Should I Travel with a Backpack or Suitcase

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Are you a regular traveller, or do you only travel occasionally? There are various types of travellers and they need different types of travel backpacks or luggage bags. Choosing a bag become now difficult due to various brands and their offerings. Let’s find the best luggage bag easily. Here we will discuss backpacks and suitcases. Both backpack and suitcase are good for certain conditions, so let’s discuss the backpack over the suitcase.

We recommend the backpack over the suitcase if you travel for a short trip or for a short distance and you should the suitcase (a trolley bag) when you travel long because you need more storage due to more clothes and permanent safety for your long journey.

My personal view on this

Personally, I believe that if your luggage is larger and you are carrying the necessary items and gear, you can carry both a suitcase and a backpack, which will be very convenient for you. Food, snacks, and electronics can be stored in a backpack, and a trolley can be used to transport permanently locked items such as clothes and other valuables.

The Advantages of a backpack

  • It has more compartments than a suitcase (trolley bag).
  • It is very flexible, and a backpack is more convenient than a suitcase.
  • The backpack is priced low.
  • You can carry a backpack however you want like in your hand, on your back and on your front.
  • They are more convenient while short and low distanced trips.

Advantages of a suitcase

  • The suitcase or trolley bags are for large amounts of luggage.
  • They have wheels to carry.
  • The trolley bag or suitcase is more secure and safe while travelling.
  • It comes with a TSA lock (suitable for international flights).
  • And it also has a number lock.
  • You can keep safe your electronic items like cameras, laptops, and chargers along with your clothes and necessary items.
  • They are more convenient while long distanced trips.


If you are travelling alone, always bring more necessary items and consider carrying a small luggage bag; otherwise, it will be chaotic.

And if you’re going with more than one person or travelling for more than 24 hours in a plane, train, or bus, you should bring a suitcase or trolley bag because you’ll need more stuff.

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Sourabh Raikwar

Sourabh Raikwar

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