Nothing Phone Unveils Android 14 with Game-Changing Nothing OS 2.5 Beta Update

Finally, they have something to offer – Nothing Phone’s major OS update is now at 2.0. However, the company is stepping up its game with the introduction of Android 14 and Nothing OS 2.5 beta. Let’s take a closer look at what Nothing Phone has in store for its next update.

On Nothing’s Twitter handle, they’ve unveiled the beta version of Nothing OS 2.5. Currently, the stable version of Nothing OS stands at 2.0, which is based on Android 13. With the Nothing OS 2.5, users can now experience the latest Android operating system, Android 14. The company claims that this update is a game-changer, so let’s dive into the details.

Nothing OS 2.5 Features
Nothing OS 2.5 Features

Nothing OS 2.5:

The latest Nothing OS 2.5 beta is now based on Android 14, the most recent version of the Android operating system. With this update, Nothing Phone gets (back) gesture control customization. You can now take a screenshot with three fingers, and there’s an option to edit the screenshot. Furthermore, Nothing has made significant changes to the smartphone’s user interface, introducing a monochrome color theme.

In this version, Nothing offers customization options for the lock screen, home screen, and power button. You can now hide apps without the need for any third-party applications and add a glass filter for wallpapers. Additionally, the update brings features like ‘Do Not Disturb,’ ‘Mute,’ a QR code scanner, and a video camera shortcut on the lock screen. Moreover, you can now customize the ringtone and notification volumes separately.

Nothing OS 2.5 Release:

According to the information available, Nothing is offering the Nothing OS 2.5 beta for testing purposes. You can apply for the Nothing OS 2.5 open beta 1, but it’s exclusively available for Nothing Phone (2).

To gain early access to the latest improvements, follow the provided instructions for installing the new Nothing OS 2.5 beta within the Nothing community.

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