8 Best Water Purifier Under 10000 in India (2023)

Do you want to buy the best water purifiers under Rs. 10,000 because you have a limited budget? Takemetechnically.com will help you buy the Best RO Water Purifier Under 10000 in India for all your favorite home and kitchen appliances. With this budget of Rs. 10,000, you can purchase electric and non-electric water purifiers. We included top water purifiers with various filtration features such as RO, UV, alkaline, and UF, as well as some unique combinations.

Why you need a water purifier. Remember to read our list of the best kitchen appliances to buy. 

Under Rs. 10,000, you may purchase the best water purifier with the best brands, best-performing models, and best-selling purifiers. You can buy leading brands such as Kent, Aquaguard, Bluestar, Faber, Pureit, and others.

Why did we choose these 8 Best Water Purifier Under 10000

HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral (RO+UV) 6 stage wall mounted 7L Water Purifier

HUL Pureit Advanced Pro Mineral (RO+UV) Best Pick

If you are looking for the overall best water purifier with RO and UV technology, HUL Pureit Advanced is for you.
KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier

KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier UV+UF Water Purifier

Are you looking for the best UV water purifier under 10000 rupees; kent ultra UV+UF water purifier for you
V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB Water Purifier

V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB Water Purifier Heavy Water

If you have a heavy water supply, buy it because it can treat the water TDS up to 2000 ppm
Faber FWP Neutron Plus Alkaline water purifier

Faber FWP Neutron Plus Alkaline water purifier Alkaline Water Purifier

Those who want to buy an Alkaline water purifier, can buy this FABER FWP Neutron Plus Alkaline water purifier
Aquatec Advance plus 12 ltr RO+UV+UF+TDS Water purifier for home

Aquatec Advance plus 12 ltr RO+UV+UF+TDS Water purifier for home High TDS

If you live in a coastline region like Goa, Mumbai, and southern states; this Aquatec Advance plus is best for you because it works up to 3000 TDS
AO Smith X2 5 L UV+UF water purifier

AO Smith X2 5 L UV+UF water purifier For Low TDS

If you need a compact and small water purifier for soft water (below 300 TDS) purification, AO Smith X2 is best for you
Blue Star Regalus Instant Hot + Ambient Alkaline Premium Purifier with RO + UV + UF Immuno Boost Technology

Blue Star Regalus Instant Hot + Ambient Alkaline Premium Purifier with RO + UV + UF Immuno Boost Technology premium choice

If you are looking for a premium water purifier for your modular kitchen
Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineraliser

Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineraliser RO+UV

Livepure is another version of the best water purifier under 10k in RO+UV all-round protection

Let’s find the best RO and combinations of water purifiers under 10k!


Best Pick


  • Best water purifier under 10k due to RO+UV combination
  • Smart Power Saving Mode
  • Suitable for multiple sources of water

Reasons to Buy

Pureit Advanced Pro by HUL is the best water purifier for home usage under ten thousand rupees in India due to its overall performance. This is a 6-stage purification process that combines RO and UV.

A Smart Power Saving Mode is included with the Pureit Advanced. When the tank is complete, the water purifier goes into standby mode. This is the most excellent purifier for under ten thousand rupees in India, having a food-grade plastic body and a long-lasting tank.

  • Best-designed water purifier.
  • 7 L storage which is good for home use.
  • ‎Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet combination for safe and mineral enriched water.
  • It is both wall-mounted and a tabletop/countertop purifier.
  • There are no cons in this price range.

UV+UF Water Purifier


  • It is one of the best UV+ UF combinations of water purifiers under 10k.
  • 8 L storage for a standard-size family.
  • It is best for home use because it is suitable for tap and municipal water.

Reasons to Buy

If you want a water purifier with the top after-sales service and performance, this Kent Ultra storage purifier with 8L capacity and UV+UF combination is for you. This is a complete design for home usage with computer-controlled functions such as filter change notification and UV change alert, as well as a high-power 11W UV light that inactivates all microorganisms in the water to provide safe drinking water. It has pan-India service, making it the finest brand under 10000 water purifiers in India.

You may find this Aquaguard Aura UV+UF water purifier best. Check it out this Patented Active Copper & Zinc Booster water purifier.
  • Strong build quality.
  • Water level indicator available.
  • It purifies the best water.
  • Slow water dispensing.
  • No indication of off-on.

Heavy Water Purifier


  • This is best for cleaning hard water.
  • 8 Stage Purification with World-Class RO Membrane.
  • Free replacement of two pre-filters, two free pre-emptive maintenance services, and one free re-installation.

