7 Best Water Purifier Under 15000 in India (2023)

Today, every home and kitchen must have a water purifier. You can avoid contracting waterborne infections by drinking pure water or preventing contact with germs and other contaminants. The various combinations of RO, UF, UV, and mixers of these filters and other technologies that the water purifiers offer make them the best on the market.

Customers need clarification and help to choose which brand is better and more suited to their needs due to a large number of options. Under Rs 15,000, our specialists added some of the most incredible combinations of the most recent RO, RO+ UF, RO+ UV, RO+ UV+ UF, UF, UV, and UV+ UF water purifiers. Check out this ranking of the top water purifiers in India for under Rs 15,000 in 2022.

Let’s check the best water purifier price in India!

Why we choose these 7 Best Water Purifier Under 15000

V-Guard Rejive RO UV Alkaline Water Purifier

V-Guard Rejive RO UV Alkaline Water Purifier Best Pick

If you are looking for a complete water purifier under Rs. 15000, this V-Guard Rejive RO+UV+Alkaline Water Purifier.
HUL Pureit (RO+UV+MF) Eco Water Saver 10L Water Purifier

HUL Pureit (RO+UV+MF) Eco Water Saver 10L Water Purifier Large Capacity

If you are looking for an ultra-storage water tank purifier, this HUL Pureit is best with its RO+UV+MF combination.
Bepure 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier

Bepure 4G Hot and Cold Water Purifier Hot and Cold Water Purifier

If you are searching for a regular and ambient water purifier, buy this Bepure 4G hot and cold water purifier.
KENT Supreme RO+UF Water Purifier with patented Mineral RO Technology

KENT Supreme RO+UF Water Purifier with patented Mineral RO Technology RO Under 15000

If you need a perfect RO, buy this Kent Supreme RO+UF water purifier
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel Patented

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Marvel Patented Copper RO Water Purifier

Best for users who want to buy an Active copper RO water purifier
AO Smith Z5 Water Purifier

AO Smith Z5 Water Purifier Baby Safe Water

If you are looking for a water purifier for the baby, this AO Smith Z5 Alkaline Mineralizer Tech is Baby Safe Water with 8 Stage Purification.
Livpure Bolt DX Ecocare

Livpure Bolt DX Ecocare Best Rated

If you want a whole purification solution, buy this Livpure Bolt DX because it is a Copper+RO+UF+Smart TDS Adjuster+Mineraliser + Water Saving Technology with Super Sediment + Carbon Block Filter purifier.

Best Pick


  • Sophisticated design for Indian Customers.
  • A complete combination of RO+UV and Alkaline.
  • It is suitable for soft and hard water treatment up to 2000 TDS.

Reason to Buy

If you want a recognized and complete water purifier for less than Rs. 15000, this is your optimal choice. It can purify water in 9 stages and provide the best-treated water in terms of contaminants and bacteria. It can treat hard and soft water, so don’t be concerned if you live on the coastline or in any other region. It also looks great in your kitchen. If you are a fitness geek and want to drink alkaline water, don’t worry; it is an alkaline water purifier, which is why it is ranked top on my list of the best water purifiers in India under 15k.

  • Attractive design with indications.
  • World-class RO membrane and the Next Generation UV Quartz Glass Chamber.
  • Suitable for water with TDS up to 2000 ppm.
  • 9 Stage Purification
  • The best part is that it is an alkaline health charger.
  • Most selling and trusted model under 15k.
  • There is no alert for a filter change.

also, check the best water purifier brand


Large Capacity


  • Ultra Storage 10 L water purifier is ideal for large families.
  • It saves water with Eco mode.
  • It can be used for TDS up to 2000 ppm along with municipal, borewell, and tanker water.

Reason to Buy

The HUL Pureit is a choice for large families searching for a RO with valuable features like UV+MF and a water-saving feature with a recovery rate of up to 60%. Pureit is a well-known brand, and its designs entice you to purchase this smart purifier with smart indicators for tank fullness and filter change. If you have a small kitchen, you can also mount it on the wall. If I need a RO, I’d like to buy this water purifier for under Rs 15000.

  • Convenient design.
  • It saves the water while treating the water.
  • Filter change indicator.
  • 10L capacity.
  • The rated purifier that’s why it is mostly sold on amazon.
  • No cons.

