Best Trolley Bags for International Travel (2023)

If you’re looking for guidance on choosing the best trolley bags for international travel, you’ve come to the right place. And what is the best bag for international students?

Here we will discuss the luggage trolley and suitcase that should be carried while international travel, as well as the bags that students should carry while studying outside of India or the Best Luggage For College Students.

You should know that TSA-approved lock suitcases are used for international travel. Suitcases with TSA locks are the most comfortable and convenient trolley bags that provide security during check-in.

Because the TSA lock suitcase can be opened with the universal key held by the airport authority, and they can open and check your luggage without damaging or breaking it, TSA lock system bags are very popular, particularly in the United States and Europe. Let us search for the best luggage sets and TSA locks in India.

When deciding how to choose the best luggage for travel, there are four major key points:

  1. Size
  2. Mobility
  3. Material
  4. warranty

Best Trolley Bags for International Travel

Trolley BagsSizePrice
American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene 68 cms Black Hardsided Check-in Luggage68 Cm₹3,899
Skybags Treble-FIFA Anti Theft Zipper 68cm Printed Polycarbonate Hardsided Medium68 Cm₹7,251
Samsonite Hi-Fi Polypropylene Spinner 55/20 Expandable Black Hardside Check-in Luggage55 Cm₹10,790
MOKOBARA The Float Polycarbonate Hardsided Cabin Luggage with USB Charging Socket55 Cm₹7,690
AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage with Built-In TSA Lock – 24-Inch, Navy Blue60 Cm₹4,485
Delsey BRISBAN Polypropylene 75 Cm 4 Double Wheels Black Hard Suitcase75 Cm₹8,399
Best Trolley Bags for International Travel in India

How to Choose the Best Travel Luggage and Lightweight Luggage for International Travel in India.

It is difficult to find the best international travel trolley bag because we need to familiarize ourselves with international rules and regulations and the suitcase locking system in particular. Along with the advice we’ve already given you, here are a few more to help you make your decision:

  • If you can’t decide between two suitcases, compare the warranties and pick the one offering the best protection.
  • If you have to choose between a hard case and a soft one, go with the hard one because it protects your belongings and can withstand dents and shock from loading and unloading.
  • Choose four wheels if you must use wheels because they are more stable and offer durable construction.
  • If you need to learn color, choose what you like and consider using classic and sophisticated design and color.
  • It should have a strap because it gives added security and keeps your luggage organized.
  • Always double-check the size you need, then buy it. It should fit your needs and requirements without being too big or too small.
  • Before making a purchase, always check the wheels, zipper, and handle. Most customers complain after purchasing even name-brand luggage, so bear that in mind before purchasing.

Pro Tip:

  1. Don’t weigh more than 7 kg. Most airlines, including Air India, Qatar Airways, and other Asian and non-Asian carriers, allow 7 kg free of charge, after which you must pay per kilogram. Keep that in mind.
  2. Those who travel with Emirates Airlines should remember that they can only bring one bag, whether a laptop bag, a backpack, or a trolley. So the hack is to carry a trolley bag with multiple compartments, a laptop pouch, or anything else you need to carry with you.
  3. Polyester bags should not be used for international travel. You can travel with a soft-sided or polyester bag, but they are easier and more solid. If you keep any glass or electronic items, they may be damaged.

These are lightweight luggage and TSA lock luggage best brand!

  1. Samsonite
  2. American Tourister
  3. Safari
  4. Mokobara
  5. Skybags
  6. Nasher Miles
  7. Vip etc.

American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene 68 cms Black Hardsided Check-in Luggage


  • The polypropylene build material is more flexible and sturdy at the same time.
  • Large size for maximum luggage.
  • TSA lock for international travel.


  • The 3-digit recessed TSA lock ensures damage-free international luggage checks.
  • Most international check-in requirements are met.
  • Build scratch-resistant quality.
  • The extra space allows you to pack everything.
  • It has color-coordinated components that give the bag a rich appearance.

Reason to buy

The American Tourister luggage set provides excellent value in terms of durability and style. You can also safely store all of your necessary electronic items. It has a 50:50 compartment, which makes it very spacious, and interior packing straps protect your clothes and belongings. The polypropylene construction makes it extremely long-lasting and scratch-resistant. This is ideal for international travel and comes with a three-year manufacturing warranty to protect your investment. If you want to buy a stylish trolley bag, you can see its latest model, the American Tourister Bricklane+, which is so premium and looks amazing.


