5 Best Yoga Mat in India (5 Feb 2022)

We need the best yoga mat in India to maintain a strong posture when performing yoga or any other exercise. So let’s know something about yoga here before you see a list of yoga mats for exercise and yoga. 

While yoga, you do a different type of ASANAS and advanced asanas, you need an adhesive grip on the flower so that we can bring some mat to your needs. 

Mat is a universal thing that has been used in different things, such as meditation, calisthenics, and many more, so it should be best in class, so it should be washable.

If you do HOT YOGA, or you do yoga in the park, or you carry a mat in the gym, you‘re looking for the best price and the long-lasting mat you need. These yoga mats are sweat-absorbing, washable, and extra thin for cushioning. 

In the list, you’ll get the best quality 4 mm to 16 mm thin mat. If you’re traveling a lot, don’t rush with them, because they’ve got a strap and you’re going to get a bottle of hydration for your body while you’re doing yoga. So let’s find out the best yoga mat in India under 1000.

Best Yoga Mat in India 2022


Best Yoga Mat Anti Slip Mat Under 1000


Fitkit Yoga Mat 6mm, Anti slip yoga mat

Fitkit yoga mat is a bit longer than usual mats and comes with a bottle of water that is also a good bottle quality


  • 4 Colors available (Black, Green, Grey, and Purple).
  • Sweat absorbent.
  • Mat does not get curl & Not slip-on flor.
  • Foam Construction gives a comfy feel.
  • Anti-Scratch Layer.
  • Lightweight.
  • Bottle with the mat.
  • Best yoga mat on amazon

Product Description:

The yoga mat is now an essential accessory for everyone. FitKit Yoga Mat is affordable and comfortable with better quality. The design of this FitKit mat is basic with the FIT KIT logo. 

Fitkit yoga mat is a bit longer than usual mats and comes with a bottle of water that is also a good bottle quality. The bottle has a lot to do with it because water is needed during yoga. 

This yoga mat comes with a shape of grip on the flor. You can use it inside your slippery flower or you can use it in a garden or any hard base. 

It’s going to run for a long time because it has a scratch-proof layer that gives this yoga extra safety. This is a good, tear-resistant mat. 

The mat comes with a bottle of water and the bottle has a blender, if you drink whey protein or any other supplement, it’s going to be great stuff for you. Just shake or mix with a mixer and take it easy to heal. 

  • This FitKit yoga mat comes in different colors and widths. You can order something you want at your doorstep.

Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag

VIFITKIT Non-Slip Yoga Mat for Home, Gym & Outdoor Workout.

VIFITKIT Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Shoulder Strap and Carrying Bag

It’s made of rich material. TPE yoga mat is not made of PVC, phthalates, silicone, latex, and other toxic materials. Its design and build material make it durable.


  • Made In India.
  • High-density yoga mat.
  • Shoulder strap for carrying.
  • Rich material.
  • Best selling/Rating yoga mat.
  • the best yoga mat India under 1000

Product Description:

A yoga mat is also a big market for gym and fitness accessories. VIFITKIT is a made in India brand of yoga and fitness accessories.

VIFITKIT is an anti-slip mat with 8 attractive colors and different sizes (4,6,8 mm). 

It comes with a non-slippery texture that provides dual side use during yoga and other physical activities. You can make a movement with confidence because it’s gripping. 

VIFITKIT is a sweat-absorbent mat that increases your physical time. 

Keep it in your home, wash it safely. Don’t use your brush. Always keep it folded.

if You Need More Hygiene During Yoga We Suggest
Best Portable Mini Sanitizer Spray for Hand Sanitizing Office Home

Anti Sid Yoga Mat with Carry Bag


Strauss Anti Sid Yoga Mat with Carry Bag

Strauss yoga mats are made of a different material, which is hygienic, and its antimicrobial design always takes care of sweat and dirt so as not to let the mat penetrate.


  • Reversible anti-skid yoga mat.
  • Premium design & optimal cushioning for comfort.
  • Mat with carrying bag.
  • Durable, Tear resistance & Compression resistance.
  • 4 attractive colours & 3 sizes(4mm,6mm,8mm)
  • Odor-free mat with Sweat-absorbent build.
  • Non-Toxic & Waterproof layer.

Product Description:

The yoga mat is supposed to be lightweight and cushioning. Strauss is promised to offer its customers better quality products and to provide the best experience. 

During the movement of the body, the mat can be slipped or lifted, but it is designed with rich material and comes with a dual-sided grip that gives you a better experience while exercising. 

Strauss mat is packed for comfort. Your knee, joints, and ankle can damage your yoga if it’s a slip or if it’s poor quality, so this mat will take care of you when you move your body. 

Don’t rush if you’re traveling for a week, this yoga mat will help you get comfortable wherever you start your day. It can be easily folded and taken to your gym or any other outing.


Best Yoga Mat for Gym Beginners



  • Extra thick mat for beginners.
  • Compression Resistant.
  • Easy to carry because it’s carrying strap.
  • Dual-sided Anti-slip Ridges.
  • Made of rich material Ozoy foam.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Multiple colors.

Product Description:

OZOY Yoga mat comes with a high-quality material that offers you extra comfort through exercise and gym activity. It’s built with extra layers so when you wash the mat, the water-resistance layer doesn’t let the water inside. 

  • 8 “long 24” wide OZOY yoga mat covers your body’s movement because its size is really enough for yoga. 
  • This is a lightweight yoga mat with a strap that allows you to wear a strap anywhere. 
  • This is a dual-sided exercise mat with extra foam that provides extra comfort.

Best Yoga Mat for Women & Men

The True Mat


  • Best PVC yoga & exercise mat.
  • The best design provides a premium feel.
  • Anti-Skid mat with ridges.
  • 6 feet long with a high contrast color.

Product Description:

The True Mat is a pure thick, heavy yoga mat for extra-long service and comfort. 

It comes with a line of alignment that gives you a premium feel and its high quality makes your posture steady. 

  • The green color is always reminiscent of your army and instantly enhances your movement. 
  • It can be easily folded and carried wherever you want. You can carry it with your strap in the gym or outer space. 
  • Its closed-layer surface lock out water moisture, germs, and a bad smell.
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