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The air fryers are the new way of cooking in the kitchen. There are many companies that make different types of air fryers, but in this article, we will investigate and provide you with informative details about the Agaro Air Fryer.

Are you thinking of buying an Agaro Air Fryer? If so, you might have two concerns:

  1. Is Agaro Air Fryer good?
  1. Should you buy an Agaro Air Fryer?

Agaro isn’t exactly a new brand; it’s been available in India for 20 years. Usually, Indians might not trust new brands quickly, but it’s hard to overlook that Agaro’s air fryers offer great value and outshine their rivals. This sometimes confuses customers as Agaro gives more features for less money, which isn’t typical when compared to its competitors.

Despite having some compelling specifications, people still wonder if it’s a good idea to buy Agaro air fryers and whether they are worth it.

If you are also confused, don’t worry, we are here to help you. We will cover a few questions regarding Agaro air fryers:

  • Are Agaro air fryers good?
  • How is the after-sale service of Agaro?
  • Which Agaro air fryer is worth buying?

So, here is our experience with Agaro air fryers.

For making an informed decision, we need to consider many points in various situations, so let’s discuss.

About Agaro Air Fryer Company:

The first concern of consumers is whether Agaro is an Indian brand. The simple answer is yes, Agaro is an Indian brand. The full name registered with the brand is Agaro Artisians Limited (AAL), and it has been operating in India since 5th June 2003. The company’s headquarters is in Goa, India.

Focus of the Company:

The brand focuses on a wide range of kitchen and home appliances, including kitchen storage products.

The Company’s Top Offering:

Agaro’s top offering is the Agaro Regency Air Fryer, 12L, which is the best-selling air fryer on Amazon with a rating of 4.4 based on 2000+ reviews. It is considered a value-for-money air fryer.

Brand Ambassador of Agaro:

The current brand ambassador of Agaro Lifestyle is Neha Dhupia, an Indian actor. The main reason the company chose Neha Dhupia as its ambassador is because of her image and appeal to housewives, as Agaro targets this specific demographic.

History of Agaro Air Fryer:

Agaro started selling its first air fryer in 2022. Currently, it officially mentions five air fryer models on its agarolifestyle official website, but there are six air fryers available on Amazon under the Agaro brand.

Is Agaro Air Fryer Good?

Agaro offers a total of six different models of air fryers. Not all of them are equally good, so it’s advisable to avoid certain models. On the other hand, some Agaro air fryers are bestsellers on Amazon and Flipkart because they offer excellent value for money.

Agaro provides features comparable to more expensive brands at a more affordable price. While other brands charge around 15k for similar configurations, Agaro offers them for 9k, which is a significant difference for budget-conscious buyers.

However, the main concerns lie in the reliability and after-sale service. Agaro does not provide sufficient information about the location of its physical service centers, which can be inconvenient for users. The Product Complaint form on its website is an alternative for registering complaints, but many users prefer physical service centers for convenience.

So, Should You Buy an Agaro Air Fryer?

After considering the service aspect, we highly recommend the Agaro air fryer, especially if you live in a metro or tier 2 city where the service is relatively good. However, if you live in tier 3 or a smaller city, you may face challenges with service.

It’s worth noting that Agaro provides good service pan India, and most reviews related to their services are positive, so you can trust the brand’s after-sale service.

Agaro Air Fryers Specifications and Features:

Agaro Air Fryers offer capacities ranging from 2.8 to 23 liters and come with 3 to 25 preset menus for cooking preferences. The Royal-14.5L model is the only one with 25 presets.

The air fryers are powered by 1700W to 1800W, which is sufficient for both veg and non-veg cooking. Agaro’s air fryers’ wattage is higher than other brands.

The temperature range in all the air fryers is from 50°C to 230°C, which is sufficient for cooking (dehydration mode has a temperature of 30°C).

Agaro provides a timer of up to 90 minutes for flexible cooking. While other brands typically offer a 60-minute timer, Agaro goes the extra mile with its longer timer.

All Agaro air fryers come with a set of accessories, including an Elegant 6.5 Ltr Rotating Basket, Handle Tool, Rotisserie Fork, Skewer Rack, Mesh Racks, Drip Tray, Frying Basket, Gloves, and Bake pan. Note that the Elegant 6.5 Ltr model does not come with as many accessories due to its smaller size.

