V-Guard Launches Four BLDC Fans in the Indian Market Across All Price Segments

V-Guard, a prominent brand in Indian electrical and home appliances, is renowned for its reliable and high-quality products. This month, V-Guard unveiled four latest BLDC fans: The Insight-G, Enviro Pro BLDC, Glado Prime BLDC, and Enviro 32 BLDC. Catering to diverse home needs, V-Guard has expanded its product line to include energy-efficient BLDC (Brushless Direct Current) fans. Let’s explore the feature specifications and pricing details of these new offerings.

The launch of V-Guard fans at this time is seen as a strategic business move aimed at maintaining market presence, capitalizing on seasonal demand, and establishing a competitive edge in the consumer electrical appliance industry.

By introducing their BLDC fans during this period, V-Guard aims to capture consumer attention and effectively compete with other brands.

V-Guard Insight-G BLDC Fans Features
V-Guard Insight-G BLDC Fans Features

Features and Specifications

All these BLDC fans are certified with a BEE 5-star rating, enabling users to save up to 57% on electricity bills. V-Guard provides a 5-year warranty, expressing confidence in the technology of these BLDC fans.

The operating range of these BLDC fans spans from 60V to 310V. They offer excellent air delivery with low power consumption of 35W. Control is facilitated through remote operation. Additionally, these fans sport a stylish appearance that enhances home decor and feature effective dust-repellent coating technology, reducing maintenance time.

Features Comparison

FeatureVi-Guard Insight-GEnviro Pro BLDC FanGlado Prima BLDCEnviro 32 BLDC Fan
DesignSlim designAttractive and trendy lookIntegrated decorative designNormal design
Sweep Size1200mm1.2m1.2m1.2m
LED lightsUI LED indicator lights in the centerTrendy Ornamental ringNoNo
Speed settings5 modes of operations, remote control4 number of speed, control through remote5 speeds, compatible with wall mount regulator4 wind mode control by remote
PriceRs 6,700Rs 3,999Rs 3,758Rs 8,644

Price and Availability

  • The Vi-Guard Insight-G BLDC fan is priced at Rs 6,700 and available on V-Guard’s official website and Amazon in 12 different colors.
  • Enviro Pro BLDC Fan is priced at Rs 3,399 and available for purchase on Amazon, Flipkart, and V-Guard’s official website in ivory and matte brown colors.
  • Glado Prima BLDC fan is priced at Rs 3,758 and available on Amazon, Flipkart, and V-Guard industrial sites in multiple colors including Blue, Titanium Rose, Pink, White, and Silver.
  • Enviro 32 BLDC Fan is priced at Rs 8,644 and available on Amazon, Flipkart, and the official website in two color variants: Caramel Brown and Pearl White.


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