LG Washing Machine Review in India 2022

LG is a South Korean company, and it started its washing machines in 1958 with the help of Hitachi. LG washing machines started from Rs 10,000 to Rs. 100,000 on Amazon and Flipkart. And the minimum capacity is 6kg, and the maximum capacity is 18kg. And it is available in Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic Operation, and Front and Top Loading Machines. And the LG washing machine goes up to 1400 RPM speed.

Technology Used by LG Washing Machine 

  1. TrueSteam Technology (Three-in-one)
  2. 6 Motion Direct Drive Technology
  3. LG ECO Hybrid Dryer
  4. Smart Convenience with NFC
  5. Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive™ (AI DD)
  6. TURBOWASH 360°

TrueSteam Technology

The LG TrueSteam Technology maintains proper hygiene by removing allergens. It uses to heat water to 100°C to eliminate bacteria from pet hairs, dead skin cells, and mold. And it is paired With Three-in-one technology. You can get the extra advantage in clothes by ensuring fewer wrinkles on them with heat treatment and removing the odor. This process makes your clothes freshen.

6 Motion Direct Drive Technology

6 Motion Direct Driver Technology moves the washing machine drum in multiple directions to properly clean the clothes from all laws. And it includes the Stepping, Filtration, Scrubbing, Tumble, Rolling, and Swing motions.

ECO Hybrid Dryer

The LG ECO Hybrid Dryer Technology saves time and energy by giving the custom option of increasing the temperature while drying the clothes. Your clothes will be ready in less time by increasing the drying speed. You can use this function for your shrinking clothes because it treats gently delicate fabric, making clothes less shrinkage.

True Stream 

The True Stream technology sprays the water droplets on clothes to neutralize the positive and negative charges on clothes. You are ready directly to iron the clothes. That saves your time because it ensures the stream is appropriately distributed in the washing machine drum to cover the total area of the clothe’s surface.

Smart Convenience with NFC

The Smart Convenience NFC option gives you a chance to detect the problem in the washing machine and diagnose the issue before it is too big and expensive for you. With the scanning of NFC TAG, you can add more options to your washing machine like Wool, Baby Care, and Cold Wash.

Artificial Intelligent Direct Drive™ (AI DD)

The AI DD technology detects the weight of clothes in the washing machine drum. With the addition of Artificial Intelligence, it can sense the fabric’s softness and automatically choose the best optimal motions for better fabric protection. So there is no need for any human interference. And this is available in front-loading LG Washing Machine.


LG front loading Washing machines have the TURBOWASH 360° technology, which sprays water on garments from 4 sides of the revolving machine drum, making your washing machine the most excellent laundry machine.


LG THINQ is an LG Smart Appliances Application available on Android and IOS devices. With this application, you can control your washing machine from anywhere. You just need a wifi connection to your Washing machine, and it notifies you of the status of your washing, drying, etc.

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