Hot and Cold Water Purifier


  • It is a full package of 9L RO+UV+UF+TDS purifiers.
  • It is best for kitchen usage also in winter due to the hot and cold water features.
  • 8-Stage Ultra-Purification Process with the TDS Control System

Reason to buy

Bepure 4G solves your problem in the winter with hot water if you want to wash your hands or vegetables, and also for any other use in the winter due to the hot water feature. It has both cold and hot water features, giving you various options for buying this 4 Plus rated hot and cold water purifier under 15000 rupees in India.

It has a smart LED display that shows all indications and notifications, such as full tank, filter change, hot and cold, and so on. You can use it however you want, including how much hot and normal water you require. It also has another great feature that I like: it can provide water without using the tank’s electricity. Overall, if I need a hot and cold water purifier, I will definitely purchase this all-season water purifier.

if you are looking for a medium and small storage tank size hot and cold water purifier at a mid-range, see this Bepure 3G Hot and Normal 7L. This is the same as Bepure 4G, but it is at a low price.
  • Hot and cold water features.
  • It can dispense water without electricity from the stored tank.
  • LED display that shows all the alerts and indications over it.
  • RO+UV+UF combination.
  • Automatic Shut-Off that saves energy.
  • Sediment and activated carbon filters for extra safety and other necessary filters.
  • Bulky design.

RO Under 15000


  • The best RO water purifier.
  • Best-rated water purifier.
  • RO + UF + TDS Control, + UV filters with a 4-year warranty.

Reasons to Buy

Kent is one of the best and top brands with the best RO water purifiers. If you are looking for the best RO purifier, no worries, buy this KENT Supreme RO+UF water purifier which is best under 15k in India. It has all the filters and features that should be in a water purifier. This 8 L water purifier offers 4 years of free service without any hassle, which is a great thing.

You can buy this also for a compact design, KENT Elegant Compact RO+UF Water Purifier
  • Best RO water purifier.
  • Positive ratings and feedback over the internet.
  • Long-lasting water purifier.
  • Ideal for any size family and best for home use.
  • It wastes water.

Copper RO Water Purifier


  • It has healthy water due to MTDS and copper water features.
  • It saves more water than others.
  • Metallic and compact design.

Reason to Buy

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard is a comprehensive healthy water purifier for users looking for a healthy water purifier. This RO has UV e boiling for germicides and MTDS for manually controlling the TDS in the water, which not only controls but also saves necessary minerals. This is a copper tank water purifier that enriches the copper content of the water, making it a complete package of healthy water purifiers.

Note: Livpure Zinger Copper NXT is another best option if you are looking for a copper water purifier.

  • Kent is best for RO purifiers.
  • The build quality is really good.
  • Water saving feature.
  • 8L storage makes it an ideal option for large families too.
  • The pump is not included in the box if needed.

Baby Safe Water


  • Baby Safe Water with 8-Stage Purification.
  • Alkaline water purifier.
  • Attractive designed digital display water purifier.

Reason to Buy

If you are looking for a water purifier for your baby, this AO Smith Z5 water purifier is ideal. It has an alkaline filter to protect your health. It has an appealing design and a stunning LED display. Along with the table, it can be hung on the wall. This Baby-Safe Water with 8-Stage Purification is a 100% RO+SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Tech), another best option under 15000 Rs.

if you are looking for a UV+UF water purifier with Hot and normal water, this AO Smith Z1 Hot+ normal UV is a perfect match. This is a Hot+ normal UV+ UF water purifier.
  • Another good option for an RO water purifier.
  • I suggest it for the baby’s use.
  • 8 Stage Purification.
  • Alkaline water purifier.
  • Need proper servicing from time to time.

Best Rated


  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Smart TDS & Water Saving 7-Stage Purification, including Ultra Filteration and Anti-Scalant Technology

Reason to Buy

With Kent, Livpure is a water purifier pioneer. With its dedicated features and 7-stage purification, the Livpure Bolt DX Ecocare can provide the best water treatment. It is also a good option in RO with UF filtration. It has all of the features and LED indicators. This Livpure water purifier costs less than Rs. 15,000. You can check this also Livpure Bolt Plus.

  • It saves water with HR saving during purification.
  • Good design.
  • Dial faucet.
  • Service could be an issue in some regions; otherwise, this is a good option.
  • No major cons.
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