IFB Washing Machine Review in India 2022

IFB means FINE BLANKING & MOTOR, and it is an Indian brand established in 1974. And it makes home appliances and sells them worldwide. It is the Indian world-class premium brand in front-loading washing machines. It occupied the first position with 40% of the Indian market online and offline. In contrast, LG is in second place with 32% of the market.

Technology Used by IFB Washing Machines

  1. Aqua Energie
  2. Crescent Moon Drum
  3. 4D Wash Technology
  4. BI-AXIAL Movement
  5. Smart Sense
  6. Rinse Time Selection
  7. Triadic Pulsator
  8. Auto Imbalance Vibration Control
  9. Lint Tower Filter
  10. MY IFB

Aqua Energie

Aqua Energie is the IFB Washing Machine’s inbuilt device that filters the hard water to make it smooth and dissolves detergent in water, which gives a softer wash to your clothes.

Crescent Moon Drum

The Crescent Moon Drum is the IFB Washing Machine stainless steel drum with a gentle moon shape pattern on clothes. The washing machine drum can not damage your delicate clothes with this design.

4D Wash Technology

In the IFB washing machine, the water is dynamically delivered from its 4 sides with high pressure. Your clothes are soaked adequately in all directions and give you an excellent wash.

BI-AXIAL Movement

The BI-AXIAL Movement is working in the horizontal and vertical directions. When the washing machine uses the BI-AXIAL MOVEMENT, the clothes are appropriately soaked in the drum.

Smart Sense

When you put your clothes in the washing machine, it senses the weight of the clothes, and the washing device can set the setting automatically to save water and detergent.

Rinse Time Selection

The Rinse Time Selection is a longer timer than other washing machine timers because this option will process the clothes for a long time to remove the detergent traces on the clothes. It will be helpful if your skin is sensitive to detergent.

Triadic Pulsator

The IFB Pulsator comes with a different approach because it feels softer on clothes, so there is less chance of damage. It also uses the water jet from the center of the pulsator to dislodge dirt.

Auto Imbalance, Vibration Control

It balances your washing machine when clothing weight distribution is not done correctly. This Auto Imbalance Vibration Control senses the load and makes a balanced washing machine with less noise.

Lint Tower Filter

The Lint Tower filter captures the tiny particles of dirt and clothes present in the washing machine water during every wash.


My IFB is a mobile application for Android and IOS that shows the washing machine’s problems so you can diagnose them.


With this feature, you can ready your party clothes in min with the hot stream spray and soft ironing with its in-built heater.

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