How to Clean Air Purifier Filter

10 Steps to Clean an Air Purifier Filter
If a purifier smells bad, you can clean your air purifier filter in these 10 easy steps.
First, check if your filter is washable or not.
Check the Specification of the air purifier
Check the number of filters via the air purifier’s specification.
There are 3 filters a pre-filter, a Hepa filter, and a carbon filter.
Take it out of the air purifier gently.
Check out the manual for an air purifier to remove the filter instruction.
If the filter is washable, wash it with water and take it out for 24 hours in sunlight.
Proper drying of the filter before putting it in the air purifier.
Aur if the filter is not washable.
check before a wash you’re the air purifier filter is washable important.
Use a vacuum cleaner to suck dirty filter particles.
use a sucking vacuum cleaner for removing dirt from the filter surface.
Place the paper behind the filter before using vacuum cleaning (recommended).
so the vacuum cleaner can not suck the surface particle with the filter.
Also, you can use a brush for cleaning filters.
if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner you can use a toothbrush.
Don’t use water with HEPA for the filter.
water can damage the air purifier filter
Put it back in the air purifier and check the air quality difference before and after.
see the air quality difference after cleaning the air purifier filter.

also, check How to Replace Air Purifier Filter

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