Candes Majestic BLDC Ceiling Fan with 30W Motor Launched in India

Get ready to transform your home into a smart home with Candes appliances. Candes provides top-quality home appliances, and this private company has introduced The Candes Majestic Energy Saving 1200mm BLDC ceiling fan in India. Its highlighted features include anti-rust coating, a BLDC motor for enhanced energy efficiency, and more. This product offers great value for your money. Let’s delve into its features, specifications, and pricing details.

“Get Substantial Energy Saving Benefits”

Candes says

Features and Specifications

The Candes Majestic ceiling fan comes with a 1200mm wide tip blade, ensuring maximum comfort, 405 RPM for better air circulation, and 230 CMM for quick air delivery. It can be conveniently controlled using a remote and offers 5-speed modes.

Candes Majestic BLDC Ceiling Fan with 30W Launched in India
Candes Majestic BLDC Ceiling Fan with 30W Launched in India

The Candes Majestic 1200mm BLDC ceiling fan is constructed with CNC winding material and features a matte finish. This design allows for easy and hassle-free cleaning of the blades, especially along the edges.

This fan is powered by a 30W BLDC motor. Additionally, the brand claims that it can help you beat the heat with its BLDC High-Speed fan, operating at a minimal 3 watts for its base speed.

Price and Availability

The Candes Majestic Energy Saving 1200mm BLDC Ceiling Fan is competitively priced at Rs 2,599 and can be purchased on Amazon. It is available in a stylish blue and white color combination.

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