Navigating Your Journey: The Ultimate Trolley Bag Buying Guide

If you’re looking to purchase a new trolley bag, you’ve come to the right place to learn all there is to know about doing so and other important details. Before you purchase your next travel bag, there are a few things you should think about, according to our quick checklist at Takemetecnically.

When choosing the best trolley bag brand, we consider the design, build quality, size, lock, compartment, and warranty. When compiling the list of the best trolley bag brands, these 8 factors were considered before buying a luggage bag.

Size and Capacity

This is the most important factor when buying a trolley bag, duffle bag, or any backpack. First, see why you need this trolley and select the best-sized one. You can come up with an idea for an ideal bag for you.

Luggage Capacity for Trip (Single Person):

1-2 days20-40 litres
3-4 days40-50 litres
5-7 days60-80 litres
8-10 days100-120 litres
11-14 days120-130 litres
Luggage Capacity

This data we have analyzed after researching the trolley suitcase bags can vary as people carry the luggage.


Finding a lightweight trolley bag is crucial if you travel far from India or outside India. Because of Air India’s policies, each piece’s total 3 dimensions (length + breadth + height) cannot be over 62 inches (158 centimetres). A single piece of luggage can only weigh 32 kg (or 70 pounds). So keep in mind the lightweight trolley bag if you travel by flight, but if you travel by train, bus, or car, you can consider a heavy-weight bag.


The material quality depends on our budget. It is crucial to determine if the material used by the brand for its trolley bags is sturdy enough. The material also plays a key role in determining how durable and heavy the bag will be. 

  • If you want a cheap bag, you can purchase one made of scratch-resistant, flexible, and pliable ABS material. However, their low strength makes them less durable than bags made of other materials.
  • A suitcase made of polypropylene should be considered if you require an extremely sturdy trolley bag because it is incredibly durable and affordable.
  • If money is not an issue, you can purchase a suitcase made of polycarbonate or Curv because they are both more expensive than other materials, lighter in weight, able to withstand extreme temperatures, flexible, and built with pliable materials.


As mentioned in the Material section, the material is an important consideration, and durability is determined by the material and design. If you want a durable trolley bag, choose one made of polycarbonate or Curv because it is strong and sturdy.

Lock system

When purchasing a suitcase or trolley bag, always inspect the lock system to see if it has a TSA lock, a number lock, or any other lock system that ensures safety. TSA Lock is a global security system that allows passengers to secure their luggage while allowing security officials to inspect it without causing damage. The security of any bag is heavily reliant on locks. As a result, it’s critical to determine whether the locks provided by the brand are secure enough for travel.


Your bag should come with a warranty because some brands provide a long warranty and others provide a global warranty, which is important if you frequently travel to India and abroad. If you are a student or live outside of India, you should always check this. Furthermore, the warranty ensures the safety of your trolley bag in the event of an accident.

Design & Shape

It is determined by the needs and preferences of the customer. You can purchase the hard or soft luggage you require for your travel. The soft-sided, extendable suitcase is made of woven nylon, such as Cordura, ballistic, or ripstop. As we mentioned in our buying guide, choose wisely.

Mobility & Portability

Of course, mobility is important because purchasing a trolley bag implies that your trolley will have wheels to carry and pull it. The two-wheel trolley has only 180-degree mobility and could be more stable. In contrast, the four-wheel trolley is more stable and has 360-degree mobility. 360-degree trolley bags distribute pressure as you drag the bag, making it easier to carry. These bags are also easy to drag in any direction, making them excellent companions in a hurry.

The Usage of a Trolley Luggage Suitcase!

Trolley bags are a popular travel accessory that provides a convenient and easy way to carry your belongings while on the move. They are commonly used for air travel, but can also be used for road trips or train journeys. Trolley bags usually have wheels and a retractable handle, allowing you to pull them along instead of carrying them.

When it comes to where to carry them, trolley bags can be taken on board as hand luggage or checked in as hold luggage, depending on their size and the airline’s regulations. They can also be used for day trips or weekend getaways, as they offer ample space to pack clothes and other essentials.

FAQ – Buying Guide for Trolley Bag

Which trolley bag is better, polycarbonate or polyester?

Polycarbonate is the best due to its durability and cool design.

But polyester is a fabric that is lighter in weight than polycarbonate. A polyester bag can also be used to store extra luggage. A polycarbonate luggage bag is sufficiently strong and durable, scratch-resistant, and ideal for air travel. However, it is more expensive than polyester. The polyester bag is more prone to wear and tear. We can’t say which is better, but it depends on the users’ needs and requirements, as both have advantages and disadvantages.

What is the CURV material used in trolley bags?

CURV is made of highly molecularly oriented thermoplastic fibres woven and bonded into a polymer matrix. 

Which trolley is better, the 2-wheel or the 4-wheel?

Generally, the four-wheel trolley bags are better for mobility and transportation because they have 360-degree mobility and are stable. At the same time, Rush and 2 Wheels are unstable and come with 180-degree mobility.
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