6 Best Solar Water Heater in India (2023)

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Do you want to buy a solar water heater? The best solar water heater geyser in India may be found here if electricity costs worry you and you want to invest once in a solar geyser. This solar geyser is a water heater that uses solar energy. The sun functions similarly to this, making it the ideal option.

Why Should I buy a Solar Water Geyser or Solar water heater?

If you want to spend your money on a fantastic product and don’t have any financial constraints. In the long term, you’ll save a tonne of cash and contribute to the effort to lower carbon emissions. Additionally, they are incredibly sturdy and will last for a very long period with little care. Solar heaters can be employed for cleaning, cooking, and even bathing. There are many different goods on the market. In this guide, our specialists have included some of the top solar heaters on the market and some important considerations we should make when purchasing them.

Many of the most popular solar water heaters have storage capabilities, making them perfect for bigger households. They’re economical and kind to the environment friendly. For the best outcomes, our professionals examine feedback and internet evaluations in addition to testing and reviewing some of them. You can find products that are both economical and of high quality here that meet your needs.

Best Pick
Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater
Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater
Check Prices
Racold Solar Domestic Alpha Pro Water Heater (200L)
Racold Solar Domestic Alpha Pro Water Heater (200L)
Check Prices
Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater 100 Liters
Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater 100 Liters
Check Prices

What is a Solar water heater, and How does work a Solar water heater?

This is a solar-powered appliance, and solar water heaters are typically mounted on roofs. It comprises solar radiation collectors that face the sun to capture solar radiation. Cold water first enters the vacuum collector tube at the initial level. The solar energy the collector absorbed here causes it to warm up. Water starts to rise or warm as the temperature rises. It then moves into an insulated tank where hot water can be kept for extended periods. The insulation prevents heat loss, keeping the water hot even when used hours later. And that is how a solar water geyser based on collectors works. Long-term water storage, a thermostat, a timer, notification, an alarm system, and many other features make this kit the ideal solar geyser.

Types of solar geyser

Here, we will disclose the Type of solar geysers. Which is best and which is affordable? In general, there are two types of solar water heaters ETC and FPC water heaters, and we will discuss both here.

  • FPC (Flat plate collector)

Flat Plate Collector is another name for the solar geyser. The FPC is more well-liked than the ETC solar geyser. It has a glass-covered rectangular box with a rectangular shape. Its metallic construction makes it enduring. The placement of the connected copper pipes, which allow water to flow through them, is particularly attractive. It must be anticorrosive because it is a rooftop appliance. As a result, it has an enamel coating, and various companies offer various coatings and anti-rust technology.

  •  ETC (Evacuated Tube Collectors)

Evacuated Tube Collectors is the full name for ETC. Glass tubes are used to capture sunlight. Through a multitude of annealed glass tubes, each of which has its own heat-absorbing plate within, evacuated tube collectors collect heat. There are many distinct designs, yet they all operate on the same fundamental idea. Essentially, each tube functions as a miniature greenhouse that collects sunlight, which is then utilized to heat the water or a unique fluid that distributes heat to the water.

Buying Guide

How to find the best solar water heater | Buying guide of the solar water heater or solar geyser.

So many brands, features, quality, and different norms are available in the water heaters. You should keep in mind these factors before buying a solar heater.

  • Solar Type: there are generally two types of solar types. You should buy one that suits your requirements. Both have their own advantage and pros along with their cons. FPC is better as they are cost-effective, easier to install, has low maintenance costs, and can extract heat energy from humid areas. On the other hand, ETC is more efficient in transferring heat than FPC- up to 163%.
  • Dual function: Normal solar water heaters only function when it’s warm outdoors. If you want consistent performance out of your heater, try settling for a dual-purpose gadget. However, even when it is not as sunny outside, the dual function ensures the device’s great performance.
  • The Size: This is a one-time purchase, so if you’re searching for a solar water heater, choose the standard size instead of always choosing larger models. Although expensive, their effectiveness and performance make up for the high cost.
  • Safety Majors: This kind of equipment must have significant safety features. Safety in the large appliance’s construction materials, connected inlets, tank, and other components
  • Brand: We advise you to pick well-known brands over the many affordable solar heating options from lesser-known manufacturers. This attests to the product’s dependability and guarantees that it will endure longer than equivalent models with a lower price tag.
  • Warranty: You should not buy a water heater that isn’t backed by a warranty. The best solar water heaters should have a 10- to 15-year warranty.
  • Cost: Solar water heaters are generally more expensive than electric water heaters. These water heaters are offered at various price points. However, they come at a significant initial cost, even though they might help you save money on electricity. Therefore, if you plan to use a solar water heater for a long period and live somewhere permanently, go for it.
  • Purpose or Use: Solar water heaters are ideal for large offices or any other department that need water heaters for your office building because they are large in size, require no maintenance, use no electricity and save money from your electricity bill. They’ll help you save a lot of money on electricity, and you’ll quickly recoup your investment. However, be cautious about purchasing a highly efficient solar water heater as otherwise, especially in the winter, you risk receiving cold water after a short period. 

