How To Choose The Best Air Cooler: Buying Guide for Air Cooler

As the temperature rises, having a cooling system in your home becomes increasingly important. While air conditioners are a popular choice, they can be costly and energy-intensive.

On the other hand, an air cooler is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative that can keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. However, because there are so many models on the market, selecting the best air cooler can be difficult.

Our experts provide essential tips in this buying guide to help you choose the best air cooler for your needs.

Let’s find out the basic key features of how to pick a cooler for home use in this buyer’s guide!

What is Air Cooler?

A cooler that uses evaporation to cool the air is simply called an air cooler. It needs water to create the vapor, which then cools. Both dry and hot climates can benefit from an air cooler.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Air Cooler

Air Cooler Body: When you go to buy a cooler, the first thing you notice is the body. When purchasing an air cooler, you must decide which body you want. A metal body cooler provides faster air delivery, whereas an ABS and plastic body air cooler looks far better than a metal body air cooler but provides less air delivery. It is now up to you whether appearance or air delivery is more important to you.

Room size: Choose an air cooler that can deliver enough air to your room before selecting a cooler. Its open front mouth and blade size will determine how much air it can deliver.

Water Tank Capacity: The size of the water tank is a crucial factor to take into account when choosing the best air cooler to purchase. Your air cooler will run longer if the water tank has a larger capacity. A 40-65L capacity air cooler is ideal if you’re looking for one for your living room. An air cooler with a 20–35 L water tank will do if it’s intended for a bedroom.

Airflow: It is yet another crucial aspect to take into account when making a purchase. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) is the unit used to measure airflow. You can find out from the measurement how much air moves through your room each minute. The CFM increases with increased RPM. So, a large-size sweep cooler should be taken into consideration if you want longer and more air delivery.

Cooling Pads: The pads should be more directional and thicker. The cooling is more efficient with thicker pads. There ought to be a feature that lets you change the direction of the airflow in them.

Portability: It should have four wheels to move. The castor wheels are able to move 360 degrees, so make sure it is portable because this feature makes it so convenient to use.

Energy efficiency: Power consumption increases with increasing wattage. As a result, it ought to have energy-efficient technology and low power requirements.

Features: The latest air coolers offer some features that make them easy to use and convenient. So when you buy a cooler, compare the features and its price range, then buy it.

Noise level: Air coolers, whether made of metal or ABS plastic, make noise. Using aerodynamic blades, on the other hand, reduces noise.

How Do Our Experts Pick the Best on Our List?


We find that if it has some features that make its use so easy and able to provide some value while using. Features such as a timer, remote control, auto swing, LED indication, and different speed settings make it easy to use.


We determine whether it is a popular brand or a local brand. Popularity does not imply the best; our experts always test some brands and read thousands of reviews and feedback online before compiling a list of the best.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

It is critical that we see online feedback and reviews that are not biased and are provided by a large number of unknown users who buy online. The feedback may be biased in such a way that we use some of it personally and then provide the best for the users.

After Sales Service

It is, once again, the most important point that we see. After-sales service should be improved, and customers should be satisfied. And we see this point if a brand’s after-sales service is poor.


The warranty ensures the product’s quality. As a result, it should be given for at least one year, or at least six months if the price range is within the budget. Also, if it is more expensive and does not come with a long warranty, we do not consider it the best product.


With the features, performance, and design, the price should be justified. If the price is higher but the design and performance are not better, we do not consider the product to be the best.

Which is better a metal body or a plastic body

People want to know whether a metal body air cooler or a plastic body air cooler is better. So we’ll see which air cooler body is superior between metal and plastic.

Plastic body air Cooler Vs Metal body air cooler

A cooler with a plastic body looks better. They have a small and sleek design. They are also less susceptible to electric shock, do not rust, and are lightweight, but they do not deliver as much air as a metal body air cooler.

A metal body air cooler is always the best in terms of high air delivery. Their bodies are bulky, heavy, and prone to rust, but they have large blades and a better motor with higher RPM and higher CFM, allowing them to provide a higher air delivery rate.

So, if you’re wondering which air-cooler body is better. As a result, it is dependent on necessity. If you want a cooler that looks better, consider a plastic body air cooler. If looks aren’t important to you, but air delivery is, then go for a metal body.


In this buying guide, you will be able to select from a variety of perplexing coolers. Choose what fits your budget as well as your style and demands.


Which air cooler gives the best cooling system?

Symphony, Crompton, Orient, and Bajaj are the best companies that you can buy without thinking too much.

What is a good CFM for an air cooler?

It is determined by the size of your room or hall. However, you can buy a 3,000 to 20,000 CFM air cooler, which is standard, and most air coolers are available in this range of air delivery. If it differs in all three sizes (small, medium, and large).

What is the difference between a personal air cooler and a desert air cooler?

A desert air cooler means that it can be installed in a large room, hall, or other location where long, directional air is required. A personal air cooler, on the other hand, means one for a shop, a study room, a kitchen, and a couple of people. A desert air cooler is larger and bulkier, whereas a personal air cooler, also known as a tower cooler, is sleek, compact, and small in size and capacity.

What are the different types of air coolers?

Desert air coolers, personal air coolers, tower air coolers, and window air coolers are all types of air coolers.

Is higher airflow (CFM) better?

Cubic feet per minute is the full form of CFM in a cooler. Yes, a higher CFM indicates more air delivery. So, if you need fast cooling and more air, a high-CFM cooler is the way to go.


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