Philips Unveils HD9270/70 Air Fryer in India with 2000 Watt

The PHILIPS HD9270/70 Air Fryer is now available in India, following the successful launch of the PHILIPS Digital Connected Smart Air Fryer HD9255/90. Designed to simplify your cooking experience, the HD9270/70 boasts features such as a distinctive starfish design, LED display, and 7 preset menus, ensuring it stands out in the market. This popular air fryer is recognized for its ability to cook food faster than traditional ovens. Let’s explore the key features, specifications, and pricing details of this innovative cooking appliance.

Targeting the high-price range segment, the PHILIPS HD9270/70 joins the ranks of the renowned Philips Premium Airfryer HD9741, a leader in the Indian market known for its premium quality.

Philips Unveils HD9270/70: Features and Specifications

The PHILIPS HD9270/70 Air Fryer for home use offers a generous 6.2-liter capacity and features a sleek digital display with soft-touch controls. With the help of the keep warm mode, your food can stay at the ideal temperature for up to 30 minutes. Crafted from durable plastic material, this air fryer prioritizes both style and functionality.

Equipped with rapid air technology and a unique starfish design, the PHILIPS HD9270/70 ensures even and rapid hot air circulation in all directions. Safety is paramount, with built-in safeguards against overheating and an auto shut-off function. The appliance comes with 7 preset programs and provides access to additional recipes through the NutriU app. Philips guarantees the quality of its products with a generous 2-year warranty.

Philips HD9270/70 Air Fryer Specs

A standout feature of this air fryer is its powerful 2000-watt heating element, facilitating versatile cooking functions such as frying, grilling, baking, and roasting. The detachable basket adds to the convenience of use. The user-friendly LED display enhances the overall user experience.

In essence, the HD9270/70 air fryer promotes healthier cooking without compromising on taste, making it an essential addition to any kitchen.

Price and Availability

The PHILIPS HD9270/70 Air Fryer is currently available on popular online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart, priced at Rs 13,790. Secure your unit now to enjoy the benefits of this cutting-edge kitchen appliance.


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