New SIM Card Regulations Effective December 2023: What You Must Know Before Purchase

You Can’t Buy a New SIM Card from December 2023! New SIM Card Rules Applied from 1st December—What You Need to Know Before Purchasing

The Department of Telecommunications has implemented new SIM card rules effective from the 1st of December. SIM cards play a crucial role in enabling mobile communication, providing network access, ensuring security, and facilitating various mobile services. A SIM card, which stands for Subscriber Identity Module, holds significant importance in today’s digital world. Here are the new rules for SIM cards.

Registration Process

Under the new updates, customers will be able to purchase up to 9 SIM cards on one ID card (Aadhaar card).

KYC Rules

To dissuade Point of Sale (PoS) agents from engaging in illegal activities, a new update mandates that these agents sign an agreement with the telecom service provider or licensee.

Under the new KYC rules, demographic details will be compulsory for purchasing new SIM cards or applying for Mobile Number Portability (MNP). The required details will be captured by scanning the QR code on the Aadhaar card of the person purchasing the SIM card. Incoming and outgoing facilities will be accessible within 24 hours after completing the entire KYC process for a new SIM card. Additionally, a mobile number will only be assigned to a new customer after 3 months of disconnection by the previous user.

Bulk Buying of SIMs

The telecommunication department has implemented a rule to halt the bulk sale of SIM cards to prevent digital fraud. While connections or SIMs for businesses and corporates are allowed, KYC is applicable to each individual SIM card owner.

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw’s Statement

Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw stated, “Earlier, people used to buy (mobile) SIM cards in bulk. There was a provision for this to buy SIM cards in bulk. However, it has been decided to end this provision. Instead, we will bring a proper business connection provision which will help in stopping fraudulent calls.”

Purpose of the New Rules

The new rules aim to stop identity theft, enhance KYC procedures, and prevent banking frauds.

Additional Information

The Sanchar Sathi Portal enables users to check the connections registered to their number.

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