Cloudways Review

Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress

13 July 2021

Hello, my name is Sourabh, and I’m here to give you a cloudways review. If you’re wondering whether cloudways hosting is right for you, I’ll explain how cloudways can help you scale your website while also ensuring its security and performance.

Best Performance
Cloudways Review

Cloudways Review

+5 Best Cloud Hosting Providers
+Unlimited Website
+Free 3 Days

Explain cloudways features that are really valuable to you, as well as demonstrate our personal experience with the cloudways platform

Cloudways Review

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting based on Hosting Performance and Server Uptime Simple to use, with customer support and SSD-based storage to help you grow your business or website into an online platform.

Do not use these hosting providers if you require performance-based cloud hosting for your WordPress website with optimum security protection. Instead, use the Cloudways platform to improve the loading time of your pages, posts, and woocommerce’ products with the industry’s leading hosting provider.


  • Free 3 Days – No Credit Card Required
  • 5 Best Hosting Providers
  • Best Managed Cloud Hosting Platform
  • Security & Protection
  • Performance Based Hosting
  • Chat & Call Support
  • Free Website Migration
  • Unlimited Website
  • Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Monthly Billing Hosting
8.8Expert Score
Cloudways Review

Cloudways is not for everyone, but we will show you why you should choose cloudways hosting based on our personal experience and some important points that are perfect for you, so we will show you the main unique selling point of cloudways platform,

as well as talk about cloudways security, performance, and customer support, and also view the cloudways add on, which provides its own console for managing applications. Moreover, why not buy directly from a hosting company and use the Cloudways platform?

Easy To Use
Customer Support
Up Time

The Platform Overview

Cloudways plans start at just $10 per month and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Cloudways is a more trusting and reliable service than some other shared services.

When it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways is among the few companies that offer a great balance of sustainability and customization. Their WordPress cloud servers include an impressive feature set, and you can scale hosting resources as your website grows.

And if you’re on the sidewalk about hosting your WordPress site on a cloud platform, consider signing up for Cloudways’ 3-day trial period to test their service.

Why do we consider Cloudways? 

  • This is how the Cloudways service meets your requirements
  • It protects your website from malicious hackers and bots.
  • It carries the most weight.
  • It loads more quickly.
  • Cloudways have a simple layout.
  • Cloudways is simple to manage.
  • Migration is simple and cost-free.
  • Excellent customer service (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week).
  • Completely managed services.
  • Cost-effective.
  • You have the option of purchasing a daily or hourly pack.
  • There is no contractual obligation.

Some key points that make Cloudways service best in the market.

  • Cloudways’ Click&Go cloud hosts websites. The whole interface simulates your website across multiple cloud servers and configures advanced syncing tools to help load speeds and efficiency.
  • Cloudways is currently compatible with 5 cloud service providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Compute Engine (GCE), Vultr, Linode, and DigitalOcean. Users could even host their website in cloud data centers in the United States, South America, Asia, or Europe relying on the cloud provider they prefer. Cloudways as well helps make use of the StackPath CDN, which is a worldwide network of 45 data centers.Amazon Web Services AWS, Google Compute Engine, Vultr, Linode, and DigitalOcean one Cloudways Platform
  • When transferring your website to Cloudways for the first time, you will receive a free site migration service. Any additional migrations will be charged a fee based on the type of app that is running on your website.
  • This Click&Go platform allows you to advance resources at any time to meet traffic load. While using an Amazon or Google server, you can scale down at any moment. Moreover, due to provider limits imposed, it is not easy to expand down with DigitalOcean.
  • Another bigger concern point is that, When signing up for Cloudways web hosting, you can request that PayPal be used as your payment option. In addition, the company accepts all credit card providers, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.Payment Method on Cloudways
  • Cloudways, unlike most direct debit WordPress hosting, uses a post-payment system. Bills are typically sent in the first week of each month. Even so, you will be charged for services used in the previous month.
  • Last important concern but not least, If you require assistance, you can contact a Cloudways support agent via live chat at any time. Email ticketing is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also “request a call,” and a Cloudways executive will contact you by phone during normal business hours.

Cloudways offers extra than others!

  • In minutes, you can go live
  • Scale to Success by Managing Like a Pro
  • Backups that are automated
  • Control Panel of Distinction
  • With 7.3 PHP Ready Servers, all PHP Apps are supported
  • Pricing Transparency
  • Dedicated Setting
  • SSD-Powered Hosting
  • Advanced Caches Included

Security & Protection

Our personal experience with the service and we have to say that daily thousands of bots attempt to log in or hack our console but in real-time Cloudways block their IP and blacklist the unwanted attempts of the attacker.