Unlike some other brands that offer separate accessories for additional charges, Agaro includes all the essential accessories with its air fryers, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice.

Agaro Air Fryers You Should Buy:

On the Agaro official website, there are 5 listed air fryers with prices ranging from Rs. 6,369 to Rs. 12,609. You can also find all the Agaro Air Fryers on other e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, and Jiomart. In fact, Amazon offers more air fryer options than the official website.

Best Agaro Air Fryer
Best Agaro Air Fryer

Agaro stands out by experimenting with the design of its air fryers. Two models, the Elite Air Fryer – 1700 Watts – 14.5 L, and Royal Digital Air Fryer, 14.5L – 1700W, have very different designs compared to their competitors.

The Regal Air Fryer – 1700 Watts – 23 L offers the highest capacity and comes in a rectangular shape resembling a microwave oven.

Latest Agaro Air Fryers

Air FryersCapacity
AGARO Galaxy Digital Air Fryer For Home4.5L
AGARO Imperial Dual Basket Digital Air Fryer4.5L, 4.5L
AGARO 333132.8 L
AGARO Regal Air Fryer14L

Best Agaro Air Fryers

Agaro Regency Air Fryer – 1800 Watts – 12L

Capacity:12 L
Power in Watt:1800W
Presets Menu:9
Temp range:80°C – 200°C
Timer:1-90 min
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Control panel:Touch
Material:Stainless Steel
Accessories:1x Rotating Basket, 1x Handle Tool , 1x Rotisserie Fork, 1x Skewer Rack, 2x Mesh Racks 1x Drip Tray, 1x Frying Basket, 2x Gloves
Warranty:2 years on product
PriceCheck Best Price

We recommend the Agaro Regency Air Fryer as the first choice because it is the best product offered by the Agaro brand. On Amazon, it is the best-selling air fryer with a 4.4 rating out of 5, and it has received 2000+ ratings, indicating that most users have given positive feedback for this product. For further information about this air fryer, you can read below.

This air fryer comes with excellent specifications and features within its range, which is why it has made its way to the list of best air fryers in India.

The moment you open the Air Fryer for the first time, you are greeted with an eye-catching compact design. Unlike an oven, it has an attractive appearance that stands out from other air fryers.

It’s one of those rare air fryers that come with a complete accessories package at this price point. The built quality speaks for itself. While it’s not mind-blowing, it’s better than the competition due to its stainless steel body.

This air fryer offers 1800W heating power with a variable temperature setting of 30 degrees to 230 degrees Celsius. With 9 pre-set menus, this air fryer can handle day-to-day cooking tasks, from dinner to breakfast. However, please note that this air fryer is not a smart device, so you cannot use it with your smartphone or IoT devices.

The Agaro Regency Air Fryer comes with a 12-liter capacity, and an interesting feature of this air fryer is that you can use it without the air fryer basket. It includes all the essential accessories mentioned in the specification table.

With its compact size, it provides various cooking functions such as Baking, Roasting, Toasting, Reheat, Preheat, and Defrost. The control panel is touch-sensitive, simple-looking, and easy to use.

Final Word:

The Agaro Regency Air Fryer is a superior product compared to its competition. If you are looking for an air fryer to serve 4 to 5 family members and want to invest in a quality product for Baking, Roasting, Toasting, Reheat, Preheat, and Defrost functions, then this air fryer is an excellent choice.

Also the agaro will offer the new version like this which is AGARO Prime Digital which is comes with almost same features but with change design.


  • Lightweight in this price segment
  • Excellent value for money
  • Eye-catching compact design
  • Full Touch Control
  • Capable Heater
  • Interior light


  • Not suitable for a large family.
  • A large pan is not suitable for this air fryer.
  • Manuals are not available in the box.
  • Service in a small city may not be good.

Agaro Regal Air Fryer – 1700 Watts – 23 L

Capacity:23 L
Power in Watt:1700W
Presets Menu:9
Temp range:80°C – 200°C
Timer:1-60 min
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Control panel:Touch
Material:Stainless Steel
Accessories:1x Rotating Basket, 1x Handle Tool , 1x Rotisserie Fork, 1x Skewer Rack, 2x Mesh Racks 1x Drip Tray, 1x Frying Basket, 2x Gloves
Warranty:2 years on product
PriceCheck Best Price

The second-best choice from Agaro is the AGARO Regal Air Fryer because it comes with a large 23L capacity, which is suitable for a large number of family members. It also includes all the essential accessories helpful when you cook a variety of food, and the price is also reasonable, falling under 10000 rupees.

