Best Trolley Bags Combo In India 2023

Some customers and buyers want to purchase both the 3-set and combo-set of trolley bags, but they are still determining which option is the best and are in trouble. Let’s talk about the best 3-piece luggage sets.

Because we typically buy them as gifts and send the wedding luggage together in India, the combo set of trolleys and the 3-piece set of trolley bags are commonly purchased for weddings, marriages, and last but not least, a Trolley Bag Set of 3 for a great family outing. Weddings are a different need, but when Indian families go on vacation, they bring multiple suitcases from home and a large amount of luggage, which is why this trolley bag set of three pieces is necessary. As a result, we will inform you about the top combo and three-piece trolley bags.

We will discuss the affordable to premium brands of 3 sets of trolley bags in India. You can select and buy the best luxury and affordable brands that offer enough in their packs. If you want to buy the best trolley bags, go here.

Best Trolley Bags Combo

Trolley BagType & ComboPrice
KAMILIANT by AMERICAN TOURISTER Kiza 4 WheelCheck-in (55, 68, and 79cm)₹9,299
Safari Thorium Sharp Anti-Scratch PolycarbonateCheck-in (55, 66, and 77cm)₹9,399
MOKOBARA The Set of Polycarbonate Hardsided LuggageCabin Only (57.8, 68.5cm)₹18,490
Skybags Trooper PolycarbonateCabin 55 Cm, Check-in 65cm₹7,798
AmazonBasics Set of 3 Hardshell SuitcasesCabin 55 cm, Check-in 68 cm + 78 cm₹10,449
VIP Polycarbonate 7.87 inches Hard SuitcaseCabin 50 cm, Check-in 60 cm + 71 cm₹11,399
URBAN FOREST Phoenix Metalic Hard-SidedCabin 50 cm, Check-in 67 cm + 78 cm₹12,999
Best Trolley Bags Combo in India

Advantage of buying a set of 3 trolley bags!

  1. The trio of trolley bags makes for a wonderful family outing.
  2. Three trolley bag sets are more affordable than one.
  3. A combo trolley bag set is big enough for a trip and vacation for the entire family.
  4. When purchasing three different sets for a wedding, these are reasonable.
  5. You can purchase a set of trolley bags once and use them as often as you like while traveling.

KAMILIANT Kiza by AMERICAN TOURISTER Polypropylene luggage


  1. 4 Wheel Check-in Suitcase Combo of Cabin, Medium, and Large Sizes
  2. Water-resistant, dust-proof, and impact-proof Polypropylene build material.
  3. Ultra-lightweight trolley.
  4. Hardsided Luggage.
  5. It comes with a 3-year warranty.
  6. It can be expendable if you want to fill up some extra luggage.

Reason to buy

This attractive Ash Blue Kamiliant by American Tourister Kiza Combo Set of 3 is available. It has four wheels that provide stability and comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

This check-in suitcase is perfect for individuals and families planning vacations, and it’s also one of the most reliable sets of three pieces of luggage to purchase for a wedding. Strong zippers and a number lock system on this trolley bag and suitcase add extra security and help you organize your belongings. The best and most reliable luggage set under 7,000 rupees is this one.

If you want to buy another version, buy this American Tourister polycarbonate. It is a set of 3 small: 55 cm, medium: 69 cm, and large: 81 cm ) hard luggage trolley bags.


Safari Thorium Sharp Anti-Scratch Polycarbonate


  1. This is the latest set of 3 luggage, made of polycarbonate material.
  2. Polycarbonate har side outer material.
  3. Anti-scratch body.

Reason to buy

Three-piece Safari Thorium Sharp Anti-Scratch trolley bag. A blend of strength and beauty is made to make every movement you make more stylish and elegant. This trio of four-wheel trolleys is designed with spacious interiors that maximize packing space. It has a security number lock that guarantees the security of all your belongings. This three-piece trolley set comes in four distinct colors: black, purple, silver, and red. Whatever way you want, add your personal touch.

If you have a low budget and want a combo of high-quality trolley bags, you can buy this combo set or 2 trolley bags, the Safari Thorium Sharp Anti-Scratch Combo Set of 2. It has 3 colors and is constructed with hard polycarbonate material.

MOKOBARA The Set of Polycarbonate Hardsided Luggage inbuilt USB port


  1. This is a set of fashionable, hard-sided polycarbonate luggage.
  2. Eight wheels and a USB charging port are included.
  3. The high-end brand and trolley bag for domestic travel and, more so, for travel abroad.
  4. Combination bag with capacities of 41 and 71 liters.
  5. It is a trolley bag with many features, including a magic eraser, a USB port, dust and laundry bags, and laundry bags.
  6. Internal compression padding with lateral straps is included, pressing down clothing to increase space.

Reason to buy

It has such great colors, a great feel, and is sturdy. This is a fully functional trolley bag with features. I want to draw attention to how buttery and smooth the wheels are. A weeklong vacation will go very smoothly for you. The bags are smooth, lightweight, and robust. Mokobara is a luxury brand, so its prices are higher than those of local luggage. However, I still want to suggest this trolley for its upscale appearance.

You can now travel abroad for pleasure or on business without any difficulty. Throughout every journey and trip, this Mokobara keeps you attractive. Senior citizens can easily open the TSA lock that is provided on the vertical side. Although a power bank is not included in this combo, you will still get a USB port that makes it incredibly easy to charge your smartphone. It has roomy interiors and numerous storage areas for various items.

If your budget is low, consider this medium-range VIP trolley bag. See this VIP Polyester Hard 20.5 inch SUITCASE under Rs. 10000.

