Is The Corsair Gaming Keyboard Good? | Premium Product: Is it Worth it for Gaming?

Corsair is a highly reviewed and popular gaming gear and peripherals company globally. Corsair started as a PC gaming industry and it has everything about gaming. From PC to Keyboard, Mouse, Headset, and many more. Corsair is a DIY gaming peripheral company that makes premium products for gaming.

Corsair Gaming keyboards are pieces of greatness. This brand produces world-class gaming keyboards and mice, designed especially for gamers. Whether you’re an FPS enthusiast or any kind of pro gamer, you can count on these products for your gaming needs.

Corsair provides mechanical keyboards equipped with Blue, Red, and Cherry switches, each offering its unique feel and response. These keyboards guarantee an unparalleled and immersive gaming experience. Both wired and wireless options are available, catering to a variety of user preferences. By offering high-quality products, Corsair is confidently standing toe-to-toe with competition from big-name brands like Razer and Logitech.

Corsair Gaming Peripheral Company Origin

Corsair is a well-known American company that was started in 1994. The company’s main office is in Fremont, California. At first, Corsair made its name by creating high-speed computer memory, known as DRAM. But with time, they started making many other computer items dedicatedly to gaming.

These items include gaming tools like keyboards, mice, and headsets. Corsair also makes cooling systems, power supplies, and computer cases. Their main goal is to provide high-quality items and to come up with new ideas. They also focus on what gamers need. Because of this, gamers from all around the world trust Corsair. And it is also famous in India for gaming needs.

Corsair makes a wide range of gaming items, like mice, keyboards, and computers. They aim to provide everything a gamer might need. From those who play games for fun to those who play professionally, everyone can find what they need with Corsair. They also make parts for PCs, streaming tools, and more.

What kind of keyboard is Corsair?

Corsair is a premium keyboard brand that crafts high-end gaming keyboards, integrating all three key switch types: Red, Blue, and Cherry keycaps. Their RGB gaming keyboards not only offer software customization for a personalized gaming experience but also feature adjustable breathing RGB LED lights. These lights enhance the aesthetics and deliver an immersive ambiance while gaming.

Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard

The Corsair RGB Gaming Keyboard is a top-tier dedicated gaming peripheral, providing some of the best breathing and effect RGB LED lighting in its class. With its Dynamic Per-Key RGB Backlighting feature, you can choose from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colors for virtually limitless customization. Immerse yourself in your gaming sessions with the captivating, dynamic per-key RGB backlighting that empowers you to personalize your gameplay style.

Moreover, the keyboard offers robust support for Corsair’s powerful iCUE software. This software enables intricate macro programming, allowing you to fully control your RGB lighting, thereby enhancing your gaming experience.

Corsair Keyboards Line-Up

Corsair offers a diverse range of gaming keyboards. With prices ranging from 4,000 to 50,000 INR. Corsair keyboards come equipped with Red, Blue, and Cherry key switches, enhancing the gaming and typing experience for all types of work.

Both wired and wireless gaming keyboards are available, but it’s worth noting that Corsair gaming keyboards tend to be priced higher due to their exceptional quality and features.

The Corsair keyboard line-up includes full key keyboards and compact 60% or Tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards, catering to various gaming preferences. The K series represents Corsair’s premium and even luxury gaming keyboards.

In addition to keyboards, Corsair’s mice are also highly regarded and hold a premium category position among other brands.

Corsair provides a comprehensive range of gaming keyboards that meet all a gamer’s needs. The keys and switches deliver an excellent gaming experience, providing perfect tactile feedback and a balanced sound to keep you ahead in the game.

Designed with hardcore gaming in mind, Corsair competes with other major gaming brands such as Razer and Steelseries. This strong competition reflects Corsair’s dedication to quality and high performance in the gaming industry.

Is Corsair better than Razer?

In terms of focus, Corsair concentrates on PC components such as power supplies, RAM, cooling systems, and the Elgato streaming platform, not to mention mice and keyboards. On the other hand, Razer is dedicated to creating gaming mice and keyboards. It’s worth noting that Razer is a Chinese brand while Corsair is an American company.

Both brands deliver high-quality and reliable products. Choosing between them can be a challenging decision, and this article aims to guide you through it.

In terms of features and performance, both companies excel. Razer, however, offers more customization options, granting users more control over their peripherals. Nevertheless, Corsair is also enhancing software support in its newer keyboards.

Corsair and Razer both provide good service, including after-sales support. Whether it’s a keyboard or mouse, both companies offer great build quality, outstanding performance, and a futuristic design. It’s hard to say definitively which one is superior. Each brand has its strengths and weaknesses, and in some cases, a particular model may outshine the other. The choice between Corsair and Razer ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Is Corsair Better Than Logitech?

Now, the comparison moves to Corsair and Logitech. While Corsair is a dedicated gaming brand, Logitech offers a wide range of products across various price points, from budget-friendly to premium. For customization and control, Logitech uses its G Hub software, while Corsair employs its own iCUE software.

In a head-to-head comparison between Logitech and Corsair, Corsair often emerges as the winner, especially in the premium gaming keyboard segment. Being a high-end brand for gaming gear, Corsair offers superior build quality and software support compared to Logitech. However, Logitech has an edge in offering lower-priced products, catering well to entry-level beginners.

Lastly, the choice between Corsair and Logitech ultimately depends on your preferences and needs. If you’re considering overall performance, Corsair generally outperforms Logitech. Nonetheless, Logitech’s range of affordable products could be a deciding factor for those just starting their gaming journey.

Are Corsair keyboards worth it?

Corsair is a top-tier gaming gear brand, renowned for not only producing high-quality keyboards but also ones that are elegant and ergonomically designed. They offer a wide variety of keyboards to choose from. Corsair stands out for the excellent software control and customization options it provides with its keyboards and mice. Therefore, if you’re a pro gamer and budget isn’t a concern, investing in a Corsair keyboard is a wise decision. Corsair delivers value for money with its keyboard range, making it truly worth the purchase.


Corsair Gaming Keyboards have proven themselves to be exceptional in terms of quality, performance, and customization. With their variety of designs, ergonomic features, and advanced software support, these keyboards cater to both casual and professional gamers.

Although they’re positioned as premium products with a higher price range, the investment is justified by their durability, high-end features, and the enhanced gaming experience they offer. Therefore, if you’re seeking a reliable, high-performing keyboard that can elevate your gaming to the next level, a Corsair Gaming Keyboard is certainly a worthy consideration.

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