Tesla Power Alkaline RO Water Purifier with Water Heater Launched in India

A water purifier is crucial in today’s times to ensure the water consumed is clean and safe for drinking. With increasing pollution and contaminants in water sources, having a reliable water purifier is vital to removing harmful substances like bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals. Addressing these concerns, Tesla has introduced the Tesla Power USA Alkalino RO+UV+UF+ALK+CP Water Purifier to the Indian market. In this article, we will explore its features, specifications, and pricing details.

The Tesla Power Alkaline RO Water Purifier is targeted towards consumers seeking a comprehensive RO+UV+UF+ALK+CP water purifier significant cost.

Features and Specifications

The Tesla Alkalino RO Water Purifier boasts a stunning design with a premium finish and an 8-liter water tank, offering normal, instant hot, and cold water dispensing functionalities.

Tesla Power Alkaline RO Water Purifier Features
Tesla Power Alkaline RO Water Purifier Features

Measuring 52.5 × 29.5 × 41.5 centimeters and weighing 14.1 kilograms, the purifier features a digital display with live Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) monitoring. Additionally, it includes a hot water temperature control button and a child lock feature.

The Tesla Alkalino is a wall-mounted countertop water purifier available in black. Some benefits of alkaline water include:

  • Rejuvenating the skin
  • Supporting weight loss
  • Strengthening muscles and joints
  • Disease prevention
  • Improved digestion
  • Enhanced brain function stimulation
  • Auto flush mechanism
  • Improved thyroid gland functioning
  • Increased fertility

Price and Availability

The Tesla Power Alkaline RO Water Purifier is priced at Rs 44,500 and will be available for purchase on Amazon as of now.


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Varsha Vishwakarma
Varsha Vishwakarma

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