10 Best Trekking Bags In India 2023

If you want to go hiking, camping, or on an adventure trip, You’ll need a large, well-organized backpack called a rucksack and a trekking backpack that always keeps your belongings close to you.

Many readers asked about the “best-hiking backpack” and the “best trekking bags” in India as we posted about the buying guide and information about what a rucksack and trekking backpack is. To avoid buying the wrong backpack, they want to know exactly which one to buy. This will enable you to make a decision that satisfies your needs and benefits you. In this case, a 50 L backpack will do for you in a 90 L size. Let’s find out how much the best trekking bags cost in India and which brand you should buy there.

Best Trekking Bags in India

Trekking BagCapacityPrice
Wildcraft Grey and Orange Rucksack45L₹1,690
Hyper Adam Rucksack Travel Backpack65L₹999
TRAWOC Travel Backpack for Outdoor Sport Camp80L₹2,337
Impulse (10 Cms) BACKPACK65L₹1,248
Fur Jaden Rucksack Travel Backpack Bag55L₹849
POLESTAR Hike Hiking/ Trekking/ Camping/ Travelling44L₹899
Tripole Colonel Series Internal Frame Rucksack95L₹3,599
Mount Track Adventure Series Rucksack55L₹897
TRAVEL POINT Waterproof Travel Backpack60L₹1,199
Indian Riders Lightweight Travel Hiking Rucksack Bag50L₹999
Best Trekking Bags in India

How to Choose the Right Rucksack: A Buying Guide

Before purchasing one, you should be aware of the essential factors that determine the best trekking bag. Always check the bag’s construction quality, size, compartments, water-resistant design, zipper quality, and straps. You should take into account these crucial factors before making a purchase.

  1. Capacity
  2. Size
  3. Comfort.
  4. Back structure
  5. Compartments
  6. Straps
  7. Water resistance
  8. Warranty

These are the best trekking backpacks (rucksacks) for travel in India and out of India!


Wildcraft 45 Ltrs Grey and Orange Rucksack (Large)


  • It is made of nylon material, which is an abrasion-resistant material. 
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • It is waterproof. 

Key features & specifications

  1. To ensure enough space, it has multiple pockets.
  2. The fabric is solid under tension.
  3. Dependable 5-year warranty.
  4. Tight stitches assure durability.
  5. Rucksack has a height and depth adjuster, so you can customize how snugly it fits.
  6. Any hiking or trekking can be done with it.
  7. Carrying it is comfortable.

Reason to buy

Wildcraft is an amazing brand in India that provides higher quality products at a very affordable price. That’s why every Indian loved this brand.

The Wildcraft 45L Rucksacks are devised with Indian travelers’ needs in mind. You can use it as rough as you like due to its Nylon build material, which is waterproof and durable. It consists of a haul loop that ensures your belongings are secure. At the same time, the shoulder height and depth adjusters provide a custom fit. The hood with a gusseted pocket provides additional storage.

It can be carried as hand luggage due to its lightweight and handle. It has well-padded shoulder straps that are so comfortable on your shoulders. This is one of the best-selling rucksacks at a very reasonable price. The Wildcraft 45-Liter Trekking Backpack is the best trekking companion for your next hike or camping trip. But if you need a small-size rucksack, buy another model of Wildcraft 5 Ltrs Red Rucksack.

Wildcraft is the selling brand online and is best positively rated simultaneously. Buy this 65-liter backpack; Wildcraft 65 Ltrs Red Hiking Backpack (Gangotri Plus Orange)

Hyper Adam 65 LTR Rucksack Travel Backpack


  • Most affordable trekking backpacks.
  • 7 Ways Height Adjustment System.
  • Detachable shoe compartment from inside.

Key features & specifications

  1. Adjustable Strap stays for back support.
  2. Zippered opening for the main compartment.
  3. Zipped space on the hood.
  4. Padded cushioned back.
  5. Adjustable Hip back that helps in weight division from shoulders.
  6. Adjustable Sternum Strap that helps keep the shoulder belts in place.
  7. Waterproof material.
  8. Dual Pockets on Hood.

Reason to buy

You will have two main reasons to purchase this Hyper Adam rucksack backpack. The price range is the first consideration, followed by the 65-liter capacity. If you want to go hiking or travel alone, you should buy this backpack.

Try this 65-liter capacity and eight-adjustable military-style strap rucksack if you need a bag with a lot of space. Additionally, it has a compartment for shoes and one for a 17-inch laptop. The rucksack is sturdy and water-resistant thanks to the polyester material.

Due to its numerous convenient features and lightweight design, this is one of the most feature-rich, well-organized, and prepared backpacks for solo travel, hiking, and camping. It also meets your needs inside and outside of India.

