Difference Between a Suitcase and a Duffle Bag

It could be hectic and a hassle if you only hunt for a duffle bag or a suitcase. You have to make a good choice of travel bags because they are designed for particular purposes. Let’s know the difference between luggage, a suitcase, and a duffle bag.

Duffle bags are considered luggage, and they are the perfect examples of carry-on bags. But duffel bags are less secure than hardshell luggage, which provides a protective barrier for packed items. Duffel bags can also be awkward to carry when loaded with heavy items.

Pros and cons of suitcases and duffle bags:

Now you have information about both types of luggage. Still, we have pros and cons for trolley and duffle bags to help you decide when selecting the best luggage bag. 

Suitcase pros and cons


  1. They are spacious and have enough space to pack everything you need.
  2. The suitcase is more durable and shockproof and comes with check-in safety systems.
  3. Protective exterior that keeps fragile items safe.
  4. They are portable and have wheels for transport.
  5. The soft-sided suitcases can be filled with more luggage due to their expandable design.


  1. They are heavier than duffle bags.
  2. It is more weight, which would be hectic while paying extra fees for weight.
  3. More costly than duffle bags.
  4. Doesn’t fold down for easy storage.
  5. Usually only used for travel.

Duffle bag pros and cons


  1. They are carry-on bags, easy to carry without any hassle.
  2. Compact and light in weight.
  3. Usually cheap compared to a suitcase.
  4. You can fold and carry it however you want.
  5. Versatile and useful for more than just traveling.
  6. They are available in different styles, for different purposes, and for any traveling you can do.
  7. Duffel bags are great on road trips, especially in cars.
  8. The duffel bag looks more professional.


  1. The duffle bags can’t store more luggage.
  2. They are soft and not as durable as trolley bags or suitcases.
  3. They are not shockproof.
  4. Due to the soft design, the zipper can be damaged if you add more baggage.
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