Panasonic Washing Machine Review in India 2022

Panasonic is a major Japanese manufacturing company that makes home appliances and consumer electronics products. And it entered the washing machine market in 1951.

Panasonic offers a wide range of washing machines online and offline. 49 Full Automatic Top Load Washing Machines are listed on its official website. A Semi-Automatic Washing Machine is available in 20 varieties, and fully automatic front-load washing machines are available in 10 combinations.

Technology Used by Panasonic Washing Machines

Pause ‘N’ Add

The Pause N Add feature makes the Panasonic washing machine convenient by adding clothes anytime during the cycle. You can put your forgotten clothes in the washing machine, and there is no requirement to restart the process.


Miraie is the Panasonic washing machine mobile application with AI-enabled functions such as setting pre-set wash profiles and eliminating the need to reset the washing machine. Use this app, and it also has the auto-diagnosis feature, which makes the user more aware of the washing machine’s problems and sets an alert.

Panasonic uses 3 significant technologies in Full Automatic Top Load Washing Machines.

  1. Gentle Hand Wash
  2. Active Foam
  3. StainMaster+
  4. Gentle Hand Wash

In Panasonic’s gentle hand wash technology, the clothes are not directly rubbed by the pulsator, so there is no chance of damaging the clothes. There is one more phenomenon that works with this technology. There is no agitation used in this technology. Use the push washing with powerful water flow from the top, so there is no damage to your clothes.

Active Foam

This is the simple technique of dissolving detergent in high-pressure water to make fine foam. It is done in the detergent case before entering into a washing machine drum. With the washing machine’s rotation, the foam will cover all areas of the clothes and dirt.


StainMaster+ is a mode in the Panasonic top-load washing machine that will remove common stains with the help of hot and cold water. The scrub-wash effect makes washing machine stains remover powerfully.

Panasonic uses two significant technologies in its fully automatic front-load washing machines.

  1. Active Foam
  2. StainMaster+

Panasonic uses the technology in semi-automatic washing machines and dryers.

  1. Active Foam

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