The multiple side utility pockets Other Features;

D-ring on shoulder straps for carabiners, Adjustable Waist Belt, Sternum Straps, Carrier for Sleeping Mat, Curved Padded Shoulder Straps, Hood with Pockets, Waist and Back Padded Shoulders, Dual Compression Straps on the Sides, Two Ice Axe Loops on the Front, Mesh Bottle Holders, Tool Carry Loop at the Front, Accessory Pockets, etc.

While going on hiking, a solo trip, or camping, you may need extra luggage in rucksack style for extra baggage like electronic items like a laptop, camera, cable, and charger, and for that, you can keep them in this safe bag, HEROZ Harbour Unisex Nylon 28 L Travel Laptop Backpack. It is water-resistant and slim, has a durable fit, and is up to 15.6 Inch laptop notebook.

TRAWOC 80L Travel Backpack


  • The most durable 80L travel backpack for outdoor sports, hiking, and camping.
  • This trekking backpack bag is made up of highly durable material.
  • Waterproof and feature-rich backpack for long trips, trekking, and hiking.

Key features & specifications

  1. A backpack with Top & Front loading.
  2. Breathable mesh fabric back panel.
  3. The adjustable shoulder straps are padded and provide extra support.
  4. The long-lasting YKK zippers.
  5. Shoe compartment for extra shoes and slippers.
  6. All the multiple straps for every use of a backpack.

Reason to buy

You purchase a backpack or hiking and trekking luggage because they are roomy, well-organized, and long-lasting. The top zipper compartment on the TRAWOC rucksack. You can fit all of your equipment comfortably in it thanks to its 80-liter capacity. Zippered compartments on multiple sides keep your belongings safe and organized. Numerous other compartments are suitable for holding your valuables in addition to these.

The best uses for this backpack are hiking, camping, day trips, bike trips, and regular domestic and international travel. With an 80-liter capacity, sufficient durability, and sturdiness, this bag is a multipurpose travel bag. But you may want to buy its 60 L backpack. You can see this TRAWOC 60 Ltr Trekking Rucksack Travel Bag.

Many other compartments besides the main one are suitable for storing your valuables. Suitcase-style opening for convenient access to and storage of the bag’s contents. To prevent unauthorized access, the main compartment is zip-secured.

Trawoc is the most popular backpack brand. If you want to buy its 75-liter version, you may like it most due to its overperformance and features. TRAWOC 75 Liter Travel Backpack for Hiking Trekking Bag Camping Rucksack.

Impulse 65L (10 Cms)BACKPACK


  • Durable trekking luggage.
  • Multiple straps and pockets for convenience.
  • Suitable for men and women of all ages.

Key features & specifications

  1. This sturdy rucksack can hold all of your travel necessities neatly organized.
  2. Made of incredibly durable polyester fabric, this rucksack. It has a 900-denier thick PU-coated polyester base, which makes it resistant to tearing.
  3. To provide all the space needed to stay organized, it has multiple pockets, including two side mesh pockets and two zip pockets on the hood.
  4. The s-shaped shoulder straps have soft edges, padded support, and an ergonomic design.
  5. By enabling proper moisture dispersion, the air mesh effectively ventilates the area between the rucksack and the wearer’s back.
  6. It is ideal for hiking, trekking, skiing, traveling, camping, and other outdoor activities. 

Reason to buy

Polyester is extremely well-liked and extremely strong when it comes to towing heavy loads and rough use. The fabric is highly sought-after for backpacks because of how lightweight it feels. Most Indians and people from other countries purchase this Impulse brand for rucksacks and trekking backpacks because it is so well-liked.

The U-shaped design of this Impulse 65 L (24 x 12 x 10 cm) 900-gram trekking bag makes it simple to organize your belongings. There are additional pouches and straps for various small items and numerous straps. It is a unisex luggage bag that is sleek, light, and has a youthful design.

This affordable trekking bag is best for a single person. You can keep your tents, mats, sleeping bags, poles, clothes, hiking shoes, umbrellas, cooking utensils, and accessories. 

When you go hiking, you keep your luggage in the hotel or in the tent, and after that, you need a small backpack or a bag for most essentials, so for that, we have this amazing and durable bag for hiking. Ziploc 48 Rucksack Travel Backpack for Outdoor Sport Hiking Trekking Bag Camping Rucksack Bag

Fur Jaden 55 LTR Rucksack Travel Backpack Bag


  • Low-cost trekking backpack.
  • It comes with clips and pockets outside for maximum storage.
  • Overall, a durable trekking bag.