Also, if you reside in a tropical area where water heaters are rarely used, avoid purchasing a solar water heater. When compared to electric water heaters, they are relatively expensive.

  • Climate: When buying a solar water heater, this is absolutely essential. In an emergency (rainy season), you may wish to think about a solar water heater that also uses electricity; unfortunately, this feature is only available on a limited number of solar water heaters. Some brands may only withstand the cold for a few days before they start producing typical cold water. So you might want to think about a multi-featured solar water heater if you live somewhere where it gets chilly for a long time.
  • Geographical Location: Your Solar Water Heater’s ability to heat water directly depends on how much sunlight it receives. It will work better if you reside in a place nearer to the equator. However, its heating capacity will drastically diminish as you get further away from it.
  • Tank Quality: The tank ought to be rust-free and capable of retaining heat for an extended period. It will last without leaking if it has a high-quality structure and finishes.
  • Certification: Last but not the least, although it’s not absolutely necessary, most nations have certification requirements for certain products. Therefore, confirm that your product has been accredited by regional or national standards.
  • Temperature Regulation– To keep the temperature at its ideal level, getting a water heater with a thermostat is essential.
  • Type of Collectors: FPC and ETC are the two main categories of collectors. Metal-based FPCs heat up quickly and cool down almost as quickly. Although durable, they are only appropriate for tropical areas. ETCs are fragile and constructed of glass, yet they are better at retaining heat. They are appropriate for both tropical and temperate climates.

Summary of 6 Best Solar Water Heater

Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater

Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater Best Pick

This is the best pick from your top list because it is suitable for all situations and comes with all types of important features.
Mandhata Inventions 200 LPD Solar Water Heater

Mandhata Inventions 200 LPD Solar Water Heater Low Sunlight

with a 200 liters per day capacity, these multi-crystalline solar cells perform well even in low sunlight.
Green Energy System ETC Glass Line, Ceramic Coated Solar Water Heater 100 L

Green Energy System ETC Glass Line, Ceramic Coated Solar Water Heater 100 L Home Use

with its compact size, this is a portable Solar Water Heater that is good for home use and comes at an affordable price.
Disclaimer text….
Racold Solar Domestic Alpha Pro Water Heater (200L)

Racold Solar Domestic Alpha Pro Water Heater (200L) Solar+Electric

with many features this solar heater work as a smart solar water heater and so you can k check with its digital display.
Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater 100 Liters

Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater 100 Liters High Heat

this is the best solar water heater if you need high 85 degrees Celsius water so you can buy this heater with ₹35,100 price tag.

Let’s find some best solar water heaters and  200L universal water heaters in India!


Supreme Solar 200 LPD Solar Water Heater



  • One of the most trusted Solar Water Heater.
  • Durable and sturdy design and build.
  • Fast heating.

Reason to buy

The greatest solar water heater for residential usage and other organizations is the Supreme Solar 200 LPD model. It is constructed of stainless steel, which keeps food warm for a long period. It has a powder coating to prevent corrosion over time. It comes in a 200 Liter standard size. This solar water warmer has a capacity of 200 liters.

The Supreme 250 LPD SS-004 Solar Water Heater is number one among India’s best solar water heaters. This solar geyser is the finest for use at home or in a family of a reasonable size. For both performance and features, it is effective. This heater’s covering also improves solar absorption, prolonging the time the water remains warm. Again, one of the factors contributing to this solar water heater’s offline and online popularity in India is its superior scratch-resistant, toughened solar glass.

This is a tough solar heater that can easily resist extreme weather conditions. The multi-crystalline solar cells also provide faster, more efficient water heating.

If the day’s weather isn’t great, the backup power of 2 KW might be plenty. 85 degrees is the highest temperature that might be attained. Because solar cells can be fairly powerful, the healing process is quick. Additionally, the item is covered by a five-year warranty. The solar heater’s overall performance, build quality, and after-sales support are the best. It requires a 2 x 2.5 m installation area.

