Logitech G304 Review | Quality Gaming Mouse Under Rs 2,500

Logitech G304 Review | Quality Gaming Mouse Under Rs 2,500

If you are considering buying the Logitech G304 wireless mouse for gaming or working purposes, you need a hassle-free experience without wires before making the purchase decision. In that case, you need to read the Logitech g304 review to understand this gaming mouse’s pros and cons, battery life, and design.

In this article, we discover the features of the Logitech G304 wireless gaming mouse, the design for comfort, and the battery life of this mouse with a triple-A battery. We will also discuss the pros and cons of this mouse.

I have been using this mouse approx 1 year, and we will show you my personal experience with this Logitech g304 wireless gaming mouse. Basically, I am using this mouse for my work. I need a hassle-free experience because I need to work anywhere, like on a bad table. During travels with this personal experience, we will review this Logitech g 304 gaming mouse.

8.2Expert Score
Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

This is the

Gaming Mouse
  • Definitely, it is a long-lasting life wireless mouse.
  • This is the heaviest wireless mouse. There are many other options available with some additional cost.
  • The company claims it is a 12000 DP mouse, but I don't think it will be a 10000 DPI wireless mouse.
  • Not Good For Large Hand

Also, list other mice so you can compare this Logitech g304 mic with another in this category and from another category’s price range.


The design and build quality of the Logitech g304 wireless gaming mouse is made with single-type plastic. There is no rubber coating on it for grip purposes. Definitely, in size and design, it is a compact wireless mouse, so you don’t need an extra rubber coating on it for better grip, even if your hand is small or medium size. On the mouse, there is a 6 button 2 is a left and right click, and two is a side-mounted button, so you can customize it with its software, and the 5th and 6 are on the scroll with the scroll button. You can adjust the DPI with it.

The weight of the logistic G304 wireless gaming mouse is 200 grams without a battery. If you include battery weight in this wireless gaming mouse, it will be more than 220 grams, so if you are using this mouse on the table with a gaming pad so you can achieve full efficiency of this mouse but if you are not using a gaming pad you can not achieve the full potential of this gaming mouse or if you are using it on the irregular surface like bad or on your leg so it cannot perform very well so if you are looking for the wireless gaming mouse for bed this is not the right choice, but you can use this mouse on the bed with gaming pad.

Logitech claims this is a wireless gaming mouse. Still, it looks like a simple mouse without RGB lighting, so if you are looking for a simple gaming mouse, you can consider this wireless gaming mouse from Logitech.


The Logitech G304 wireless gaming mouse comes with HERO (High-Efficiency Rated Optical) gaming sensor, which will give the the12000 DPI mouse sensitivity, which is good for gaming. This sensor can use your mouse with 400 IPS (inch per second) sensitivity. Hence, it means you can move your mouse as long as needed. It is also working on stainless steel surfaces. Still, we recommend using this mouth with any gamepad because it will give you better performance. After all, any sensor will work with a smooth surface.


The Logitech and external battery source for the power of its G304 wireless gaming mouse, and the battery comes with a 250 mAh battery capacity which will run this wireless mouse for more than 6 months. And also, you can purchase this battery from your local store for Rs 20 per battery.

The Logitech g 304 wireless gaming mouse has an external battery source, so it does not require any charging. It’s required triple a battery.


After using this wireless mouse for more than 1 year, I can tell you it will improve your efficiency up to 5 to 10x because you don’t need to adjust the wire or pixel dropping problem with it.

Definitely, you can buy this wireless mouse with 2600 rupees price tag, which is higher for some users because I will purchase this mouse only for 2000 rupees. Still, due to inflation, this mouse’s current price is approximately 2638 rupees in Indian currency.

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