The first appearance of the Regal Air Fryer resembles a microwave oven or OTG oven, with a transparent window and a large handle, giving it a cute box-like look.

For controlling the air fryer, there are 4 knobs, and there is no display control, so the control panel may seem like a piece of old technology compared to its predecessor, the Agaro Regency Air Fryer.

Due to the limited 7 Presets Menu, you need to adjust the air fryer manually for your desired recipes, which may not be ideal for beginners.

With its 1800W heating power, it can provide a 100-230 degrees Centigrade temperature range and a 60-minute timer, which is sufficient for all the given cooking modes and presets but less than its Agaro Regency Air Fryer.

In terms of security, it is a good air fryer as it has an automatic cut-off feature, ensuring your safety. Considering its price, it is justified.

The USP of this air fryer is that it comes with all the required accessories needed by professionals, so you don’t need to buy them separately.

Final Words:

We recommend this air fryer to those familiar with OTG or microwave ovens. If you are a professional, you can invest in this air fryer oven. If you are looking for an alternative, you will find the Geek AiroCook Iris Plus 23L Electric Air Fryer Oven, which is almost the same product with similar features except for the heating coil, which is 1700W

Alternatively, for a better option, you can check the INALSA Air Fryer Oven Aero Smart With 23 L, which provides a digital display for a more user-friendly interface with a 1700W heating element.


  • Large Capacity Air Fryer Oven
  • All Oven Accessories
  • Solid metal body


  • Old Fashion Control
  • Heating Wattage could be better

Agaro Elegant Air Fryer – 1800W – 6.5L

Capacity:6.5 L
Power in Watt:1800W
Presets Menu:9
Temp range:80°C – 200°C
Timer:1-60 min
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Control panel:Touch
Material:Stainless Steel
Weight:5.7 Kg
Warranty:2 years on product
PriceCheck Best Price

This is the lowest capacity air fryer by the Agaro brand, the AGARO Elegant Air Fryer with a 6.5 L capacity, and it is also the best-selling air fryer in this small capacity category.

Costing around Rs 6,000, the Agaro Elegant Air Fryer delivers all the specs that a user would ever need in the kitchen.

The AGARO Elegant Air Fryer, 6.5L, is powered by a 1800W heating coil, which is not common in this price range and can usually be seen in air fryer ovens costing around 10,000 to 15,000 rupees.

Having the best heating coil offered by any air fryer, it is capable of handling most kitchen tasks mentioned in its menu, and it delivers excellent performance in this category.

It offers 12 Preset Cooking Modes, and each mode works correctly with the touch control and LED display. It is overall good in terms of available preset menus for air fryers in this price range.

However, it is a 6.5-liter capacity air fryer, which may not be sufficient for more than 2 to 3 people at a time, so you may need to cook multiple times.

Also, there is no option for additional accessories like a rotisserie.

The build quality is admirable, with the chassis made of Stainless Steel, giving the air fryer a premium feel.

The weight of the air fryer is 5 kg 780 g, which is average compared to other air fryers in this range.

While it seems like a complete package, it’s essential to note that no air fryer is without any compromise.

As mentioned earlier, the biggest issue with this air fryer is its capacity. However, if we put that aside, the AGARO Elegant Air Fryer, 6.5L, turns out to be a great air fryer.

Final Words:

The AGARO Elegant Air Fryer, 6.5L, is a good air fryer that delivers very solid performance without skimping on useful features. It’s an overall complete package suitable for small-size families.


  • Great specs for the price
  • Good touch control
  • Very good heating coil
  • Excellent value for money


  • No window
  • Limited capacity

Final Verdict on Agaro Air Fryer:

In conclusion, yes, you can choose Agaro Air Fryer. The air fryers mentioned above are great in terms of features and performance. However, before making a purchase, ensure that there is a service center available in your area for convenience.

FAQs on Agaro Air Fryer:

Is Agaro Air Fryer a Chinese company?

No, Agaro Air Fryer is not a Chinese company. It is an India-based company. However, some products may have “Country of Origin” as China mentioned in their product descriptions.

Which Air Fryer is best, Philips or Agaro?

In terms of quality, Philips air fryers are generally considered the best. However, in terms of features and price, Agaro air fryers offer good value and are a competitive choice.
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