Reasons to Buy

The V-Guard Zenora boasts a small, streamlined form with top-notch water-cleaning technology and a membrane. It has two comprehensive features: free replacement of two pre-filters, two free preemptive maintenance services, and one free re-installation. These two characteristics distinguish the v Guard purifier from others in its price range and make it suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm. One of the best RO water purifiers under 10,000 rupees has a world-class dedicated membrane and a mineral balancer, much like other models.

  • Smart LED Indicators.
  • Suitable for borewells, tanker & municipal water.
  • Best under 10k.
  • Full tank in 30 mins.
  • It wastes water.

Alkaline Water Purifier


  • Sophisticated design.
  • Alert and indicators.
  • One of the best alkaline water purifiers by performance.

Reasons to Buy

Users adore Faber because it is one of the most reputable brands in kitchen equipment, particularly in water purifiers, on the Indian market. There are many different Faber water purifier models available. Still, this Faber FWP Neutron Plus Alkaline Water Purifier is the finest under ₹10,000 when it comes to alkaline combinations.

It includes a 10L tank, which ranks highly on the list. Its body is durable ABS plastic and has a highly stylish design. It has a 9-stage purification process with pre- and post-filtration stages. For the fitness enthusiast, it has different filtration processes like RO, MAT, and pH Enhancer (alkaline) in addition to Copper Guard.

Aquaguard Smart Plus from AquaSure is also the best option for you under 8K. Its RO+UV+Taste Adjuster gives you complete purification.
  • 10 L water storage.
  • RO+UV+Coppperguard makes it one of the favorites on the list.
  • Best-selling purifier for alkaline and copper enhancer purifiers.
  • After-sales service could have some issues at some locations.

High TDS


  • It works up to 3000 TDS.
  • 12L RO+UV+UF+TDS Water purifier.
  • Inbuilt TDS UV controlling technology.

Reasons to Buy

The Aquatec Advance plus is the best water purifier under ₹10,000 if you’re searching for a 100% RO with UV and a sizable 12 L storage capacity. To offer 100% clean and safe water, a combination of RO+UV+UF+TDS removes dissolved pollutants, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. Additionally, the TDS controller keeps the vital natural minerals in the cleaned water. It has a translucent body, so the tank can be seen clearly.

  • best-selling and best-rated water purifier.
  • The compact design and wall-mounted design make it best for home use.
  • Gravity + Ultra Spun Technology in UF filtration.
  • 60% wastewater while purifying.

For Low TDS Water


  • Compact and portable water purifier.
  • Advance alert for a filter change.
  • Digital display.

Reasons to Buy

The AO Smith X2 offers dual protection for the water’s cleanliness thanks to a mix of UV and UF technologies. Being portable thanks to its streamlined and compact design. You have the freedom to quickly move it thanks to its portability. A magnificent advanced digital display is available. Your thirst will be slaked by its 5L of filtered water storage.

  • UV with UF double protection.
  • It comes with 5S TECHNOLOGY.
  • Digital Display and UV life alert.
  • One of the best water purifiers if you live on rent and are a bachelor.
  • A little bit pricey.

Premium Water Purifier


  • Instant Hot + Ambient Alkaline Purifier.
  • Digital Display+Touch Interface.
  • Best for modular kitchen.

Reasons to Buy

The Blue Star Regalus is a sleek, instant hot and instant water purifier. This water purifier is ideal for modular kitchens because it is made with premium materials and has many features. To guarantee that the water you drink is completely safe without any compromises, it has three layers of protection: RO+UV+UF. Advanced UV LED technology has a lifetime warranty and is far more effective than traditional UV lights.

You may find it best Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight. You will be able to control the TDS manually.
  • 60-80% wastage reduction.
  • It has both Hot+Regualar water features.
  • It has alkaline water features also.
  • Triple layer protection.
  • Electronic dispensing button.
  • There are no significant cons except the high price.

Good for RO+UV


  • It has an anti-scaling cartridge that ensures the tank’s safety.
  • Top class combination of RO+UV+Mineraliser.
  • LED indication.

Reasons to Buy

In the end, Livpure Glo is among the top solutions for less than Rs. 10,000. It has practically all the essential components a water purifier should have. You receive the best possible all-around protection from pathogens and polluted water thanks to its RO+UV+Mineralizer combo. This water purifier is completed by a wall-mounted water purifier and an interactive LED indication.

  • All-round purification process.
  • Large 7L storage.
  • It has mineralization that ensures the dissolved minerals in the water.
  • 6 stages of advanced purification.
  • It wastes water more.

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