  • Size: 68 Cm and the dimensions are – 47 x 26 x 68 cm.
  • Capacity in Liter: Nill
  • Weight: 3.54 Kilograms
  • Wheels: 4 wheels.
  • Build material: Polypropylene

Skybags Treble-FIFA Anti Theft Zipper 68cm Printed Polycarbonate Hardsided Medium Luggage 8 Wheel Blue & White Trolley


  • The cool, sporty design makes it so attractive.
  • Full security with TSA lock and anti-theft zipper.
  • So a durable and premium trolley bag for international travel.


  1. Full Fabric Convenience Pack with Shoe Pouch.
  2. Multiple pouches and straps for organizing your luggage.
  3. Premium luggage for students and international travelers.
  4. TSA Lock ensures check-in safety.
  5. Sporty and Stylish Skybags TREBLE-FIFA Trolley.
  6. It is the latest ultra-lightweight trolley bag from Skybags in 2023.
  7. Smooth dual wheels make it so stable, and there’s no worry about pulling it.

Reason to buy

Skybags, one of India’s most trusted brands, created this rebel-FIFA. The Skybags rebel FIFA trolley has a large 68-check capacity, which is adequate for international travel and can carry up to 4 to 6 days of the itinerary. This is a hard-case polycarbonate material composite. It has dual wheels (8 wheels) for easy portability and an anti-theft zipper to ensure security when traveling abroad.

This is a new trolley bag with a TSA lock system designed for the FIFA World Cup, and it truly justifies the price and features. The design is appealing, and it is one of the most trusted bags for international travel. But if you are looking for a large, affordable trolley bag, this Skybags Trooper is best for you.

You may find this Skybags Polycarbonate Graphite Hardsided Check-in Suitcase best. This is one of the more positively rated trolleys.


  • Size: 68 Cm and the dimensions are – 48 x 28 x 67 cm.
  • Capacity in Liter: Nil
  • Weight: 3.5 Kg
  • Wheels: 4*2 wheels.
  • Build material: polycarbonate

Samsonite Hi-Fi Polypropylene Spinner 55/20 Expandable Black Hardside Check-in Luggage


  • The latest hi-fi polypropylene material suitcase.
  • 4 wheels and a shockproof and expandable trolley.
  • 10 Years International Warranty.


  1. The sophisticated black color and scratch-resistant design.
  2. Suspension wheels with shock absorbers to reduce surface impact and noise.
  3. Expandable for additional capacity to accommodate all of your extra shopping.
  4. TSA combination lock: adds an extra layer of security to your trip and an anti-theft zipper for added protection.

Reason to buy

The Samsonite HI-FI trolley bag is made of polypropylene and weighs only 2.3 kg. It is intended for the practical traveler and features a vibrant color palette and a modern design.

It has a removable, hand-washable interior that helps to keep your clothes packed and organized. It comes with smooth-rolling, shock-absorbing suspension four-wheels that reduce surface impact and noise. 

This is one of the best and most spacious luggage sets for students who want to travel abroad with the best companions’ trolley bag. This range is from premium luggage. If you need a larger model of Samsonite luggage, you can compare it with this SAMSONITE Varro Polypropylene luggage, which is a 68 cms Black Hardsided Check-in trolley bag.


  • Size: 55 cm and the dimensions are 40 x 20 x 55 cm.
  • Capacity in Liter: Nil
  • Weight: Ultra-light, 2.3kg.
  • Wheels: Four-wheel trolley.
  • Build material: Polypropylene.
  • Warranty: 10 years international warranty.

MOKOBARA The Float Polycarbonate Hardsided Cabin Luggage with USB Charging Socket


  • The perfect design with a USB-charging socket.
  • 8 super smooth hinomoto wheels.
  • 6 years of significant warranty.


  1. You can now charge your phone while on the go.
  2. Made of a flexible and strong German Makrolon polycarbonate shell.
  3. High-quality zippers and multiple compartments allow you to fit as much as possible inside the trolley.
  4. Use this eraser after every trip to instantly remove scuff marks.
  5. Its magic eraser allows you to instantly wipe away scuff marks after each trip.

