Lloyd Washing Machine Review in India 2022

Now Lloyd is an Indian brand because it comes under the Havels Brand subsidiary. From 2017, Lloyd will start making home appliances, including the washing machine, which is available in various types like semi-automatic, front-load, and top-load washing machines.

Technology Used by Lloyd Washing Machine 

  1. Wrinkle Free Wash
  2. Woolmark
  3. Intellivents
  4. 90° Self Clean
  5. Swift 15
  6. Wrinkle Free Wash

Wrinkle Free Wash prevents clothes from wrinkling with anti-wrinkle technology, making your clothes last longer and wrinkle-free.


In the Lloyd washing machine, the Woolmark certificate is used to determine the high-quality wool used in this machine, and the washing machine will wash the clothes with minimum damage.


Intellivents is the Drum of Lloyd washing machine made of stainless steel. The surface of the drum has sprinkling holes for water flow that will be gentle and dynamic flow on the clothes.

90° Self Clean

Lloyd’s washing machine’s self-clean technology is known as 90° Self Clean and also Hygine+Steam, which cleans the odor and germs on the drum with the help of a hot 90° stream, so when you wash your clothing, they will be 99.9 percent sanitary and ready to wear.

Swift 15

Swift 15 is a speed mode in Lloyd washing machine that will wash your clothes in 15 minutes, suitable for office people.

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Sourabh Raikwar
Sourabh Raikwar

Sourabh Raikwar is a passionate blogger and content creator who has been writing extensively on technology topics since 2018, with a focus on online shopping deals and product reviews. He graduated with a B.Tech degree five years ago and enjoys road trips and exploring the latest gadgets.

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