation. Chicken, panir, corn kabab, chicken tandoori, and French fries are the basic items that we consider to be made in our Indian kitchen. 
  • has some of the best cooking features. You can keep your hunger calm by taste of Shahi Paneer or Goan Fish Curry, these dishes are now available in your perfect kitchen.


I’ve got a few points to recommend this microwave. This is affordable and is suitable for the Indian family. Veg non-veg food can be processed easily.

It’s an Indian brand, so it could be a reason to buy it. And it’s a convection (+ grill) oven, so you’ll have the maximum features of this oven. Just buy it for the bachelor’s and the little family.


What is OTG oven (Oven Toaster and Griller)

Skilled bakers use OTG oven because OTG oven have a heating coil that is ideal for baking (cake). It takes slightly longer to cook than a microwave.

is OTG for Baker

OTG (Oven Toaster Grills) can specially bake zingy cookies, mushy maroon muffins and home-made birthday cakes.
The microwave oven can reheat the food, keep your food warm for a long time, and grill or bake. 
Basically, an OTG oven known for making delicious baking food, but it takes more time than a microwave oven. 

What is Microwave ovens

Essentially Microwave ovens are used to produce food, and these Microwave ovens are technically use Radio Waves. A Microwave Oven uses 2.5 gigahertz frequency and is sufficient for cooking. 
Waves (micro) enter the food and its ingredients (sugar, water and fats) are observed. 

Which one is better-the OTG or the MICROWAVE OVEN? (OTG Oven vs Convection Oven)

The OTG oven is ideally suited for grilling, baking, and toasting but cannot be used to heat or defrost, while the MICROWAVE oven will process all meals due to uniform reheating. However, OTG is inexpensive (cheap), while microwave ovens can be costly.

How do you define both (Microwave and OTG)? 

At the end, a convection microwave can not have the same quality and taste as an OTG, but it is the fastest. 
In the same way, the OTG can not reproduce the variety of cooking or the speed of cooking of a convection microwave.

which is the best otg oven in india

Indian cuisine is always crisp and crunchy, and we’re always ready in the kitchen a larger menu for you to enjoy. As a result, here are the best otg ovens in India.
American Micronic AMI-OTG-36LDx
Morphy Richards 52 RCSS 52-Litre Oven Toaster Gril
Borosil – Prima 30 L OTG, With Motorised Rotisserie And Convection
Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS 1200-Watt
Philips HD6975/00 25
Black + Decker 19 Ltr Oven Toaster Grill
Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven
LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven
Panasonic 20L Grill Microwave Oven
IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven
Godrej 19 L Convection Microwave Oven
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