If you want a small solar water heater, you can buy this GreenLife GI Water Heater, 100 L. This 100 L solar water heater comes with all the necessary features.
  • Most popular brand.
  • Faster heating.
  • A durable product.
  • Best at heating with solar power.
  • Best for home use.
  • Tank capacity is good.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of space.
  • Not for industry or big organizations.

Mandhata Inventions 200 LPD Solar Water Heater



  • Multi-crystalline solar cells.
  • 15 years of guarantee.
  • Rapid heating.

Reason to buy

It is equipped with multi-crystalline solar cells that absorb solar energy and use it to heat the system. You will undoubtedly have access to hot water throughout the day, which is crucial in the winter and one of the finest solar heaters for hilly and cold areas.

Providing a reliable solar water heater is Mandhata Inventions. Even under the worst circumstances, it will be well-maintained. Regarding the quality of this solar heater, you can have confidence. Making this solar heater last for a long time is crucial.

Solar appliances reduce our overall energy use by at least 20%, which is advantageous from both a financial and environmental standpoint. It is also beneficial to reduce your energy usage or to invest in a variety of products like this solar water heater that utilize alternative energy sources.

You may find its another version as the best solar water heater;


  • Efficient and rapid heating.
  • Multi-crystalline solar cells are great for use.
  • A durable product.
  • The body is scratch-resistant.
  • The pipes are strong and indestructible.
  • 15 years long guarantee.
  • Ideal for use in homes.
  • It has two uses, a solar thermal system and a solar photovoltaic.
  • You can’t buy it offline.

Green Energy System ETC Glass Line, Ceramic Coated Solar Water Heater 100 L



  • Compact water heater.
  • Aluminum-based Galvanized Powder Coated Stand Structure for Long Life.
  • Glass Lined/Ceramic Coated anty Corrosion Inner Tank.

Reason to buy

This 100-liter portable solar water warmer is most suitable for household use. Well-insulated warm water is provided by the sturdy tubes and the well-insulated Tank. The heater’s lengthy lifespan is also a result of its use of premium materials.

While installing electric and gas geysers, there are occasional mishaps. There have never been any solar water heaters. Purchasing this solar heater ought not to raise any concerns. A Ceramic Coated Anti-Corrosion Inner Tank has been applied to the Tank to extend its life. The equipment’s sturdy frame and design may handle any weather condition.

V-Guard Win Hot Series Solar Water Heater, 100 LPD

  • Ideal for domestic as well as commercial uses.
  • The heater is durable and robust.
  • The heater can warm water up to 70 degrees Celsius.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty on the Tank.
  • It’s the best product to protect the environment.
  • Fast heating.
  • Not for commercial use as its size is just 100 L.

Racold Solar Domestic Alpha Pro Water Heater (200L)



  • Optimum Energy Absorption And High Efficiency Are Ensured.
  • Corrosion Resistant solar heater.
  • Comes with an auto water feed system with an auto supply.

Reason to buy

The Racold Solar Domestic Alpha Pro Water Heater is the next item on the list of the top solar water heaters in India that are worth buying. Because it has so many distinctive qualities, this is one of the greatest selections available. The heater also has an interior container specifically treated for increased durability built into the programming. Additionally, it offers corrosion resistance, ensuring superior, long-lasting advantages.

The auto water feed system and auto supply are the other two factors in addition to these. This option is made even more appealing by integrating three separate customizable modes. The programmable backup heating feature also helps the heater. This enables the customers to turn on the backup heating and get the desired temperature. With this heater, the manual heating capability is also accessible.

The digital display is the one distinctive characteristic of this item you probably wouldn’t find in any other. It displays the temperature, the water level, and the backup electrical power. The water supply can also be managed manually. The inner coiling is also made with better anti-chloride technology, superior quality materials, and welding-free technology. This is a choice that is worthwhile considering due to its overall robust and durable construction.

Hakke Industries Solar Water Heater Systems 150 L

  • Superior quality material.
  • Optimum Energy Absorption.
  • Supports digital display.
  • Comes with an auto water feed system with an auto supply.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Best for domestic and commercial use.
  • No major cons.

Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater 100 Liters



  • Premium FPC solar water heater.
  • Most compact design with a Quality tank and collectors.
  • It is suitable for all modern bathing systems.