Skybags Trooper Polycarbonate Hardsided Check-in Luggage


  1. Due to the polycarbonate, hard casing, the phone is sturdy and durable.
  2. The combo set of trolleys comes in 28 L and 60 L.
  3. This is so light in weight: 2.2 kg and 3.2 kg.
  4. Four wheels provide portability.

Reason to buy

One of the best luggage bags from Skybags is the Trooper. This Skybags combo set is made of sturdy materials and is available in two sizes of trolley: 55 cm and 65 cm. Even if you treat it roughly, you will use it for a long time.

This dark blue cabin luggage The spacious luggage is unique and fashionable. Both bags are simple to pull and carry, so you can travel for a long time with just one bag. Due to the popularity of Skybags and their reputation for high-quality luggage, we recommend purchasing this set of two trolley bags.

You may find this combo in the Aristocrat Lisbon Set of Small and Medium Graphite Hardside Trolley Bags. It has an anti-scratch surface, which is a positively rated trolley bag.

AmazonBasics Set of 3 (55 cm + 68 cm + 78 cm) Hardshell Suitcase


  1. Mobility in any direction is made possible by 4 double-spinner wheels.
  2. Limited warranty for three years.
  3. Glossy protective hard shell with a sleek, contemporary look.
  4. Extra thick ABS has been used to increase strength and durability.
  5. 37 liters (22 inches), 60 liters (26 inches), and 97 liters of interior space (30-Inch).
  6. The interior is fully lined, has a divider, and is organized with 3 zippered pockets made of 150D polyester for easy storage of smaller items.

Reason to buy

This set has three trolley bags, each measuring (55 cm, 68 cm, and 78 cm) in hardshell size. It is a shiny navy blue bag with the following measurements: 36 x 25 x 56 cm, 43 x 27 x 68 cm, and 49 x 29.3 x 76.5 cm (L x W x H).

I’ve included it on the list of the top three luggage sets because it’s a fantastic international travel option. With enough room for a few outfit changes, toiletries, and shoes, the luggage is also suitable for weekend getaways or one- to two-day business trips.

The fully lined luggage shields the belongings inside from snags and scratches, and its useful divider keeps everything organized and separated. Do not be concerned about any impacts or scratches.

Three separate zippered pockets on the interior organizer are ideal for safely storing smaller items like accessories, phone cords, chargers, and important papers. The AmazonBasics hardshell spinner luggage is fitted with a user-friendly telescoping handle that locks into place for convenience. The securely mounted short handle provides rugged strength for stable lifting.

It is best while maneuvering the luggage around due to the four double-spinner wheels. The AmazonBasics spinner luggage offers superior strength and glides effortlessly in any direction.


VIP Polycarbonate Hard Suitcase set of 3-piece luggage


  1. The bags are made of polycarbonate material.
  2. It looks cool and attractive and can absorb the impact and protect your insides.
  3. The polycarbonate build material is also scratch-resistant and lightweight.
  4. It comes with a number lock safety system.
  5. It has 3 sized sets of durable luggage and is one of the best family travel companions.

Reason to buy

The VIP is an Indian brand that recently released two combo sets of three luggage and one suitcase. This set of three trolleys features a safety lock system, strong zippers, and a strong and durable telescope handle for easy pulling.

This four-wheeled trolley is an excellent companion for both short and long journeys. This type of trolley set is ideal when traveling with the entire family. When dropped or thrown onto hard surfaces, it is a softer material that flexes slightly to absorb impact.

If your budget is low and you want to buy a medium-priced 3-piece trolley bag, buy this for under Rs. in three sizes: VIP Plastic Aristocrat Hard-sided Lightweight Cabin Suitcase. It is blue and has 3 sizes 55cm, Medium 65cm, and Large 75cm.

URBAN FOREST Phoenix Metalic Blue Polypropylene Hard-Sided


  1. It is made of highly durable POLYPROPYLENE MATERIAL.
  2. This Range features a top-mounted TSA-numbered lock system. 
  3. The Range features four smooth 360-degree spinner wheels with suspension to give you an effortless experience on the go. 
  4. The interiors are spacious, with multi-organizer sleeves & cross-compression belts. It is overall so spacious and has a super lightweight frame.
  5. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years from the date of purchase. 
  6. 3 size options in each color and 4 color options
  7. 4 Double Spinner Wheels with Suspension.

Reason to buy

I recommend purchasing the newly released Urban Forest Phoenix Metalic check-in and cabin trolley luggage. It is made of polypropylene hard casing material, which is both durable and pliable. This three-piece set is available as a family set.

This three-piece trolley is the best because it is the only luggage set with a TSA lock system, allowing you to travel internationally and domestically. The sleek metal telescopic handle makes maneuvering your luggage through vast airports effortless.

The Phoenix Range has extremely spacious interiors to accommodate all of your necessities. The luggage has an expandable zipper, allowing more packaging space when needed. It aids in the safe storage and neat organization of items.

Size: Small Size – 55x40x20 (cm) | Weight – 2.3 Kg | Volume – 48L

Medium Size – 67x48x26 (cm) | Weight – 3.2 Kg | Volume – 78L

Large Size – 78x53x31 (cm) | Weight – 4.1 Kg | Volume – 113L

If you want a low-priced trolley bag, buy this POLO CLUB-USA- Aquarius Hard Luggage Set of 2 (46 cm + 55 cm) (light blue).

FAQ: Best Trolley Bag Combo

The Trolley bag combo is worth buying?

Yes, the trolley bag combo is a good buy because it offers good value for money and benefits the family.

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