Key features & specifications

  1. You can arrange how you keep your daily necessities, including clothes, a sleeping bag, an umbrella, a first aid kit, and many more.
  2. Even when walking for extended periods, it is still comfortable to carry.
  3. The material used to make this travel gear is polyester. Your possessions can be secured without being harmed.
  4. It is an easy-to-use piece of equipment that is perfect for trekking or hiking.
  5. On each side, there are two mesh pockets for water bottles.
  6. There is a separate shoe compartment in this backpack. It is designed to make your trip more organized and convenient.

Reason to buy

For hiking, trekking, and camping in India and abroad, the Fur Jaden 55-Litre Trekking Backpack is ideal. There is space in this 55-liter backpack for all of your necessities, plus a few extras. 35 x 25 x 65 cm (LxWxH) are dimensions, with one main compartment. You won’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet if caught in the rain because the backpack is also waterproof.

This is both affordable and strong. For those looking for a backpack that is both lightweight and of average quality, this is it. It has good-quality external clips to hold a yoga mat on the back and high-quality zippers. Additional clips for carrying camera stands and other climbing gear are available on the rucksack’s two sides.

This is a best-selling bag at a low price, but we have another great option with almost the same price tag, mufubu Presents Campsack Rucksack. If you go to play outside and you are a player, then it is best for you.


POLESTAR Hike 44 L Hiking Trekking


  • Army-style trekking bag for whom is military enthusiasts.
  • Reflective strips make the night trip safer.
  • It comes with 4 compartments.

Key features & specifications

  1. With the POLESTAR ” HIKE” rucksack backpack, you can travel on less energy, making backpacking much more enjoyable. It is made of strong and incredibly lightweight polyester fabric.
  2. Ideal for carry-on luggage for flights, hiking, backpacking, biking, and camping.
  3. This tough pack can hold enough weight comfortably, including your clothes, shoes, sleeping bag, first aid supplies, and sleeping mat, for week-long excursions and travel for both females and males.
  4. Padded handles, shoulder straps, zippered pockets, and bottle holders are included.

Reason to buy

Polestar 44L rucksack with 4 compartments, 1 large main compartment, 1 zipper front pocket, and 1 top load zipper pocket. It is large enough to hold the majority of your essentials. The rucksack is constructed of polyester. When it rains, the rain cover protects your belongings, and a zippered top compartment allows easy and quick access. Comfort is provided by the well-padded shoulder straps and adjustable buckles.

This trekking bag is suitable for those looking for an army-style, color-printed backpack. It is a camping and hiking bag made of polyester that is suitable for everyone. It is lightweight and well-organized for travel. India is a large and long country with hills, flat land, and jungle, and it is ideal for frequent travelers.

if you travel by public transport like train, bus, and other vehicles, you can buy this affordable travel bag POLESTAR Xplore 55 L Rucksack Backpack with rain cover, shoe compartment, and water resistance. It is made of polyester.

Tripole Colonel Series Internal Frame Rucksack

(If you are a solo traveler, and if you travel out of India as a solo traveler, this rucksack is for you)


  • 95 Litres capacity is huge and enough for a solo traveler.
  • It comes with a 12-liter detachable day pack.
  • The selling rucksack bag is available in 3 sizes of 80L, 85L, and 95L capacity and 4 different shiny colors.

Key features & specifications

  1. It has an ergonomic waist strap that allows you to pull the buckle inward rather than outward to tighten the straps more easily.
  2. When you tighten the rucksack around your waist, the back padding is made of a single rubber sheet, causing it to push upwards.
  3. In the rain, fold the waist strap inward to protect your valuables.
  4. Additional waist belt straps to pull for better load adjustment.
  5. It has a hidden pocket at the back of the cap for storing important documents and belongings, such as a passport.
  6. To secure your luggage inside the main compartment, use two thick cords with durable hardware.
  7. A special compartment at the bottom stores the rain cover separately.
  8. The bottom compartment is separated, where shoes and dirty clothes can be kept. It can be loosened and merged with the main compartment. 

Reason to buy

The Tripole Colonel Series Internal Frame Rucksack is among the best backpacks on the market. It is an extremely durable and long-lasting backpack. It includes a detachable daypack with a capacity of 12 liters. The daypack can be detached from the main rucksack and used for day hikes or city tours to carry small, useful items such as snacks and water. It has carabiner hooks on the front, a key hook on the inside, padded shoulder straps, and breathable back mesh.

This is one of the best rucksacks for trekking, hiking, and camping. I also recommend this rucksack for those who travel outside of India. The rucksack has an aluminum rod to carry a heavy load and a convertible waterproof rucksack made of polyester to protect your luggage from rain. It has many pockets in the front, top, and sides, as well as a bottom compartment, making it an excellent travel companion.

