Haier Washing Machine Review in India 2022

Haier is a multinational electronics company from China that mainly manufactures home appliances. In 1995, it acquired Qingdao Red Star Electronics Co., a washing machine company, and since then, Haier has manufactured washing machines worldwide.

Technology Used by Haier Washing Machine

  1. Direct Motion Motor
  2. Leaser Seamless Welding Drum
  3. Anti Bacterial Technology
  4. Near Zero Pressure Technology
  5. Pillow Shaped Drum

Direct Motion Motor 

The Haier washing machine uses a direct motion motor because it is directly connected to the washing machine drum. There is no need for a belt to connect the motor with the drum, so there is no loss, and also it makes less noise, which makes the washing machine quieter and more efficient.

Leaser Seamless Welding Drum

The Haier washing machine uses a stainless steel drum. It is named the Leaser Seamless Welding Drum because it is constructed with single-plate steel without joints, so cleaning the clothes is easy. Your clothes are less likely to be damaged with a stainless steel drum.

Anti Bacterial Technology

Every washing machine has its own technology for cleaning bacteria in the drum. The Haier washing machine employs Anti Bacterial Technology to clear germs in the stainless steel drum using a gasket and detergent.

Near Zero Pressure Technology

With the Zero Pressure technology, the Haier washing machine can work with low-pressure water (0.001-0.002 MPA). This is a very helpful feature. If your area’s water pressure is very low, it can wash your clothes without any problem.

Pillow Shaped Drum

With the Pillow Shaped Drum design, the Haier washing machine utilizes a stainless steel drum similar to a pillow, which helps create dynamic and forceful water flow with a soft effect on garments.

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