Fire-Boltt Cobra Smartwatch Review

We will review the Fire-Boltt Cobra Smartwatch and discuss this article’s necessary and debatable points. We’ll discuss all the good things and briefly discuss how we’ve used them. 

  • The display is clearly visible in sunlight.
  • Good Build Quality
  • Not for deep swimming
  • No Customize Button Option

Best buy


My first impression of the Fire-boltt Cobra is that it looks like a military-patterned smartwatch. I prefer its black version because it matches every outfit. 

Yes, you can choose the green one if you are a military soldier.

The fitting of silicon straps is good for medium-sized wrists. However, it is not perfectly fitted for large wrists, so you need to purchase additional straps because they are changeable. 

Overall, the look is good for men because of

Its military pattern is restricted to men only because women do not like this type of design. 


The comfort level of the Fire-boltt Cobra Smartwatch is significantly lower than others because it is a rugged smartwatch, so the straps are hard.

But you can change the straps according to your requirements, and you will need to spend more money on this smartwatch, which is not worth it.


The smartwatch is controlled by its buttons, and it is not customizable.

It is a Bluetooth-calling smartwatch, but you cannot access the smartphone contacts with this smartwatch; you can only store 10 contacts in the smartwatch. It can display smartphone notifications on its screen. The word limit is approximately 12 to 15, but it also supports Hindi font.

The speaker and mic quality are good compared to other smartwatches, which come in a 3.5 k price range. And also, you can access the voice assistants Google and Siri and ask short questions like “what’s the temperature today?” and give commands to call someone, which is available in your smartphone contact list. This feature is good.


The watch uses an AMOLED display with 500 nits of peak brightness. Even so, when you use its always-on display feature, it will dim the display. It would help if you turned on the complete display to check out the notifications because it is very bright with the always-on display feature. 

Fire-Boltt Cobra Smartwatch Display Image 01
Fire-Boltt Cobra Smartwatch Display Image 01

It also has only 10 built-in watch faces, which are adequate and customizable. Of course, you can access the cloud watch faces with its application, which is also customizable with home widgets.

It has three options for always-on-display mode and an analog-digital clock, which are not customizable. The display is bright and can be used as a flashlight in normal conditions. And you need to adjust the display brightness manually because it doesn’t have an ambient light sensor.

If you are a person who drops their gadget frequently, this will survive almost every random drop, so you can consider this smartwatch rugged and refuses, and the display will survive the majority of your accidental drops.

Health Features

It has many sports modes, and health features like Spo2 heart rate and the sleep monitor feature are good but not the best. We always prepare medical equipment for measuring your health. Still, you can consider this smartwatch for measuring your health parameters because it will perform similarly when we test it with actual medical devices. It can also detect false objects when measuring spo2 and heart rate. 

But to check out your complete health report, you need to install the smartphone app (Da Fit) because it will not show all the reports in the Smartwatch app, so you need to install its health app for more detail.

Yes, there is a pool swimming option, but the smartwatch has an IP68 rating and can withstand up to 1.5 meters of water.


The Fire-Bolt Cobra Smartwatch works with both Android and iOS devices. Also, you can access both smartphone voice assistants without any problem.

Audio Quality

The Fire-boltt will mention the dedicated speaker and microphone configuration, which is why it performs well indoors. Still, using the microphone indoors may not perform well because it does not come with noise cancellation. Nonetheless, the speaker quality is good for a smartwatch in this price range. 

Battery Backup

Fire-boltt Cobra Smartwatch claims that the battery backup lasts 5 days. Still, in our testing, it will provide 4 days of battery backup. The Bluetooth calling feature will last only 2 days, so overall, the battery performance is not good, but you can use this smartwatch for more than 3 days in normal use.

Good or bad

This smartwatch is good for men who need a strong-built smartwatch and is a bad option for women.

Box Content

The box contains a smartwatch, a warranty card, a gift coupon, and a charging cable.


The smartwatch’s USP is only its rugged build quality, which is true. However, it will not provide additional features not found in other smartwatches, so you can only consider this. 

 But if you need a feature-rich smartwatch, you can consider another smartwatch. You can compare your top smartwatch picks with 

FAQ – Fire-Boltt Cobra Smartwatch

What is the warranty of fire-boltt cobra smartwatch?

The Fire-Bolt Cobra Smartwatch has a one-year warranty.

Which is the best color option in fire-boltt cobra smartwatch?

I personally choose and suggest the black color of the Fire-boltt Cobra Smartwatch.

What about the audio quality of fire-boltt cobra smartwatch?

Speaker and microphone quality are adequate for this class of smartwatches.

What is the full charge time of fire-boltt cobra smartwatch?

It will take 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery from 0 to 100% via its magnetic charging base.

Fire-boltt cobra smartwatch comes with waterproof rating?

Yes, it has ip68, which can carry the smartwatch up to 1.5 meters underwater.

Which App is Supported by fire-boltt cobra smartwatch?

It is compatible with the Da Fit app.

What about the built quality of fire-boltt cobra smartwatch?

Yes, the build quality is good with its metal and polycarbonate materials.

What is side the Box Content of fire-boltt cobra smartwatch?

The box contains a smartwatch, a warranty card, a gift coupon, and a charging cable.
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