On Amazon Prime Day, you can claim a 6 month screen replacement on your smartphone purchase from July 23 to July 24, 2022.

1. Free Screen Replacement

2. Prime Day Launches

On Amazon prime, there are many categories where new products are launched on this day, so you can buy them on the same day without any flash sale wait.

3. Pre-booking at Rs. 1

On this day, you can book your selected product with only one rupee payment, and it will give you a guarantee to purchase the product during the sale.

After joining a prime membership, if you are buying anything on Amazon, you will automatically enter a lucky draw and have a chance to win prizes every hour. The price will be given in Amazon Pay rewards for electronic purchases of 50,000.

4. Lucky Draws

5. Extra 5% discount

When you purchase a product, you get a 5% extra discount, and when you buy three products, you receive a 10% discount, so you can buy a product with an Amazon combo discount.

6. Collect Coupon

You probably don't know about Amazon coupons, but we will give you the link to Amazon coupons so you can save an extra 500 to 2000 from every purchase.

7. Bank offers

If you are an ICICI or SBI card holder, you can get an instant 10% discount up to Rs. 500 per transaction.

every day from 2 to 6 p.m. Amazon will offer a limited time deal with the name of wow deals.

8. Happy Hours