Types of Exhaust Fans

If you are looking for an exhaust fan in the market, there are three types of exhaust which we will discuss in this article on how to know which type of exhaust fan is good for you and which full fill your requirement and needs.

First, you need to understand which type of exhaust fan you need and where. or also read Buying Guides for Exhaust Fan

Working Principle

There are two working principles of an exhaust fan: the first is air out, and the second is air in.

  • Air Out
  • Air in
  • Air Out and Air In

Air Out

Ventilation fans are used for sucks the hot and ordered air inside the room. This type of exhaust fan is made of plastic and looks good.

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Air in

These fans are called fresh air and transparent, which suck the fresh air from outside and blow inside the room or area.

Air Out and Air In

Air out and here in dual-sided exhaust fan (reversible exhaust fan). Metallic exhaust fans are typically dual or reversible exhaust fans. However, some plastic exhaust fans are also reversible and can emit air via a button control.

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Type of Ventilation

  • Medium Ventilation
  • High Ventilation
  • Extreme Ventilation

Every situation needs a different exhaust fan because of the size of the area and the environment.

Medium Ventilation.

So if you are looking for an exhaust fan for your bathroom and kitchen, you can use a ventilation fan according to your budget and requirements because ventilation exhaust fans come in 9- to 12-inch sizes. And also consumes less energy because it uses 25 to 60 watts of electricity.

If you want an exhaust fan for your modern home in the ceiling, choose the ceiling fan because it will fit on your roof and provide good ventilation. This exhaust fan will match your home’s style and look natural.

High Ventilation

You can create good ventilation by bringing fresh air into your room.

If you want an exhaust fan for your hotel kitchen factory, you can choose this type because it is heavier than a ventilation fan. And blow the fresh air inside the room or area.

Extreme Ventilation

If you want high-performance ventilation that blows out the fresh air inside your room or area with the highest performance, you can choose a trans fan that is good for you.

If you want an exhaust fan for the bathroom, you can choose a plastic exhaust fan, and if you wish for a fan for the kitchen, choose the metallic exhaust fan because most MetLife Science products come with reversible and dual-sided air ventilation.

Types of Exhaust Fans

  • Ventilation Fan
  • Fresher Air Fan
  • Trans Fan

Types of Exhaust Fans and their uses according to design and its uses.

Exhaust fans are categorized into three types: ventilation fans, fresh-air fans, and trans-air fans. And all these three types of exhaust fans circulate the air inside and outside.

Ventilation Fan Vs Fresh Air Fan Vs Trans Fan

First, we discuss the difference between a ventilation fan fresher fan, and a transparent fan.

Ventilation Fan

These fans suck the air inside your room and throw out the air outside the home, so these fans are suitable for bathroom kitchens.

These ventilation fans are made of stainless steel and plastic body with less weight and size.

And furthermore, ventilation fans are categorized into ceiling ventilation fans, pipe ventilation fans, and normal ventilation fans.

  • Ceiling Exhaust Fan
  • Pipe Exhaust Fan
  • Normal Exhaust Fan

Ceiling ventilation science is used for model houses because it is fitted on your ceiling and blows the air via a pipe to maintain your ceiling look.

If you have limited space, you can choose a pipe-type exhaust fan that will fit under the five-inch area and work according to its sides.

Fresher Air Fan

Fresh air fans suck outside air and blow it inside the room. And it comes with a metal frame with grill protection. And you can use this type of large room in a hotel kitchen or industrial area.

Trans Fan

Trans fans work as fresh air fans, but it is heavier than this and comes without grill protection. It is a heavy-duty fan, so it can be used in factories and warehouses.

This type of exhaust fan is made of stainless steel or iron material.

Looks and design

  • Plastic Body
  • Metallic with Grill
  • Metallic Body

we differentiate the exhaust fan according to its look and design because it describes the many things about the fan and its use.

Plastic Body Ventilation Fan

These fans look pretty and are better than their other two friends because they are used in the home’s kitchen and bathrooms, are good-looking, and consume less energy. The speed of these types of fans is approximately 1300 to 2500 RPM (revolutions per minute).

Metalic Fresh Air Fan

Fresh air fans are made of stainless steel or iron material and are unsuitable for ventilation fans. It is used for a large area like a hotel kitchen, ideally in medium airflow.

Metalic Trans Air Fan

The trans fan looks like a fresh air fan, but there is no grill for protection because it is a heavy-duty used exhaust fan and can be used for factories with large areas.

also, check the exhaust fan’s electricity consumption

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