Reason to buy

An Indian premium luggage company called Mokobara offers every kind of customer such high-end luggage and suitcases. This Mokombara The Float hard-sided cabin luggage is available in various sizes to meet your needs when traveling abroad. And as you take photos of your luggage, its five shiny colors draw your attention.

Because it is a unisex suitcase with multiple compartments for shoes, clothing, and a power bank and charger, it is appropriate for both men and women. Since it is a USB trolley bag, you can charge it on the go. Keep and attach your power bank inside; you can charge your phone from the outside.

For careful pulling, it has a telescoping handle made for aviation. This item is made of the incredibly strong Invincible GERMAN MARKLON material. Due to its 2.64 kg weight, it is both incredibly strong and lightweight.

Due to its premium status, it is very expensive but offers great quality and performance. If you want to check out its other premium and luxury-class suitcases, check out the Mokobara Store.


  • Size: 55 cm Check-in luggage in 55 cm, 33cm, 22.4cm (HxWxD).
  • Capacity in Liter: 36 liter
  • Weight: Ultra-light 2.64 Kg.
  • Wheels: Four wheels.
  • Build material: German Marklin polycarbonate shell.
  • Warranty: 6 Years.

AmazonBasics Premium Hardside Spinner Luggage


  • Built-in TSA lock.
  • Large Interior Capacity 69 Liters.
  • Made of strong yet flexible polycarbonate material.


  1. It has a sturdy polycarbonate shell that guarantees its performance over an extended period.
  2. Fully lined interior with 3 zippered pockets, a compression pad, and a divider.
  3. Telescoping handle and a short handle that is firmly mounted.
  4. Four double rotating wheels.
  5. Compression pad inside to make more room.
  6. Capable of expanding by 15%.

Reason to buy

Hardside spinner luggage from Amazon Basics is a high-end model offering several impressive international travel upgrades. It is one of the best and most affordable pieces of luggage for international travel and for college students looking to purchase a piece of luggage for travel abroad. The 21-inch AmazonBasics premium hard-side spinner carry-on is the proper size for carry-on luggage on most international flights. The 21-inch spinner suitcase has a sturdy zipper for a reliable, secure closure.

Three distinct zippered pockets on an interior organizer made of sturdy 150D polyester are ideal for storing smaller items like accessories, phone cords, and chargers. It has a user-friendly telescoping handle that locks into place for added convenience. The luggage’s four double-spinning wheels make it incredibly portable. You can move the bag around easily, unlike other rolling luggage, which only moves forward and backward.


Delsey BRISBAN Polypropylene 75 Cm 4 Double Wheels Black Hard Suitcase

Best stroller bag for international travel for senior citizens


  • Polycarbonate material can be expendable.
  • Large size for maximum luggage.
  • TSA lock for safety.


  1. This is one of the best and most comfortable trolley bags for large capacity and maximum storage.
  2. Made up of Polycarbonate outer material which is hard-sided that makes it is shockproof.
  3. Water-resistant and weather-friendly luggage.
  4. It is best for senior citizens due to its hard and sturdy build quality. And its size and capacity of 119.25 liters are better for them.
  5. TSA lock allows you to carry it for international travel without any hassle.
  6. Two compartments give you to keep separate your stuff and the main compartment with interlocking slider.

Reason to buy

Delsey is currently a top choice in India. Made especially for international travel, it produces tough luggage. High-quality, flexible polypropylene is used to create the Delsey BRISBAN.

It is a 75 cm trolley with a 120 L capacity. It comes in two attractive colors, black and blue, and has a hip design. Double wheels on it allow it to be pulled with ease and stability.

Although it is somewhat expensive, it has a sturdy construction, a sturdy telescope handle, and smooth 4-wheel mobility for portability. Overall, you can load, unload, and keep all of your luggage without any damage or scratches.

FAQ: “Best Trolley Bag for Students and International Travel!”

What is considered lightweight luggage for international travel?

Since the majority of international flights permit a certain weight, a lightweight trolley or suitcase gives you the freedom to bring the most amount of luggage with you. 

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