LG vs Samsung AC – Comparison with Advantages and Disadvantages

If you feel it is very hot in the summer in India and is looking for the best AC in India, read this article. Last year in 2022, Rajasthan’s Ganganagar recorded the highest maximum temperature at 46.2 °C, and Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehgarh was the second highest at 45.7°C. And according to the World Bank’s report, the chances of this record being quashed this year.

People seek comfort in air conditioning units as the temperature rises, and ACs become necessary to combat scorching heat waves. While there are numerous AC brands to choose from, the two we’ll be comparing today are LG and Voltas.

If you want to buy an air conditioner from one of them, here’s a detailed comparison to help you decide which is better, LG or Voltas.

LG vs Samsung: Brand Overview

LG is a South Korean global corporation that produces electronic appliances. LG makes split, window, and portable air conditioners. They have 3D Air Flow, convertible cooling modes, auto cleaning, anti-virus protection, a gold-fin condenser, and other features.

Samsung is yet another South Korean multinational corporation. Samsung is one of the most popular AC brands in the country, and its air conditioning units are packed with features. It makes only split ACs with high-end features. Dedicated wind-free units that are silent and low-noise AC are available, as are copper anti-bacterial filters, Auto Clean (self-cleaning), and other features.

Compare LG Vs Samsung AC

LG and Samsung are two of India’s most popular brands. But which is better for you, Samsung or LG AC? Let’s compare Samsung AC vs LG AC to see which is better.

LG Dual Inverter AC vs. Samsung Inverter AC

Inverter technology allows an air conditioner to run continuously while drawing only the power required to maintain a constant temperature.

The LG Dual Inverter AC and the Samsung Inverter AC have inverter technology, allowing the compressor to adjust its speed based on the room’s temperature. There are, however, some significant differences between the two. LG Dual Inverter AC employs two rotary compressors to maintain the desired temperature while consuming minimal energy. This lets the LG AC cool a larger area or room faster than the Samsung inverter AC. In contrast, the Samsung AC employs a single compressor with variable speed technology. The LG Dual Inverter AC and the Samsung Inverter AC are good at controlling the temperature. Still, the LG Dual Inverter AC has a higher EER and SEER.

Furthermore, using dual compressors in LG AC reduces vibration and noise, resulting in better operation.

LG vs Samsung 1.5-ton Split AC: Design and Build Quality

LG 1.5-ton split air conditioners are typically sleek and modern, with a white or silver finish. They have a solid build and use durable materials in their construction. The LG air conditioners feature a unique Himalaya Cool technology that quickly cools the room, making them ideal for hot and humid weather.

On the other hand, Samsung 1.5-ton split air conditioners have a stylish design with a black or silver finish, giving them a premium appearance. They are also well-built, with high-quality materials used in construction. Samsung air conditioners feature a one-of-a-kind triple protector plus technology that safeguards against voltage fluctuations, corrosion, and extreme weather conditions.

Best LG 1.5 Ton AC in India

Samsung vs LG split AC: Cooling Performance

Both air conditioners can cool, but LG split air conditioners have a Dual Inverter Compressor that lets them cool faster while using less energy. They have a high cooling capacity and can quickly cool a large room, making them ideal for hot and humid environments. LG air conditioners also feature a unique Himalaya Cool Technology that cools the room up to 28% faster than other air conditioners.

Samsung split air conditioners, on the other hand, use a digital inverter compressor that adjusts its speed based on the room’s temperature. As a result, energy consumption is reduced, and operation is quieter. Samsung air conditioners also have a special triple Protector Plus technology that keeps the unit safe from voltage changes, rust, and overheating.

Samsung and LG split air conditioners are well-known for their effective cooling performance. LG air conditioners have a large cooling capacity and a unique Himalaya Cool technology that cools the room quickly. On the other hand, Samsung air conditioners have a digital inverter compressor that reduces energy consumption and a proprietary Triple Protector Plus technology. The individual’s unique needs and preferences will influence the decision between the two.

LG vs Samsung 1.5-ton Split AC: Noise from AC

Is Samsung AC better than LG in terms of noise reduction? Let us try to find out.

Certainly not. LG is super silent in the LG vs Samsung 1.5-ton AC battle. Samsung also performs well at low noise levels, and sometimes both are at the same level, but when it comes to performing at full capacity, LG will win. Another reason is that LG’s dual inverter allows it to run smoothly and quietly.

Best Voltas AC 1.5 ton in India

LG vs Samsung: Energy Consumption Comparison 

The annual power consumption of the LG 1.5-ton split air conditioner 2023 model is less than 818 units per year for 1600 hours of operation.

On the other hand, the 1.5-ton AC from Samsung has an annual power consumption of 749 units for 1600 hours of operation.

As a result, Samsung uses less energy than LG.

Samsung vs LG split AC: Warranty Period

For its 1.5-ton 5-star latest model, Samsung provides a one-year standard warranty and a ten-year warranty on the compressor. At the same time, LG provides:

  • A one-year warranty on the product.
  • A five-year warranty on the PCB.
  • A ten-year warranty on the compressor with gas charging.

You can now decide which is superior in terms of service and warranty.

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LG or Samsung AC: Installation and their charges

LG charges Rs 500 for installation and Rs 400 for dismantling a window air conditioner.

If you want to install your split AC, LG charges Rs 1199 for split AC installation and Rs 500 for dismental installation. You can read about their accessory fees here.

Samsung charges 1199+GST for split air conditioning installation. So both are the same in terms of installation, but if you require additional accessories, the prices for both brands may differ.

LG vs Voltas AC: Price Comparison

The LG split air conditioner costs Rs 38,490, while the window air conditioner costs around Rs 28,000. Samsung split AC, on the other hand, costs Rs 38,000.

When comparing the prices of split air conditioners from both brands, there is little difference, but different models have different price ranges.

Best 1.5 Ton Split AC in India

Which is better, LG or Samsung?

Samsung and LG are well-known air conditioning brands, and they are likely to offer a variety of air conditioner models with varying features and specifications. Samsung excels in some areas, while LG excels in others.

If you want advanced features and sound design, LG is the way to go. LG is also the best choice for an air conditioner that uses less energy even after 8 hours.

If you got stuck in both ACs, read our article for India’s Best 1.5-Ton Split AC.

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