Login Requests on Cloudways Server
Login Requests on Cloudways Server

Malcare, Cloudways’ technology partner, provides protection to your WordPress websites from unwanted bot attacks, login attempts, and kinds of Denial of Service attacks.

Traffic Requests on Cloudways Server
Traffic Requests on Cloudways Server

Cloudways have many layers of free and extra security and protection. To opt for this  Cloudways service makes your website safer automatically. Cloudways offers a free SSL certificate with the package. This SSL encryption provides security and fulfills your HTTPS requirements absolutely free. 

The OS-level firewalls which filter attack requests out and prevent the trespassers are protecting all Cloudways hosted servers. Cloudways updates your server’s operating system on a regular basis. This makes sure a resilient organized cloud server while also avoiding security problems.

All Login Attempts on Cloudways Server
All Login Attempts on Cloudways Server

The AI-powered advanced assistant sends real-time performance insights that will help enhance servers and apps and integrates with Slack, emails, and other services.

The Plans monthly/Hourly

Because Cloudways supports lateral scaling, you can customize your server to meet your specific requirements. You can begin with the lowest plan (DigitalOcean cloud server, 1GB RAM, 1 Core processor) and enhance as your website or application requires it due to increased traffic.

See the price list!

Cloudways Plans
Cloudways Plans

Vultr– Starts at $11 per month Standard plan or High Frequency (HF) plan for $13. The key difference between these two plans is the response time, where the HF plan uses the most recent hardware for data storage and processing.

If you need a woocommers kind website or a process driven website that performs calculations, consider the 13$ High Frequency (HF) plan.

Processor1 Core1 Core2 Core4 Core
Standard Hosting Price$11 /mo$23 /mo$44 /mo$90 /mo
High Frequency Hosting Price$13 /mo$26 /mo$50 /mo$100 /mo
Vultr Pricing on Cloudways

Vultr offers 17 data centres for standard plans and 16 data centres for high frequency plans, allowing you to choose the closest one to your server location.

AtlantaDallasMiamiSeattleSingaporeTokyoParisTorontoChicagoLondonSydneyFrankfurtJerseySilicon ValleyAmsterdamLos Angeles
Vultr Data Centers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Starting at $34.91 per month

In terms of performance, Amazon Web Services is the most preferred hosting provider around the world because if you need performance speed and more data centres to grow your business, this is the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to start a simple blog or website, this is not the right choice for you because the base plan is $34.91 per month and there are no free trials on Amazon Web Services on cloudways plateform.

vCPU2 Core1 Core2 Core4 Core
Hosting Price$36.51 /mo$86.77 /mo$176.26 /mo$274.33 /mo
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pricing on Cloudways

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides 20 data centres across the world, allowing you to easily select the most convenient location for your server.

US N.VirginiaOhioMontrealFrankfurtMilanStockholmSydneySeoulHong KongSao PauloCaliforniaOregonIrelandLondonBahrainCape TownMumbaiTokyoSingaporeParis
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Centers

Google Cloud Platform – Prices start at $33.30 per month.

Google is the most well-known brand in the world, but their hosting is second to none. However, in terms of pricing, they are unable to satisfy the needs of their customers; however, this is best hosting provider on the cloudways platform.

vCPU1 Core1 Core2 Core4 Core
Hosting Price$33.18 /mo$73.50 /mo$138.52 /mo$225.93 /mo
Google Cloud Platform (GCE) Pricing on Cloudways

Google provides 18 data centres for his Google Cloud Platform in order to meet the closest choice data centre for server location.

IowaOregonLas VegasNetherlandsFinlandMontrealHong kongSingaporeSydneyS.CarolinaSao PauloTokyoTaiwanMumbaiFrankfurtLondonBelgiumN.Virginia
Google Cloud Platform (GCE) Data Centers

DigitalOcean – Monthly costs begin at $10. $12 per month for the standard plan or $12 per month for the premium plan The main difference is that the standard plan uses Intel’s Xeon Platinum 8168 processors with a clock speed of 2.7GHz and is available in six different configurations,

whereas the premium plan uses the latest 2nd Generation AMD EPYCTM with a frequency of 2.50 GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 3.90 GHz.

Processor1 Core1 Core2 Core4 Core
Standard Hosting Price$10 /mo$22 /mo$42 /mo$80 /mo
Premium Hosting Price$12 /mo$26 /mo$50 /mo$96 /mo
Digitalocean Pricing on Cloudways

Standard or premium Digitalocean? Both plans make use of 8 data centres to provide best-in-class local server selection.

LondonSan FranciscoSingaporeNew YorkAmsterdamFrankfurtTorontoBangalore
DigitalOcean Data Centers

Linode – Linode cloud-based hosting is available for as little as $12 per month. Linode primarily provides cloud hosting for businesses.

