What Are the Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Water is the second most significant substance for a living thing to consume after oxygen. After that, there is healthy water. For optimal health, the doctor advises consuming more water every day. Alkaline water is popular right now, and enthusiasts claim it can help you in this way and certain other stuff.

What is alkaline water? Is it good for you?

With a pH range of 6.4 to 7.4, natural water, plain water, or normal water contains bicarbonate. Alkaline water has an 8.8 ph level, but treated alkaline water has a higher ph value than plain water. This is advantageous for athletes as it gives them energy. It lowers the acidity of those who consume it. Rat-based studies on alkaline water have also been beneficial for health.

What are the benefits of Alkaline Water?

The internet contains postings, papers, and articles claiming that alkaline water has several health advantages. However, there is a caution concerning alkaline water: No one has proven, not even a single international organization, that alkaline water is good for your health.

The fact that alkaline water is good for people in general, and athletes in particular, is something we still want to point out. Alkaline water is popular among athletes because it tastes better, is more energizing, and is fresher than regular water. It also has a balanced pH level. Some intriguing health benefits of drinking alkaline water instead of regular water include:

These are the 14 main benefits of drinking alkaline water!

  1. Lower levels of blood sugar. 
  2. Lower acidity.
  3. Higher ability to combat damage caused by free radicals.
  4. Higher levels of energy.
  5. Boost bone health.
  6. The benefit to the skin health.
  7. It may treat diabetes.
  8. Regulate blood pressure.
  9. Help with weight loss.
  10. Good while pregnant.
  11. Aids detoxification.
  12. It treats dry eyes.
  13. Boost hair growth.
  14. Good for athletes and sports persons.

Why and when do we drink Alkaline water?

Before eating and after eating for 30 min, it is prescribed to not drink alkaline water because it can neutralize the acid in your stomach. It will reduce the digestion time, and digestion needs acetic acid in the stomach to digest the food. 

However, don’t drink exclusively alkaline ionized water every day because your body won’t be able to handle it and will have to work extra hard to keep the ph level stable, which could be harmful to your health. Instead, drink alkaline water while working, playing, or exercising. You can also drink it in the early morning. Therefore, we should remember that every habit has benefits and drawbacks.

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