Impex Smart Fry DS45 Vs AGARO Galaxy Digital 4.5 L Air Fryer: Value for Money

“Impex Smart Fry DS45” and “AGARO Galaxy Digital 4.5 L Air Fryer” are both air fryers that come with the same 4.5-liter capacity. However, there is a noticeable price difference between them. In fact, there are more differences between them. Let’s take a closer look at the features of these air fryers and compare them side by side to identify the distinctions between them, as both are alternatives to each other. This analysis will aid in determining the ideal air fryer for specific usage, making it a great choice for your next purchase.

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The “AGARO Galaxy Digital 4.5 L Air Fryer” boasts better build quality and a more powerful 1200W heating element. On the other hand, the “Impex Smart Fry DS45” has a cheaper build and less power. Additionally, it provides more preset options compared to the “AGARO Galaxy Digital.” In conclusion, if you have a limited budget, it’s advisable to go with the “Impex Smart Fry DS45.” However, if you prefer an experienced brand, the “AGARO Galaxy Digital Air Fryer” would be a better choice.

Compare Top Specifications of Impex Smart Fry DS45 Vs AGARO Galaxy Digital 4.5 L Air Fryer

Specs & FeaturesImpex Smart Fry DS45AGARO Galaxy Digital
Capacity4.5 L4.5 L
Display TypeDisplay, TouchDisplay, Touch
Power‎1200 Watts‎1400 Watts
Extra AccessoriesNoNo
OTG+Air FryerNoNo
Timer1-60 min 1-60 min
Dimensions28.5D x 23.5W x 29.5H cm26.7D x 26.7W x 31.5H cm
Weight3.6 kg3.8 kg
Best forSmall FamilySmall Family
Warranty2 Year1 Year
Impex Smart Fry DS45 Vs AGARO Galaxy Digital 4.5 L Air Fryer

Impex Smart Fry DS45 Vs AGARO Galaxy Digital 4.5 L Air Fryer Comparison

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Comparison Between Prices of Impex Smart Fry DS45 Vs AGARO Galaxy Digital 4.5 L Air Fryer

AGARO Galaxy Digital Air Fryer Price

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