It is obviously a costly rucksack but one of the top-quality trekking and travel bags. This 95-liter bag is a feature-rich backpack, but if you travel solo for a long time. And if you want to travel in India or are a frequent traveler, buy this Tripole 45 Ltrs Backpack with sling bag attachment.

if you need a medium-size and medium-range rucksack, buy this Tripole 55 Ltrs Rucksack.

Mount Track Adventure Series 55 Ltrs Rucksack for Hiking


  • It has different shoe laundry compartments.
  • Adjustable belts and straps.
  • Sweat Resistant and breathable honeycomb-padded back panel.

Key features & specifications

  1. This is one of the best travel rucksacks for biking, taking public transportation like a train or bus, or any other type of trip.
  2. The main compartment has a zipper opening and a space capacity of 55 liters, allowing you to organize your trekking gear.
  3. Two sides have mesh pockets for storing your bottle and other items.
  4. The Mount Track Adventure Series rucksack comes in nine different color options.
  5. This rucksack has a hood cap closure to keep your belongings safe and secure.
  6. Accessible pop-up zipper pocket for your accessories and travel necessities.

Reason to buy

When you need a bag suitable for any travel, such as if you want to travel by bike (hitchhiking), train, or bus, this is the best option for those who want an affordable range of bags. This 55-liter lightweight rucksack has one main compartment, one shoe compartment, and plenty of room for your clothes, camping gear, and books. Its front and back zipper pockets and two side mesh pockets for water bottles or an umbrella make it an ideal Day Backpack.

This Backpack has 8 adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the Backpack to your liking for maximum carrying comfort while traveling. It also includes a padded waist belt with an attached adjustable buckle that is comfortable enough to fit around your waist for maximum comfort and balance while traveling.

With all of these features, this is the best option because it is designed for long travel and costs less than Rs. 1000. If your budget is less than Rs 1000, I recommend this rucksack bag. If you travel with two bags, we have another bag, the F Gear Orion 46 Ltrs Navy Blue, that is best for multipurpose use, like a daily everyday bag, a travel bag, or another bag that can carry extra stuff and safety.


TRAVEL POINT 60L Waterproof Travel Backpack


  • This is one of the sophisticated backpacks suitable for men, women, boys, & girls.
  • This trekking backpack bag is made up of highly durable material.
  • You can buy this bag for your travels if you are a tourist.

Key features & specifications

  1. It has an anti-theft pocket for your valuables.
  2. Multiple straps for mats, bottles, and other hanging items such as tripods and umbrellas.
  3. It includes a laptop sleeve in the main compartment.
  4. It has several buckles, straps, and convenient pockets that allow you to adjust travel gear inside this large trekking rucksack bag.

Reason to buy

If you want a backpack or rucksack travel bag for less than Rs. 1000, this is one of the best trekking and travel bags. A backpack is a useful tool for transporting your equipment. It has a comfortable back panel, padded shoulder straps, and a hip belt to distribute the pack’s weight across the body. HIP BELT POCKET Pockets on the belt strap allow you to carry small items such as an energy bar, earphones, and other items.

The TRAVEL POINT 75L backpack is expertly crafted for adventurous adventures. This large backpack will be your most dependable trail companion, protecting your hiking gear and providing convenience. It includes premium buckles that can be adjusted. The buckles make it simple to achieve a comfortable fit. These buckles are simple to use and provide additional support.

It features fashionable zippers. The high-quality metal zipper glides smoothly and is not stuck in the middle. Now you can explore the trip in this double-layered bottom section, which allows you to carry more loads for your adventure.

Another top option is the TRAVEL POINT 60L Waterproof Travel Backpack. You may find it also best, so compare for once.

Indian Riders 50L Lightweight Travel Hiking Rucksack Bag


  • Firm and tight zippers for proper closing.
  • Has many adjustable straps for comfort.
  • Durable polyester build quality.

Key features & specifications

  1. 900 denier PU polyester build materials make it so sturdy and water-repellent.
  2. It has 1 main compartment and 5 pockets for your luggage and different types of stuff.

Reason to buy

The Indian Riders is appropriate for trekking, camping, mountaineering, and backpacking. Because of its lightweight, it is suitable for both men and women. The Top Loading Bag is a lightweight hiking pack with an air-circular back system.

It has adjustable shoulder straps and is bar-tacked at stress points for added durability. This bag has five pockets to keep your belongings organized. Bar-tacked on specialized machines, this bag is tough and will last a long time.

This feature-rich ADDIXON trekking bag has multiple straps and a compartment for carrying your belongings. It comes in four different colors and has an elegant design.

If you want to buy its smaller version of 50L, you can buy the Indian Riders 50L Lightweight Travel Hiking Rucksack Bag

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