How to Customize a Water Purifier: DIY (RO) Water Purifier

Customizing machines, appliances, and products has become a popular trend, and this extends to water purifiers as well. Many individuals opt for do-it-yourself (DIY) portable water purifiers at home, not only for the sake of design but also to align with specific needs, comfort preferences, and budget constraints. If you’re looking to personalize your water purifier to better suit your requirements and optimize costs, consider the following crucial points:. However, it’s essential to note that the initial 20 to 30 liters of treated water should not be consumed. Let’s embark on the journey of creating a customized home water purifier.

Before embarking on the customization and DIY process for a water purifier, you’ll need some essential parts to craft it at home.

  1. Plastic container
  2. Carbon filter (12 inches)
  3. Sediment filter (12 inches)
  4. UF Membrane
  5. Mineral cartridge
  6. UV barrel – bowl (8 inches)
  7. UV lamp (8 to 11 watts)
  8. UV Choke adapter (220v AC)
  9. 12v, 3A DC power supply
  10. 12v water pump (capacity: 2.5 LPM)
  11. Water knob for the dispenser
  12. 6 Elbows
  13. 2 I-connectors
  14. 14 Push-fitting locks
  15. 4 C-Clamps
  16. 4 Clamps (1 large and 1 small)
  17. 2 feet RO filter Pipe
  18. Dual tape
  19. Other normal things if needed when personalizing it.

To guide you through the customization process, refer to this YouTube video. It will provide step-by-step instructions on connecting each component.


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Follow the Steps:

  1. Prepare the Plastic Container:
    • Clean the plastic container thoroughly to ensure there are no contaminants.
  2. Install Filters:
    • Insert the carbon filter and sediment filter into their designated positions in the container. Ensure a secure fit.
  3. Integrate UF Membrane:
    • Attach the UF membrane in the specified location, securing it tightly.
  4. Incorporate Mineral Cartridge:
    • Install the mineral cartridge into the system to enhance the water quality.
  5. Add UV Sterilization:
    • Place the UV barrel-bowl and UV lamp into the setup. Connect the UV Choke and adapter for power supply.
  6. Power Supply and Pump Setup:
    • Connect the 12v, 3A DC power supply and the 12v water pump. Ensure the pump has a capacity of 2.5 LPM.
  7. Dispenser Installation:
    • Affix the water knob for the dispenser in a convenient location on the container.
  8. Connect Components:
    • Use elbows, I-connectors, and push-fitting locks to establish the necessary connections between components.
  9. Secure with Clamps:
    • Use C-clamps and regular clamps to secure the pipes and components in place.
  10. Final Checks:
    • Double-check all connections for leaks or loose fittings. Tighten as necessary.
  11. Pipe Placement:
    • Arrange the 2 feet RO filter pipe according to your setup’s design.
  12. Tape and Seal:
    • Use dual tape or any required sealing material to ensure airtight connections and prevent leakage.
  13. Personalization:
    • Incorporate any additional components or adjustments based on your personal preferences or specific water quality needs.
  14. Refer to Tutorial:
    • Watch the recommended YouTube video for a visual guide on connecting each component in the right sequence.
  15. Test Run:
    • Before use, run a test to check the flow, filtration, and sterilization processes.

Remember, safety is paramount during customization. If you’re unsure about any step, seek professional advice or assistance. This DIY customization allows you to tailor your water purifier to your specific requirements.

Final Words

Well, it has been attempted by local technicians to gather all the working functions and assemble them. It could be comprehensible for most people, but if someone wants to do it, there is a way to assemble and customize an RO. If you are looking to purchase an RO or any purifier, visit our comprehensive articles on water purifiers.

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