Processor1 Core1 Core2 Core4 Core
Hosting Price$12 /mo$24 /mo$50 /mo$90 /mo
Linode Pricing on Cloudways

Linode has 11 data centres allowing customers to choose the closest data centre for their server.

Linode Data Centers

Cloudways’ pricing is one of its strong points, as it is better than its competitors. The starting price for Cloudways is $10 per month. Cloudways’ prices are determined by the resources needed, and the corporation offers a variety of plans to accommodate all types of websites, from a simple WordPress blog to a large app, which is among the many reasons for its excellent reviews.

Choose a base plan or high-frequency plan

Standard Help

Standard Support is sufficient for the majority of Cloudways customers. It is free and includes 24/7/365 direct exposure to Live Chat assistance through any execution on the Cloudways Platform. Each query is transferred to a member of the Support Team who has received special training.

Add-on for Advanced Support

Since you’ve outgrown your regular support partnership, Advanced Support is the solution. This add-on shortens wait times and provides access to a broader range of Cloudways’ competence. You get expert advice, profound application diagnostics, customization assistance, and proactive monitoring, among other things.

Add-on for Premium Support

If your company operates mission-critical sites where every second count, this addon provides a much closer collaboration with Cloudways. Get all of the benefits of Sophisticated Support plus even quicker response, a solely devoted Account Manager, a private Slack channel, and direct phone support.

Highlights of Add-on 

  • Priority Support
  • Plugin/Theme Troubleshooting
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Performance/DB Optimization
  • Customization
  • Private Slack Channel
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Phone Support

The plans vary based on what you select. So, if you have a standard website, you don’t need to go with premium plans, but if you have problems or need more assistance, you can.

Why are Cloudways different, let’s compare!

What distinguishes Cloudways WordPress hosting from traditional hosting

  • In contrast to traditional hosting, which stores your site on a single server, cloud hosting stores your site on multiple servers.
  • Since your site is hosted on multiple data centers, it can be easily migrated in the case of an emergency.
  • Cloud hosting enhances uptime when one of the network’s other servers can take over if something unexpected happens.
  • Cloud hosts, on average, provide greater security than traditional hosts.
  • Cloudways processes your WordPress site using a variety of security methods.
  • Cloud servers can measure very quickly, which is excellent if your company’s website experiences a sudden surge in traffic.
  • With pay-as-you-go pricing, you have more control over your hosting bill.
  • With resources allocated, SSD-based WordPress Hosting retains your site fast.
  • It is typically higher than asymmetric hosting because the server can detect your customers’ location and send content from the server relatively close to your customer.
  • SSDs are used by many cloud hosts to improve site performance.

Our experience with Cloudways!

Cloudways and its cloud hosting plans have pleasantly surprised us. Even for those with limited knowledge of managed cloud hosting services, the setup is quick and simple. The server speed is excellent: Google PageSpeed Insights gave my main site a score of 97, and gtmetrix it a score of 89.

Google Page Speed Score of take me technically
Google Page Speed Score of take me technically
Gtmetrix Score of take me technically
Gtmetrix Score of take me technically
  • Block Traffic From Bad Bots
  • Show All Login Attempts
  • Show IP Requests
  • Show URL Requests
  • A dedicated IP address
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Add Funds Options
  • Pay for Per Custom Email
  • Expensive than other cloud providers
  • Expensive Add on
  • Pay Extra for CDN
  • Pay for Manual Backup
  • required some technical details


When it comes to cloud-based managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways is one of the few companies that offers a great balance of sustainability and customization. Their WordPress cloud servers include an impressive set of features, and you can scale hosting resources as your website grows.

And if you’re on the sidewalk about hosting your WordPress site on a cloud server, sign up for Cloudways’ 3-day free trial to test their platform.

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Because it necessitates a certain level of expertise, cloud-based hosting is not for everyone. If you want to avoid technical aspects entirely, you should probably go with a classical managed WordPress hosting service from a legitimate brand such as WPEngine, SiteGround, or InMotion.

You are unable to use Plesk or cPanel. Because Cloudways is a System provider, they provide their own controller to assist you in managing applications hosted on cloud servers. Cloudways has no domain registration. You will have to purchase your own domain from registration such as Namecheap or GoDaddy.

Note: Cloudways does not offer any discount directly. we “TakeMeTechnically” exclusively provide the offer for our important and necessary readers. We collaborated with Cloudways after using the same “Cloudways” platform and are now providing you with this advantageous offer. If you sign up using the provided “PROMO CODE,” you will receive benefits and credit to your account.

Hello, I am Sourabh Raikwar by profession. and I am a mechanical engineer also a tech enthusiastic person and I write blogs to easily understand our views and solve the problem.

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