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If you want to buy the exhaust fan for your kitchen and Bathroom in your home and for industrial use. Before purchasing the exhaust fan, read this article to understand which type suits your situation.

We will teach you which size, capacity, and type of exhaust fan make good ventilation. For this consultation, we studied 20 exhaust fans and prepared this buying guide and the top list of exhaust fans.

Buying Guide

so checks to buying guide for Exhaust Fan and read about the Types of Exhaust Fans.

you can check the exhaust fan Capacity by room size click here

Exhaust FanSizePrice
Kitchen Exhaust Fan4-Inch, 8-Inch, 12-Inch,₹1000 – ₹3000
Bathroom Exhaust Fan4-Inch, 8-Inch, 12-Inch,₹1000 – ₹3000
Ceiling Exhaust Fan8-Inch, 12-Inch,₹1500 – ₹5000
Industrial Exhaust Fan12-Inch, 18-Inch, 26-Inch.₹3000 – ₹8000
Inline Exhaust Fan4-Inch, 8-Inch, 12-Inch,₹4000 – ₹10000
Exhaust Fan Buying Guide

Kitchen Exhaust Fan

If you are looking for a kitchen exhaust fan, consider a dual-side or reversible exhaust fan (a single-side fan will be ok) because, in the kitchen, you need to eliminate the odor from the kitchen environment and bring in fresh air so that your kitchen ambient temperature drops to an average level.

Also, check out the best exhaust fan for the kitchen.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

A bathroom is where you need privacy during a shower or bath and where you need to remove the suffocation caused by the presence of hot water evaporation. It would help if you had a lightweight exhaust made of plastic material and a shutter that prevents insects and invades your privacy.

Also, check out the best exhaust fan for the bathroom.

Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Nowadays, the home ceiling is standard for making your house modern, so the company makes ceiling exhaust fans to match your home ceiling design.

The critical point about a ceiling exhaust fan is that it is less intense than an average exhaust fan, so if your house is huge, this is especially true. Your rooms are deep in your home, and you need a home ventilation system for this situation.

A 4-inch duct pipe carries a fan exhaust for up to 15–18 ft (Ventilation Fan Duct Lengths). because ceiling exhaust fans are not enough to handle this.

Industrial Exhaust Fan

Heavy-duty industrial exhaust fans are called “Trans Fans” (without grills). It is a power full and minimum 18-inch exhaust fan that delivers a minimum of 1950 m³/h air and consumes 70 to 400 watts of electricity. And it can be used in warehouses, hospitals, and factories.

Inline Exhaust Fan

The Inline Exhaust fan uses a centrifugal pump that sucks the air from a long distance. so it is the perfect solution where the bathroom and kitchen are very inside the house or building because it can cover the 60 – 80 feet distance with a minimum 500 CMH air suction capacity.

it required duct pipe and aluminum duct pipe of 4-inch to 8 inches and it can suck the air from dual or multiple bathrooms and kitchens at the same time if you buy the strong inline exhaust fan.

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