Reason to buy

The Solarizer Value Solar Water Heater has a 100-liter capacity and is available in three different capacities. Choose the one that best suits your needs. As a result of its ability to receive the most sunshine, it can heat the water above 85 degrees Celsius. It heats up quickly, and the high-density PUF used to build the tank helps keep it warm. It includes a glass tank with a high-resistance coating that resists corrosion from harsh water and keeps leaks at bay.

The German-coated plate-absorber provides plenty of absorption space while releasing almost no radiation. Finally, the heating efficiency is superb. The glass-enameled tank also prevents the development of rust or bacteria, ensuring cleanliness. The innovative heat exchanger system of the Solarizer Ultra transports heat from the collector to the tank through carefully formulated fluid and copper tubes that are free of the sediments that lead to blockages. The new collector performs better even in overcast conditions thanks to using the most cutting-edge solar glass.

Solarizer Anywhere Solar Water Heater, 300 liters

Solarizer Ultra AV Solar Water Heater, 100 Liters

  • Super efficient solar collectors.
  • Most premium solar water heater.
  • It performs better on rainy days too.
  • Auxiliary Tank
  • Rapid Heating
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • There are no major cons, but they are high-priced.

What are the advantage and disadvantages of a Solar water heater?

Principal Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Water Heaters

Suppose you use appliances anywhere, including the kitchen, house, workplace, or agriculture. In that case, solar appliances are the most sensible choice. They are environmentally beneficial and economical, but if we are talking about solar water heaters, they also have certain drawbacks. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of solar water heaters.

A solar hot water system may be the best option if you want to heat your home’s water supply with free solar energy and don’t mind the upfront installation cost. Solar hot water is a fantastic alternative for many households because of the huge power bill savings and environmental advantages. Don’t forget to balance the potential benefits of solar water heating against the disadvantages. Solar hot water might simply not be productive enough to offer a sizeable return on investment in regions with significant shading or snowy weather.

Advantages of Solar water heaters!

The benefits extend to financial savings and energy accessibility, also made possible by solar power generators. Here are a few special advantages of home solar water heating systems that can persuade you to make improvements.

  1. No electricity bill; when you install a solar water heater in your home, office, organization, hotel, residential area, or any big or small property, you will save on your electricity bill because it has no electricity use.
  2. Maintainance; when it comes to routine maintenance, it does not require any fuel or regular parts changing. Just install it and forget about maintenance because these are galvanized structures and powder coated, so they don’t need maintenance.
  3. Environment-friendly; the most important thing is that these are nature-friendly appliances. They don’t harm nature.
  4. Lower carbon footprint; a home can be eco-friendlier, plus tax incentives may be available for using renewable energy.

The disadvantage of Solar water heaters!

Solar water heaters are not for everyone. They ask for special care and, of course, a large installation.

  1. Total costs; when you buy this solar water heater, it will cost a lot. So everyone can’t afford it. If you have a hotel, any big property, or even a house, you can install it. It asks for a one-time investment, which is really big.
  2. Dependent Device; in essence, it is reliant on sunlight. Therefore, if you live somewhere where the sun does not shine for long periods or directly, it will impact your heating. Still, gas heaters and electric, solar water heaters both require gas.


Which is better; Electric Geyser or Gas Geyser?

It’s a topic for debate, after all. However, choosing is made simple by our specialists. Electric geysers are the greatest if you’re looking for a little, rapid water warmer because they are the only ones that are so convenient to operate. On the other hand, a gas geyser will work best for you if you want an instant geyser while saving electricity. Last but not least, a solar heater is preferable if you need a large water heater. However, this depends entirely on you, your needs, and your budget because each geyser and water heater has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

How Does A Gas Geyser Work?

A flame starts when you turn on the tap connected to the gas geyser. Typically, a click sound is present to indicate the same. The heat exchanger contains water pipes that are protected by metal fins. These fins heat up when the flame is lit, which heats the pipes.

Additionally, the water that passes through these pipes heats up. The technique is quite quick; as soon as you turn on the faucet and light the flame, hot water begins to flow.

Which is a safe Electric geyser or a gas geyser?

It’s a topic for debate, after all. However, choosing is made simple by our specialists. Electric geysers are the greatest if you’re looking for a little, rapid water warmer because they are the only ones that are so convenient to operate. On the other hand, a gas geyser will work best for you if you want an instant geyser while saving electricity. Last but not least, a solar heater is preferable if you need a large water heater. However, this depends entirely on you, your needs, and your budget because each geyser and water heater has advantages and disadvantages of its own.

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